December 7, 2008

Cans for Comments!!

Speaking of great causes…now here’s YOUR chance to call on US to do a great thing!!

Our friends the AMAZING, insanely talented, “seriously, they must be some kind of super-heroes to be that good and no I don’t mind admitting that I’m just a little bit more than jealous of them” super duo of Chris + Lynn are running an incredible drive and asking other photographers to get in on the effort. It’s pretty simple really. You leave a comment, we buy a can. Another comment…and yep you guessed it… another can. And for how ever many comments we get between now and Friday, December 12th at noon we are going to go and buy that many cans and donate them to our local shelter. (We may even put together a little video for you guys of us buying all those cans, because I think THAT’s going to be pretty hilarious!)

We’ve been having a lot of people tell us lately that they wanted to comment on the blog but they weren’t sure they should because either they are just getting started or they aren’t a photographer at all. Well, pshhhhaw!!! is all I have to say about that! :) Don’t be afraid, I promise we don’t bite! Y’know unless you ask us to and you’re into that sort of thing. :) But, in all seriousness, we LOVE getting your comments. They really do make our whole day. So just know this…EVERYBODY is welcome here!!

And your comment…it counts.

So here’s your chance. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just say hi. Tell us your favorite Starbucks drink (cause you KNOW how I love hearing about Starbucks!) Or just put a smiley face. But whatever you do…get to commenting. I can’t WAIT to see what kind of bill you guys can rack up for us! :)

  1. Crystal Chick

    I’m game! And if you don’t mind, I think I’ll steal the idea for my blog too! :) Love your photos! (Oh, and my Starbucks drink of choice is Caramel Macchiato usually. But during the holidays I’m all about the Peppermint Mocha!)

  2. Jensey

    Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Baby! :)

  3. Lori Moss

    I love love love this idea! This may be the one idea I openly steal from another photographer to unabashedly post on my own blog!
    Great work Mary…can’t wait to see the result!

  4. Melissa J Copeland

    let’s see….my favorite color is green….
    Your blog is on my "list" so everyday when you post it pops up in my little google reader….I think you guys are amazing….
    I don’t eat turkey or ham or chicken.. so on thanksgiving I look forward to macaroni & cheese and dallas cowboys football… :o)

  5. juls

    I love this idea!

    Pumpkin Spice Latte! ;)

  6. Michelle

    WOW what a fabulous thing to do! My favorite starbucks drink changes with the season, pumpkin spice latte or peppermint mocha!

  7. Stef

    hey guys! can’t wait to see how many cans transpire! speaking of starbucks… this morning i had one of my faves – pumpkin spice latte – it’s like drinking a pumpkin pie in a cup :). It went well with our pillsbury cinnamon buns and scrambled eggs filled with tomatoes, spinach, yellow pepper, onion, and cheddar cheese.

  8. Annie H.

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment. Your photography is AMAZING. I LOVE your blog. What a nice idea.

    Wishing you a happy holidays.

  9. Mary Marantz

    @ Stef: ummm…can we come to YOUR house for breakfast?? pretty please?

  10. erica sergio

    um, i want to go to stef’s house for breakfast too! seriously guys, this is awesome.

  11. Bertie

    What a great idea!!!!! Hmmm, we do not have Starbucks in Rio and in England we go for Costa or Caffè Nero. Sorry! But my favorite coffee is certainly plain Brazilian coffee! Not watered down, not too strong. Melitta Tradicional ( It is the best coffee in the world! :-D

  12. Dennis Bullock

    Peppermint Mocha! Hmmmm love them

  13. Sarah McCoy

    1 can for me…plenty more to come :)

    P.S.- Caramel frappacino thought not in this weather

  14. Shy

    I think I need to be there to film said can buying!

  15. Stef

    You guys most certainly will have to! Or a "breakfast for dinner"! :)

  16. Mary Marantz

    @Stef: yes please!!!

  17. Mary Marantz

    @Shy: Omigosh! you HAVE to!! come down & play my friend!!

  18. Derek Marantz

    Mary, it was amazing seeing your art, and it was so nice to see you and Jus. We’ll have to get together soon!

  19. Amanda Herzberger

    Buy a can :)

  20. jackieblair

    thanks for the blog love…your blog looks great by the way!

  21. Jenn

    mary, you are the cutest!!!!

  22. Lindsay

    Nice blog. Great idea.

  23. Angela

    Great idea!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Sorry to say I’ve never been to Starbucks (they don’t have one in Gander) and I don’t like coffee – so I don’t go there when I’m in town :(

  24. DawnB

    you guys rock!

  25. Molly

    Everyday: Tall, soy, no whip, no foam, Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Yeah, I’m picky! I pay good money for picky! :) Great idea for a great cause!

  26. Rae

    Awesome! another can for me, please :-)

  27. Mary Marantz

    awesome guys!! keep em coming!!

  28. Julia

    Well, add another can! I have perfect timing! I’m one of the dorks who didn’t update her Google reader when you guys made the blog transition… duuuuuh. =) Took me a bit, but I’m subscribed now.

  29. Dawn McKinstry

    here’s another can ;)

    Oh, and I love me a peppermint mocha – any time of year!

  30. jessica

    you guys are awesome… its the little things that make the big difference!

  31. Valeen

    What fun!! And a great thing to do! Merry and Happy to all!!!

  32. Adrienne

    What a great cause! Definitely Peppermint Mocha!! :)

  33. Mary Marantz

    ooh the Peppermint Mocha twist is AMAZING! Has anyone tried the salted caramel hot chocolate? Divine!!


    Yay for cans-for-comments! Thanks for joining in & sharing the luv, J+M! You guys rock! And for the record, right now while at my computer, I’m having a venti, triple-shot, espresso truffle latte with extra-whip – oh yeah, baby!

  35. Mary Marantz

    holy MOLY!!! you’re going to be bouncing off the walls! that’s AWE-SOME!!!

  36. Kate Duval

    Ok, cute Starbucks story. Emmie is 2. Everytime we got to Starbucks I get her one of those little horizon’s vanilla milks and she loves it. But one night Daddy brought home just a vanilla steamer (my drink of choice) and didn’t get Emmie her milk. I split mine with her, being the nice mommy that I am. Well…yesterday she said, "Mommy, let’s go get a vanilla milk…" So I said, sure! Then she said, "But I don’t get one, just you’ll get one, a steamer one, and we’ll split, ok?" So, Ms. Emerson Grace is hooked on vanilla steamers just like her mama!!

  37. Mary Marantz

    LOL!! start em young…that’s what I always say!!

  38. Lori Moss

    So would everyone be shocked and terribly offended if I admitted that I don’t drink coffee? Ever? I’m such a minority around here!

  39. Mary Marantz

    you know what’s funny…I actually HATED coffee until I started law school. Still hated it then actually but I needed it to stay awake to study!!

  40. erin harvey

    One more can, go go guys! And I love the cafe mocha. =) I’m sure it’s the most fattening one on the menu… but maybe that’s why it tastes so good.

  41. karen Ard

    Yummy idea! ha ha… literally.

  42. john waire

    great cause. more of us need to follow your lead.

    happy holidays.

    grande americano please :) this time of year…give me the ole gingerbread latte. schweet!

  43. lauren

    i can’t wait to see this shopping adventure! what a great idea!! :)
    love the blog. love the site. but most importantly…love your photographs!!
    p.s. i can’t drink coffee…but if i could i’d go for something vanilla & super sweet. maybe iced. all year round!

  44. Carin

    how can i resist!? happy can shopping!!!!

  45. denise karis

    iced white chocolate mocha decaffe!

  46. Tiffany

    Comment, Comment, Comment! YAY for commenting! LOL What a fabulous Idea!

  47. Jasmine*


  48. Adrienne

    Love this!! If you don’t mind, I’m totally joining in on the fun with some cans for comments action on my blog as well! (And my favorite Starbucks drink is hands-down the White Chocolate Mocha!!)

  49. kelli

    what a great idea! your blog is so pretty…i love the colors!

  50. beth

    You inspire. Totally…absolutely…inspire! Wooooo! Love it! You must post a video of the shopping trip!!!

  51. Lauren

    Starbucks aint so big in the land downunder, we prefer Gloria Jeans (large white chocolate mocha on skim with cream with a toasted banana bread, please!). And please make sure you buy baked beaks for my can. Awesome thing you’re doing!

  52. Natarsha N. Wright

    I am one of those who always visits, but never comment :) I adore your work…You guys are amazing and inspiring. If you ever need a second shooter or want to adopt *raises hand* a newbie photographer who wants to learn as much as she can to be a better photog please keep me in, but seriously I love your work! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! GOD BLESS YOU!

    *MY FAV STARBUCKS RIGHT NOW IS VANILLA CREME and I can’t forget the black and white cookie!

  53. Christopher

    What a very cool idea. Sometimes our blogs lead us to places we never have even thought about! I hope that you have fun with it!

  54. kribss

    cute your amazing that you help others. very inspiring.

  55. Amy

    Just found your site after seeing the portrait of my friend Sara and LOVED it. Add my can to the list!

  56. Mary Marantz

    @amy: sweet!! welcome!!

    keep em coming guys! YOU ROCK!!

  57. Christina LeMarr

    I listened to your interview on F-stop beyond and I wanted to say it was a GREAT interview! It gave me motivation during our lil "hitting the brick wall* moment. Wish we lived closer :) AND I’m totally hooked on your blog :) Saweet!

  58. Cheyenne Schultz

    Great idea! Happy Holidays!

  59. Emily Beaty

    Great idea.. you guys are awesome! Have a wonderful day. :)

  60. Mary Marantz

    @ Christina: I hear ya!! We ALL have moments like that! But I know you’re going to do great things!

  61. Christa

    he, he…this is an awesome idea :)

  62. Ryan

    I’m going to go with the old tried and true White Mocha. Classic and amazing anytime of year!

  63. Amanda

    Okay, WOW, you guys are great! This is a wonderful idea. =)

    I do have one request though…maybe…if I may be so bold. ;)

    Having previously managed an emergency food pantry in my pre-Momma days, we always felt that FRESH PRODUCE was a true treat for our patrons. Yes, canned foods are great and the shelf life can’t be beat. Especially around the holidays though, having those fresh yams or potatoes or carrots is just so nice. =)

    So maybe throw in a bag of carrots for me?! ;)

  64. Kellan

    Is that my husband as comment #1??? We are comment whoring for a good cause…SAHWEET!!!! I fell hard and fast for the salted caramel hot chocolate. Oh my word, sex in a cup!

  65. Kellan

    Wait…party foul! I forget your comments show up most recent at top. Ryan would be your 62nd comment. Whoops! Now go get another can for us!

  66. Mary Marantz


  67. Mary Marantz

    @Amanda: ooooh good call!!!! awesome idea!!

  68. Janet

    Hot Chocolate.

  69. Rebecca Briggs

    Happy Holidays J&M! My favorite drink is the Skinny Vanilla Latte…yum. I think I’ll go get one right now!

  70. Tori Petrillo

    Cute idea! Def the Pumpkin Spice Latte .. i love it.

  71. Tina

    Awesome idea! My comment…my fav starbucks drink is carmel apple cider. Mmmm.

  72. Jaclyn Marie

    I have a favorite for each month of the year…so we’ll go with this month’s! Venti nonfat pumpkin spice latte with whipped pleeeaaase. Mmmmm…..

  73. Julie Ann

    Mmmm…here in Japan, I love me some Starbucks!
    I get a: Dark Cherry Mocha, Non-fat, 1 pump of syrup, and a dab of whipped creme.

    It’s DELICIOUS! :)

  74. Ashley Rose

    This is the raddest idea ever! I just love it :) Well I wish I was a starbucks guru, but sadly I am not, my work has this insane espresso machine which seduced me into 2 lattes every morning. Not good :)

  75. Sara MacFarlane

    Thanks for peeking at my blog! Hope this brings in a can of something yummy for a hungry tummy!

  76. Mary Marantz

    Dark Cherry Mocha!! Wowzas!!!

    This is awesome guys!! Think we can break 100 today?!?

  77. Kate Duval

    Ok, adding it to our site too, what the heck, why not!

  78. ohana photographers - david & kimi

    woo hoo CAN ME UP!!!

  79. Raina!

    Definitely not a coffee drinker. But hot cocoa, YES PLEASE!

  80. Stefanie

    This is such a great idea, you guys are great! I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks and I love your work!
    Merry Christmas!

  81. Mary Marantz

    Thanks Stefanie!! :)

  82. Amanda

    Oh gosh, and forgot my favorite drink, DUH. Hmmm…back when we were in WA, Starbucks capitol, I loved me some mocha breve. Left WA and nobody ever knew what a breve even was. ={ And I think I’ve forgotten. HAHA.
    So add another can…er, bag of yams, for me. ;)

  83. Erin Youngren

    yezplease. One can of dem lima beans pleeeez.

  84. Sharon

    I’m all about the Eggnog latte! Yummy! With a Cranberry Bliss Bar! Heavenly!

  85. Jessica

    One more on the way to 100! I’m totally obsessed with the Caramel Apple Spice, and the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate…mmmm….

  86. ericamay

    Awesome idea. I saw this on a few other blogs today…I’m going to have to join in the fun! And yes, please, about the video. :)

  87. Mary Marantz

    @Jessica: I know!! that salted caramel hot chocolate is to DIE FOR!!

  88. Mary Marantz

    @ericamay: you totally should!!

  89. Sara MacFarlane

    Lately it’s been Pumkin Spice, but I also like the Egg Nog Latte. VERY sweet!

  90. Mary Marantz

    I haven’t had the eggnog latte this year…but since so many of you said that one I may just have to give it a try!

  91. Jessica

    Just thought I’d "de-lurk" since you are trying to hit 100! LOVE your work and your blog. Not a huge Starbucks girl, but I must say they have some yumtastic frappacinos!!

  92. carla Ten Eyck

    snort snort snort

  93. Mary Marantz


  94. Deanna

    Here’s another can for you! Such a great idea… you guys never cease to amaze!

  95. Lori Miles

    way to go, guys! love your blog, btw. :)

  96. Joan Solitario

    I guess this makes 96 cans! Go Mary and Justin! ;-D

  97. Cathy Crawley

    What a wonderful idea, you guys are so generous in spirit. Well done :)

  98. Mary Marantz

    sweet!!! you guys are awesome!!

  99. René Tate


  100. Janelle

    Cute idea!

  101. Cindy

    You guys crack me up. LOVE the new blog. Listened to you on R.Dawson. Very touching…loved it! Would Love to meet you someday. Thanks for sharing so much fo yourselves.

  102. Kim

    What a great idea!!

  103. Candace Prokopets

    Great cause. Happy shopping!

  104. Bex

    Hi! No clue as to how you found my blog…but thanks for stopping by and for such an awesome cause I’ll most definitely will drop a line! :D Love your work! Too bad I’m not in New England anymore. Would have loved to meet you in person! {geeesh…you’re already at over 100 cans! YAY!}


  105. Kia

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for checking out my blog AND leaving a comment.
    My favorite Starbuck’s drink is the Cafe Mocha.

  106. Lisette Price

    I just love this idea! I’ve started it on my blog as well. Happy commenting and happy holidays! :)

  107. J*Grace

    Hi y’all! What an *awesome* idea! Love how your banner at the top includes video! So very cool.

    mmm starbucks– my favorite Christmas drink is eggnog chai! You *must* try it if you haven’t ever!

  108. Amanda

    Hi guys! I come look at your blog often, but, this time, I HAD to comment for a good cause. ;o) This is great! And, I haven’t had Starbucks in ages, but, when I do, it’s a Cafe Mocha.

  109. Amanda

    Oh, and, Mary–this is Amanda Wilson from you long ago days at WVU. Well, the last time we saw each other was Nicole’s wedding, I guess. Toodles!

  110. Kristen

    Grande non-fat, no-whip, no-shaky-stuff Pumpkin Spice Latte.

  111. Melanie H

    Peppermint Mocha(minus the twist) :) You guys are the best!! Keep up the outstanding work :)

  112. Melissa

    This is a great thing you are doing!! And I love me a skinny caramel iced latte. ;o)

  113. grandma ina

    I always have something to comment! You are really GOOD people!

  114. laurie

    holy moly look atthe comments! I’m doing this too!! I love this time of year!!!

  115. Mary Marantz

    @Grandma Ina: it runs in the family!! :)


    WOWZERS!!! You’ve broken the 100 mark! Right on – you guys rock & so awesome to see cans for comments spreading so far and so fast! Peace+Happiness

  117. Traci Blake

    Just puttin my two cents in…..adding to the ‘my favorite drink is…’ starbucks talk. Does anyone know why the maple latte never came back? THAT was my favorite!

  118. Mary Marantz

    ooh i remember that one!! I think I went into a sugar coma after that one!

  119. Catie R

    Awesome guys! Way to give back to the community :) Oh, and I’m loving the Mocha Peppermint Twist @ Starbucks, which also goes to the (Red) Project.

  120. Erica Velasco

    I think you guys are amazing with all the giving you are doing this year! You really inspire me to be a better photographer and a better person!

  121. Tawcan

    Doing the same thing on my blog too. Great idea.

  122. Mary Marantz

    that’s awesome Tawcan!!

  123. Julia

    Venti Zen… two teabags!

  124. Eddye

    We finally got your post up on StyleMePretty for tomorrow. It’s unbelievably beautiful. LOVE the ‘canned comments’ idea. We may have to steal it too!

  125. erin.

    Another fun & exciting idea! Love it!

  126. Ruth Dias

    Simply wonderful idea. Ah, starbucks… being stationed in Belgium has cut down on the starbucks love. But, there will always be a place for the chai latte in my heart.
    P.S. Thanks for the comment – It made my day that you came across my newbie blog AND left me a comment!

  127. Molly

    Okay, I have to admit, I’m addicted to the Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate … especially when I have it there in a mug! :)

  128. steve depino

    Love you Guys!!!
    Justin give me a call man we have to hit the batting cages again!!!!
    It’s fun watching each other swing and miss at fastball right down the middle :)

  129. Christine

    Had to comment for a can – especially since you said you don’t have to be "getting started or a photographer"… I just love reading your blog ;) Oh… Caramel Macchiato, but I want to try some of those hot chocolates!!

  130. Kristen Winningham

    I have to admit I enjoy the simple things in life. So a plan, no carmel, apple cider from Starbucks always does it for me.
    Love what you guys are doing!!

  131. Kristen Winningham

    Another can please :)

  132. Nichole

    Great Idea!

  133. Mary Marantz

    sweet!! cruising on to 150!! can we get there today??

  134. Justin Marantz

    Yes we can!

  135. Ruth Dias

    135 woo hoo!

  136. Ruth Dias

    136 – is it really that easy! Holy Fruit!

  137. Ruth Dias

    You guys are great for doing this!

  138. Mary Marantz

    LOL! Thanks Ruth!!!

  139. Eileen Broderick

    Grande NonFat Five-Pump Chai. Mmm…

  140. Jennifer

    LOVE this idea!

  141. MM

    whoa!! five pump?

  142. Talia

    What a fantastic idea!

  143. Salty Grapes

    Wow! Look how many comments are accumulating! You guys rock… =) -Julia

  144. Jennifer

    Buy a can for me! And my fav Starbucks drink – Caramel Macchiato! YUM!

  145. Samantha Margalit

    Hi! :-) I love Starbucks also Mary.. can’t consistently afford it, but it is amazing.. right now.. the Peppermint Mocha is heavenly ..

  146. Andrea Murphy

    Add a can for me and if you get a sec drop by my blog so I can add one for you!

  147. Mary Marantz

    @andrea: done!

  148. Mary Marantz

    sweet!! let’s see if we can hit 200 before the hour! Let’s do it!!

  149. Stef

    I tried the peppermint mocha last nite – it was heavenly!

  150. MM

    oh i know right!!! YUM!!

  151. Stef

    It hit the spot after spending 4 hours in the freezing rain & mud! It was such a warm and fuzzy day so it called for a Christmas-y drink ;)

  152. MM

    4 hrs in the rain & mud??

  153. Stef

    Our business helped out alot with the Exreme Home Makeover that went on last week in our area. So we went to see the family’s reaction to their new house. They’d been through so much that it was so amazing to see their strength and joy at everything their community had done for them.

  154. Mary Marantz

    omigosh that’s AMAZING!! what a cool thing to be part of!

  155. john waire

    throw another can in the cart. i’m running the campaign as well (thru Monday), so please drop on by when you can and share the love.

  156. Jess

    Already left one comment, but I just read your plea :) so here’s another … awesome awesome awesome what you guys are doing- WOO HOO!!!

  157. Jess

    oh… and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

  158. Melissa McClure

    Happy Holidays! You guys rock!

  159. Adrienne Byrd

    I can’t remember if I left a comment yet or not and there are WAY to many to read through to find out.. so I’m leaving one now! You guys are so awesome for contributing to such a great cause!

    Tip: make sure you choose wisely when asked "paper or plastic?" !!!! :)

  160. Justin Marantz

    I don’t think paper OR plastic will hold all these cans!

  161. M squared

    @Adrienne: LOL!!

  162. Christine

    You guys are awesome!!

  163. Sergey & Julie

    Does Spam count as canned food?

  164. Justin Marantz

    Hey guys! Give it up for Julie & Sergey who just got engaged!!!!

    And no, we won’t be buying SPAM.

  165. Erica


  166. erica


  167. erica


  168. erica


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  171. erica


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  173. erica


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  181. erica


  182. erica


  183. erica


  184. erica


  185. Amanda

    add another! =)

  186. erica


  187. erica


  188. Annemarie

    Love you guys, your blog, your photos, your dog, your spirit, heart, and it all. Have an AWESOME holiday, and if you’re ever in TX (or CA), let’s grab Starbucks. I’ll be ordering a White Chocolate Mocha, non fat, no whip! xoxo

  189. erica


  190. erica


  191. Amanda

    Do you suppose you can make 200?! That would be awesome!!!

  192. erica


  193. erica


  194. erica


  195. erica


  196. erica


  197. erica


  198. erica


  199. erica


  200. erica

    HO!!!!!! :)

  201. Amanda

    Oooh, I think you can. ;)

    But I’m cutting into Erica’s messages, so I’m out. HAHAHA.

  202. Mary Marantz

    LOL!!! Ok Erica, I think you owe us 10 bucks!!! :) Love you so much!!! Thank you SO much for that!

  203. Amanda W

    Fa la la la la

  204. mm

    la la la la

  205. jeramy

    what a great idea! way to make a difference!

  206. Tira J

    Yay! You are going to have a full cart when you go buy all these cans. Thank you so much for everything you both do for not only for the photography community, but for those in need. Blessings to you both.

  207. Salty Grapes

    Fa la la la la la la ka-ching!!!! =)

  208. Mary Marantz

    DUDE!!! Julia you know just the way to my heart!! How awesome was that, btw?!?

  209. erica sergio


  210. Amanda Herzberger

    I think I already left one….but here’s another. You guys rock!

  211. Traci

    Just leaving another one. . .and wishing I had a starbucks~!

  212. Christopher

    I think I already did this; but just in case not…….

  213. Valeen

    I left one… and now another!! You guys are awesome!!

  214. Valeen

    And one more!! :)

  215. Yvonne L

    Leaving my love of canned goods here with you to pass along to those who need it. I’ll be doing this fo’sho’ next year on my site!

  216. Dawn McKinstry

    Here’s another can from me!

  217. Shari

    One for me please-if its not too late!

  218. deldobuss

    Chai Latte with cinnamon sprinkles.

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