October 29, 2010

Cairnwood Estate Wedding: Jennifer & Eddy (Part I)

Happy Friday!

We wanted to send you off smiling into the weekend and I can’t think of a better way to do that than to show you Jennifer & Eddy (Part I). But beware, this wedding was so crazy beautiful that it may just take you the whole weekend to recover from the awesomeness that is J&E.

Married: Jennifer & Eddy

Jennifer & Eddy were married at Cairnwood Mansion in Bryn Athyn, PA which is too gorgeous for words. Seriously, the place is breathtaking! And on top of that, Erin Proud and her team from Proud to Plan, were total rockstars! The details blew us away!

Adam Pomerantz of Belvedere Flowers worked. it. out! Check out the wrap on Jennifer’s bouquet!

Jennifer’s gorgeous dress was designed by Judd Waddell just for her! She even has a sketch he made of her in it! How cool is that!

Love me some shoes!


Jennifer, you are STUNNING! Absolute perfection!

The lovely ladies of Cheekadee and Hair by Meghan were on hand to make Jennifer look even more perfect! (Not like she needed it!)

While we hung out with Jennifer, Justin went over to hang out with Eddy. How cool are those cufflinks?!?

LOVE a classic bowtie!

Eddy and his dad looking quite dapper!

Judd Wadell also designed Jennifer’s mom’s dress! It was one of the first mother of the bride dresses he ever designed!

Jennifer, it is easy to see where you got your good looks!

Here we go!

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Love this moment!

Have I mentioned that Jennifer is stunning?!?

Jennifer, you glow from the inside out! We love you!

The light at Cairnwood is simply gorgeous!

A quiet moment to soak it all in

Time for dad to see Jennifer for the first time!

Things got a little emotional right around here

LOVE this flower girl!

A pretty pink bouquet, courtesy of Belvedere Flowers!!

The ceremony site looked absolutely beautiful! Erin Proud is amazing! She was on hand all day, making sure everything was absolute perfection!

It’s go time!

Love the look on Eddy’s face as he watches Jennifer walk down the aisle!

Jennifer and Eddy each wrote a love note for each other and sealed it up tight in this wine box for a later date!

The ceremony was just how we like it! Full of love and very emotional!


Stay tuned for Part II of Jennifer & Eddy’s gorgeous Cairnwood wedding! You won’t believe what Adam Pomerantz and Erin Proud put together! It’s gorgeous overload!! :)

  1. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Just in awe of this wedding! So incredible beautiful… wow!!

  2. spring


  3. Erin Proud


    I love you guys and LOVE THIS POST :)

  4. Chelsea McGowan

    I agree with you… one of my favorite weddings you’ve ever posted! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  5. carissa

    holy toledo i love these. absolutely amazing photos. enough said.

  6. Amy

    Love your website

  7. diane - www.sagephoto.com

    You weren’t kidding…gorgeous!

  8. Amy Clifton

    Soooooo gorgeous! All the getting-ready images? Oh my!

  9. Adam Pomerantz

    What Erin said…..MORE MORE MORE :) Great blog!

  10. maggieb

    I love those "double take" shots – side by side And the soft yellows and warmth of Jennifer in her quiet moment taking it all in are just incredible. Impeccable! (and ps, she does look like her mother!

  11. dede Edwards

    Just Gorgeous!

  12. Angelina

    Can’t wait to see the rest, these were all amazing!

  13. Nicole

    These are absolutely gorgeous and full of love!!

  14. Christa

    I want all the technical details on the first shot! Love it, there’s so many different lighting situations going on.

  15. Lindsay Harvey

    These could not be more breathtaking- it brings back every memory of that amazing day!

  16. John Puma

    Great shots all around, you really captured the mood of the entire event!

  17. Edmundo. Salcedo

    Hay caramba,these photos are good, I can not wait for part 3

  18. Jamie

    What an amazing day, for two amazing people. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Sugei Carvajal

    OMG these pictures look AMAZING!!!!! Jen you are STUNNING! <3

  20. Emily Santiago

    You both look amazing, each picuture speaks for itself they are amazing, thanks for sharing, much love to you both

  21. Nicole White

    You both look so amazing! I had so much fun at the wedding!! =)

  22. Erica Velasco


  23. Carolyn Ylagan

    Amazing picture! What a beautiful wedding.

  24. Heather Mitchell

    great pictures! so much fun!

  25. Idalmis Leyva

    amazing wedding, beatiful pictures….love you both.

  26. lisa Cour

    Wow…your work is amazing! Thanks for leaving a comment…I’m so glad I found you! You are really very talented.

  27. Stacey

    Awesome pictures! They really captured the moment.. Great work!

  28. Heidi

    omy you look so beautiful, cant wait to see all of the pictures <3

  29. Judy Paolercio

    Jennifer looked absolutely beautiful! Every detail was covered to make this the most elegant wedding I have ever seen.

  30. Janet

    WOW!!! You and Eddy look so happy. and in love. Looking forward to more pictures.

  31. Kyle

    An amazing day, remembered in classy black&white got to love it. You guys look great!

  32. Aunt Sue

    Your wedding was awesome, best ever. The pictures are beyond words. Your grandchildren will be in awe of these pictures. Oh, the memories you have just created for your ancestors. I can’t imagine that in 100 years there will be any better photos. Thanks for the memories. All My Love! OX

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