May 24, 2013

Bye Bye, Nantucket!!

Today is our last day on Nantucket & we are about to hop the ferry home. When we woke up this morning, the rain was coming down after having incredible weather all week.

But like I said to my favorite little preppy island: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!”

Happy Friday y’all!

And now we have to have our LAST birthday giveaway! Just leave us a comment below saying hi & we’re going to pick one lucky winner to receive a $50 gift card to Adorama! We’ll announce both the Yankee & Adorama winners early next week! And….GO!!

  1. Michelle Heath

    Love reading your posts, thanks for all you do to inspire and enlighten others!

  2. Kim Miller

    Love following all of your adventures :)

  3. mary beth graff

    i’m a fellow photo going through treatment for ovarian cancer. never miss your blog and your travels keep me entertained and excited about traveling when treatment stops.
    enjoy the rain and safe travels home!

  4. Meredith Sledge

    Aww, looks like you guys had so much fun!! I’m a little jealous!!

    Also, I’d LOVE to be entered to win the giveaway. :)

  5. Mindy Lipcavage

    Happy weekend, J&M! Adore you and so appreciative for your wonderful nuggets of wisdom, fun, and love!

  6. Kate

    Nantucket! Hope you had fun!

  7. Tegan

    Just saying hi!

  8. Susan


  9. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    What an amazing place to spend your birthday week! I hope it was perfect in every preppy way.

  10. Alice G Patterson

    So glad you had a fun birthday week… loved seeing all your Happy Preppy Nantuckety photos. :-)

  11. ryan ballinger

    pretty upset I missed the presentation/class you had just put on in Rochester! but im sure you will be your work keep it up!

    p.s. because you of mary my wife loves doing the photog thing with me! thank you :)

  12. Clark Sanders

    Hope you had the most awesome birthday Mary!

  13. Trish

    Hi! So glad you guys enjoyed Nantucket! We love it too! :)

  14. Hannah Even

    looks like a fun trip! absolutely love ya’lls work!!

  15. Amanda Truth

    Sounds like you had an amazing birthday trip!! And one rainy day doesn’t take away from all of the other nice ones!! Enjoy your trip home!

  16. Dena

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have an incredible year!

  17. Sheena Dunn

    I love to read your inspiring posts – I’m glad I somehow stumbled upon your blog! Happy Birthday!

  18. Brooke

    Hey there! Glad ya’ll had a great time in Nantucket & I hope you have a fun & blessed Memorial Day Weekend!

  19. Anna Blessing

    Love the pictures! I’ve never been to the East coast but just seeing your pictures makes me really want to come visit!

  20. Anthony Essmaker

    Awesome! Looks like a fun vacation, and what a great attitude!

  21. Brittany Chasteen

    Hi :) Love seeing your photos in my newsfeed!! Thanks for this chance!

  22. Elizabeth-Ann King

    Ohhhhh!!! I love this! You are beautiful and I love that we are almost birthday twins!!! Well I would love to win the giftcard because my birthday is on Sunday and it would be a perfect birthday gift!!! :) xoxo

  23. Dana N.

    I love your boots! And I, of course, love Nantucket.

  24. Diana Yntema

    hello =)

  25. Minh Hussey

    Happy – belated – birthday Mary!! (Love your style btw)

  26. Kristin S.

    Happy End of Birthday Week, Mary!
    Thanks for being awesome!

  27. Tiffany

    Great quote as I spend my last day at the jesey shore before returning home to Chicago!

  28. Jen Aray

    Happy Birthday Mary!!! I hope it was a wonderful trip!

  29. Karen



  30. Laura

    So jealous of your birthday trip! Not only are preppy things my favorite, your striped shirt makes the pictures! Hope you had fun :)

  31. Rebecca


  32. Laura Burnett

    Love the stripes & jealous of your trip! Hope you had fun :)

  33. Sarah

    Looks like you had a fabulous time in Nantucket!! Happy belated birthday!!!

  34. Wendy Nielsen

    Yay for vacations!!!!! :-)

  35. Cristina G

    The two of you belong on a sailboat! How gorgeous!!!

  36. Julia

    You really MUST try Martha’s Vineyard next time (however I may be partial – spent EVERY summer there!). Call if you need a tour guide! : )

  37. colleen

    my birthday is tomorrow….I’ll be photographing a wedding. a very happy birthday to my ‘May Birthday Buddy’!!!

  38. Liz Hergert

    "Little preppy island" honestly made me laugh out loud. Looks like you all had a great trip, thanks for including us along the way! :)

  39. Stephen

    It looks like you had a wonderful time there … the photos are pretty inspiring.

  40. Whitney Hopes

    Hi there! Glad you had a good trip :) Thanks for your inspirational work!

  41. Mara Yager

    Hello! Glad you had a nice stay!

  42. Steve

    Hey y’all!

  43. Rochel S

    Hi :)

  44. Laura K

    Love your work!!! Thanks for the inspirations.

  45. Lea Ciceraro

    Looks like you had such a fabulous birthday week with an amazing group of friends. Would love to see a post sometime on how you foster these amazing relationships. :) xoxo

  46. Wendy Thelen

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  47. Tara Lyn

    New fan – but I adore your work!! I’m a Vineyard girl myself….but I still wouldn’t complain about being on any island!

  48. Kiah G

    Sad vacation is over for you two, but happy you had a fantastic time.

  49. Eric F

    Happy birthday Mary!!! We share the same bday month. Tauruses rock.

  50. Joshua Stears

    Hi! Looks like a great time was had in Nantucket…did you fly Sandpiper Air? :)

  51. Maggie

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!!! :):)

  52. Maggie

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!!! :):)

  53. Dallas

    Your vacation outfit is adorably preppy, especially with the matching umbrella!

  54. Laura Luft

    Love the boots! :)

  55. Gabrielle Halle

    Happy Birthday Month Mary!!

  56. Brittany Hyde

    You’re teaching me to embrace all the preppiness that lives inside me – and you basically just lived my dream birthday week :) Happy happy!

  57. Christopher Schiebel

    Hi. Glad you liked Nantucket!

  58. Paulina

    hi!!! hope you had a great time in nantucket! =)

  59. Michelle Burke

    Glad you had a great Birthday vacation :) Hope this year is a great one for you both!

  60. Sophia Jablonski

    Hello and Happy Birthday!! I have been stalking your work and am obsessed. You make such awesome role models :)

  61. Sarah Adams

    you are SO cute, Mary! I have so enjoyed stalking all your adorable preppy outfits! :) so glad you had a happy birthday!

  62. Shawnea Frett Ajao

    So happy you enjoyed some vacation downtime! I am looking forward to one day attending your workshops – what a glorious day for me that would be. Until then, keep shining the rains away. ;)

  63. Amy D

    Hope you had fun in Nantucket!!! I am so in love with your blog!
    Oh and please Pick me to win! :)

  64. Emily

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Hope you had a very happy birthday!

  65. Stephanie Stewart

    Hope you’ve had a fabulous birthday week! Hugs!

  66. Rici

    Always love to stop by your Blog! Have a great weekend you two!
    ~ Saluti

  67. Deanna Martin

    Aww love big umbrellas. Especially with stripes.

  68. keeley bayne

    Hello I Love You!!!!

  69. charlie ambrose

    Hello how are you doing!!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  70. taylor piasecki

    Hello!!! I hope you both have an amazing weekend!

  71. candice

    loved listening to your webinar yesterday!

  72. Missie

    Hi!! Keep up the great photography! :)

  73. Kristen Wheeler

    Happy Birthday my dear!!!!!!

  74. Emily Koska

    Officially started the countdown for MLPS lighting intensive! YAY!

  75. Hannah Forsberg

    Seriously one of my favorite quotes ever! &Happiest of birthdays. :D

  76. Shannon Anderson

    Happy Birthday week!

  77. BraskaJennea

    I stumbled on your blog today, and I have to say I’m sad I’ve missed so much time following ya’ll! Got some catching up to do, but it’s going to be FUN from what I’ve read so far! :)

  78. Mike M

    Just saw your Disney shoot for
    the Verbaauw family, Great job & God Bless your generosity,lets all remember the Military on this Memorial Day weekend!

  79. Rachel McCloud

    Happy final birthday :) Nantucket looked amazing. Thank you for sharing your adventures :)

  80. jenn

    sounds like a fun week! love your outfit, mary!

  81. Jamie M

    Happy Birthday!!

  82. Jennifer Krieg

    Hi there Sunshine through the rain!!! xoxo

  83. Melissa Harp

    Happy Birthday~! May you be blessed with so many more!

  84. Megan

    What a wonderful way to spend your birthday!!

  85. Kara Abbey

    Hello from PA!! We had a rainy/chilly weekend as well – at least it was time off!! :D

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