February 1, 2012

Celebrating & the 25,000 Mark

He called from the road and said he was picking up a surprise.

With Justin that could be anything from a dozen roses to a cup of Starbucks to that new toothpaste we’ve been meaning to try.

So I waited. Patiently.

When he pulled into the driveway, he came through the door holding champagne….and pizza. Papa John’s to be precise. Banana peppers and cheese on my side. Pepperoni on his. And a couple of slices in between where it was just sort of both.

We sat cross legged on the couch and toasted to all things comfortable. To home. And each other. To warm blankets…and our dog. Cooper lifted his head slightly at this, sighed the golden sigh, and went back to sleep. I took double dips of the garlic butter sauce… because you can do that with a spouse and they won’t get grossed out. And in that moment of complete and utter fullness, I gave thanks that we live the sort of life where we get to have champagne with our pizza. A life that gets to be whatever we say it is. Simply because we’ve made it that way.

It’s a simple life for sure. Maybe small to many. But it’s a life we’re building together.

And to me, that’s definitely something to celebrate.

So besides missing home these past couple weeks, I also realized how much I’ve been missing you guys. When we’re in go, go, go mode I only really get to hop on to publish a post and then tag out again. And I’ll be honest. I’ve really missed getting to talk to you guys. We’ve been asked this before, and for the record….I read every comment. Every single one. They make me laugh and cry and think. And you guys do that. And I can’t thank you enough for it. When someone takes the time out of their busy day to share life with us and sprinkle a little blog love our way, you can bet that I’m going to click back over and see what’s going on in YOUR lives too. And to sprinkle a little of that love back your way. That’s how it should work. Because I never want my friendships to veer down one way streets. And just for the record, I consider each of you my friends.

We recently passed our 25,000th comment here on the blog, and when I saw that I not so secretly wished that there was a bottle of champagne out there big enough to toast you all. Or, y’know, a pizza that big. With banana peppers. So that we could sit cross-legged on a couch somewhere and I could look each of you in the eye and say thank you. Truly. From the bottom of my heart. It matters.

Since we hit the 25,000 mark while we were away traveling, I’m not 100% sure who left that comment. So when in doubt, we decided to run a little contest. :) Just leave us a note in the comments below and say hi. Yes, even if it’s the very first time. Say hi or let us know something in your life that’s deserves celebrating. So we can raise a glass for you too! :) And one lucky commenter is going to get $50 to either Adorama or Restoration Hardware…. so you can celebrate in style. Boo yah. And…..GO!!

  1. trent

    CONGRATS J&M! 25k is a BIG deal!

  2. Caroline Lima

    Hey guys, congratulations!!! you deserve! you are a true inspiration!!!! :-)

  3. Jil

    happy 25,000! here’s to the next 25,000 :o)

  4. Abby Grace

    This post makes me really happy! I love when you give us little window views into yall’s life like this. I, for one, will buy Papa Johns for the sole reason that they provide garlic sauce with their pizza. SO DELISH!

  5. JamieY

    Hi!! Love you guys! Can’t wait to see you at WPPI. congrats on the milestone.

  6. Irina Tyx

    Hi! You two are awesome and deserve all the success that’s coming your way :) Rock on!

  7. Angela

    Congrats! I’m raising an imaginary glass of champagne to you two :)

  8. Faye Bernoulli

    Funny you should mention champagne…we were talking about the different sizes of bottles (marketing thing for work) and there is one size called the Nebuchadnezzar! The Solomon tops it out though…so here’s a Solomon-sized champagne toast to you both for being such amazing people and for encouraging and inspiring all of us!

  9. Betsy

    Congrats!!! Quite the milestone. I love that you celebrate these things!!! :)

  10. Jeremy Mitchell

    Hey guys! February is a huge month for me. It marks the 1 year anniversary of starting my videography business. I bought my canon DSLR 1 year ago today and with the help of my girlfriend and some fantastic speakers at WPPI 2011, I said "I can do this." The best part is, a year later, I can still say the same thing.

  11. Brittani

    Here’s to many inspiration posts and words of wisdom! Thank you Justin & Mary!

  12. ellie

    congrats guys!! something i’m celebrating about: i won an writing award with scholastic. i have been trying for five years to get one :D

  13. Emilia Jane

    Aw yay! I love you two!! What a fun celebration, that sounds EXACTLY like what my hubby and I do :-)

  14. Kimberly Walker

    So it was you that left a comment on my blog!?!? I thought it was a joke being played by someone (haha, maybe it was?).
    25,000 comments… amazing!

  15. Cheryle

    I am so not commenting for the prize… lol. Just to say thanks for being so inspiring. You guys are too cute. :)

  16. Kelly Ewell

    Just a quick comment to hi and congrats on all your success! On both what you’ve done to date and what you’ll surely do in the future. I can’t wait to meet you both next week!

  17. Emily Crall

    I’ve missed you guys on here too! I faithfully read your blog and I’m so glad that you’re back. :) Can’t wait to see you at WPPI!

  18. Isaac Stott

    I just love you two! I love how your never afraid to show us your life, whether its amazing photography or champagne & Papa Johns. Thanks for for being real in a world where there’s a lot of fake. PS.. only 10 days left to wait!!!!

  19. Jackie Rachdorf

    We made it. My husband and I successfully made it through the first year of parenthood with our relationship and our baby intact. We frequently celebrate this success by trading off extra sleep, gym time, work time, and play time. We love each other in a way that exudes respect and mutual understanding of one another’s needs. Our only problem is the lack of alone time; ya know… DATE NIGHT! So, for my New Year’s Resolution I secretly told myself that there would be more champagne in our lives, more bubbles & spark, if you will… because celebrating one another is such a nice way of saying "’thank you, babe".

    Sweet, sweet success, I say! Two bottles in the month of January alone, and with eleven months to go, I’d say we’re on the right track.

  20. Nancy Mitchell

    You are my ray of sunshine each day! I love you J&M! I really now can’t wait to give you that BIG hug in October:)

  21. Michelle


  22. Sara

    I LOVE reading your blog, but have never posted a comment.

    But anyway, I’m going to Italy in April, so I’m celebrating that, also, my 27th birthday is the 9th of this month =)


  23. Deedee Benyi

    Congratulations! That is the perfect way to celebrate in my book!
    I meant to comment last year that I was look at a friend’s pics from a wedding in Maine and there you were, hanging out with my friends that live in DC. Is there anyone that you don’t know?

  24. Elizabeth

    Cool — congrats on your milestone…I know it’s not much of a celebration …as I write this 6 years ago my dad passed away and there is not a day I do not think of him… Wish it were really a celebration but I cannot bring myself to celebrate his passing. Such a sad day for me. Each and every year, I just want this day (2-1) to be erased off the face of this earth. Sorry to be a party pooper.

  25. Brenda Eley

    Congrats J&M!!That is worth celebrating!I am celebrating quitting my day job just a few days ago, and now focusing on my photog.business, scary & exciting at the same time!But GOD is in control! : )

  26. Victoria Wakeen

    Congrats for balancing home life and work life with the SAME person! I know how hard that is, hee hee! Wishing one day we’ll get to meet in person. Hugs <3

  27. Alice G Patterson

    I know like the rest of us, you guys have your fair shares of bad days, but you have the great gift of reminding us to cherish the sweetness that is often close at hand.

  28. Lisa Mathewson

    I can’t wait to meet you both in less than 2 weeks! I hate planes so wish me luck!

  29. caitlin

    i noticed that you had commented on my measly little photo blog a while back and i was absolutely floored – i called my best friend and had a minor freak out "THE MARY FROM JUSTIN & MARY COMMENTED ON MY BLOG" and i called kristen (the girl featured in the post aka my sister) and told her that MARY M liked her boots :) and i was dancing and prancing and jumping a shrieking at the thought of it. i know it sounds silly, to get so excited about a comment, but i am so thankful for you taking the time to do that.

    so basically: you being you is worth celebrating – because to me, you are inspiring

  30. Camille

    Good Heavens that’s alot of comments. CONGRATS! You guys deserve every good praise you get from your followers because your awesome-sauce.

  31. Ryan

    Congrats to the 25,000!! Brandi and I just celebrated our second anniversay of the day we got engaged yesterday!! And in business news, we killed our goal of reaching 500 fans with a facebook contest!! Here’s to the next 25,000 comments on your blog! Best wishes!!

  32. Tori

    This is the only the beginning, you two!

  33. melissa

    So well deserved. I loved hearing you speak at the Turn the Key workshop last year!

  34. Sherra

    Howdy!! I love reading your posts and seeing your life.

  35. Amanda

    Thank you guys so much for sharing photography and life with all of us. Happy 25,000-ish!

  36. Chelsea

    Congratulations! That’s a really big number. I hope it inspires you to keep pushing every day!

  37. deb perry

    …you had me at Restoration… ;) Congratulations on such in incredible milestone.

  38. stephane lemaire

    Congratulations !!! Just wanted to thank you for all what you do, you two are truly inspiring, you give so much to all of us … Thank You, see you in Vegas

  39. Cassandra

    Congrats! You guys have no idea what an inpiration you are, especially with blogs like this one. My fiancee and I are starting a photo/video business together and at times it seems impossibly difficult. Reading this gives me hope and makes me realize that we too need to be celebrating our victories. However small they seem now, they are still a step closer to success. :) So thank you.

  40. Tammie Gilchrist

    What’s not to celebrate – life is great! I’m sure I’d love Papa Johns…but we don’t have that up in my neck of the woods. See you guys at WPPI!!

  41. Tira J

    HI HI HI!!!! Oh, so what is this new little frame around your photo? Are you cooking up something new with your branding? LOVE YOU GUYS!

  42. Priscilla

    Wow! That is something to celebrate and a great start to 2012! I have a lot of goals for 2012, loosing weight and getting back to shape, yes i know!:( buying a house and starting my own business. I’m hoping to feel like this dog! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-9EYFJ4Clo&sns=fb

  43. Nancy Hana

    Holy cow 25,000!! congrats! you guys rock!

  44. Jen

    Congratulations on getting your 25,000 comment!

  45. Alisa

    You guys are awesome! And I love that you take the time to celebrate simply that. Simple awesomeness

  46. Meridith

    Pizza and champagne are perfect together- congrats!

  47. Jen

    Ok, not sure if my first comment went through but congrats on getting your 25,000 comment on your blog! Quite a milestone. :)

  48. sharon elizabeth

    HAYYYYY j&m! =) I have a lot to celebrate in life! My Mumma is almost done with her cancer treatment, my husband will be having his open heart surgery next week (which i KNOW will go perfectly) and i will be going fulltime in a month or so!!!! blessings all around! =) <3

  49. Stephanie Stewart

    Wow!!! That’s awesome, 25,000 comments!!! Cheers to you! Congratulations!!!

  50. Marcus Murphy

    Every time I read posts like this I hear Mary’s voice… and I like it :) You two, your friendship, continues to inspire and motivate me. Here’s to you and the amazing influence you have on your readers and the world. Love you both.


  51. Glenda

    So happy for the both of you! Thank you for blessing us with your knowledge ;)

  52. Deborah Zoe

    You guys are adorable:)! Congrats on your 25,000th comment. It’s just a testimony to how much you give to others and all that you share:)! Now I’m craving pizza with banana peppers…

  53. Abbey

    Thank you for sharing bits of your personal life. Here’s to many more celebratory moments and the next 25,000 comments!!! Salud!

  54. Annika

    Congrats on 25,000…here’s to 25,000 and beyond!

  55. Stephanie

    Thank YOU for taking the time to read all of our comments! The first time I left a comment on your blog, I was totally surprised to see a visit and comment on my own from Mary. And it kinda made my day. :)

  56. sarah der

    Hello!!!! Hooray for making the 25,000 mark! :)

  57. sarah danaher

    I can hear Mary’s voice, too. =) here’s to all things comfortable.

  58. Christy

    That is so awesome you guys! And for the record – we totally had Papa Johns and champagne the other day too! haha But we’re olive + mushrooms people all the way. And double dipping garlic butter sauce – OF COURSE. :)

  59. Alison

    No no, thank you! You have kick started so much in my life and gave me the push to dream big and chase what I want and I am so grateful! Congrats on the huge comment milestone!

  60. Emily

    Thank you for inspiring us so much and sharing your depth of knowledge. We have grown so much because of all you give to others. And thank you for affirming my desire to live a life with exclamation marks. Lots of them.

  61. Tiffany Bolk

    Wooo Hooo! I love champagne and pizza! In fact…perhaps I should text my hubby to pick some of that up for us tonight to eat while we watch "Midnight In Paris"! We can draw the blinds and pretend that we are there! (sigh)

  62. Jacque Dee

    I just wanted to say hi. your post inspired me to step out and be apart of communities that I just sit on the walls and watch. So hi! And congrats, your posts are encouraging and inspiring.

  63. Samantha Harkins

    You know I’m a frequent commenter, and I shouldn’t announce this in a comment BUT Chris and I are adopting a baby. Fun stuff – and bonus – I can drink champagne the whole time we’re waiting. :)

  64. Ursula Page

    WoW! That is awesome! I would love to win this :)

  65. Rebecca

    Mmm I love pizza with pepperoni and peppers! I’ll raise a slice to you guys next time I indulge – you deserve every fan, every comment, every word of praise for putting so much out there! I know you’ve personally touched my life and I owe you a good deal of thanks. Congratulations on another milestone!

  66. Marcie S.

    Congratulations! I hope one day to be celebrating such a big milestone. Right now I am celebrating my first successful year for my business. Thanks for all the helpful tips!

  67. Ali

    First time "commenter" here (I think) but I just wanted to drop a note and say I love your blog and pictures. You shot one of my friends wedding and I have been in awe of her pictures ever since. One day, it will be my turn!

  68. Jensey

    I find myself commenting on your blog so much more than others I read! Glad I’m considered a friend, ’cause I feel the same. It’s a little celebration for us this week- We’ve finally made the step to grow our family… By one big, beautiful, 25%off Restoration Hardware sofa. I know you of all people would know the significance of that! Anyway- Happy 25k, Justmary! <3

  69. Regina Marie

    To be honest, I came across you two by something that was nothing short of a miracle. I got an email saying someone posted a comment on my blog, so I ran over to check it….

    I didn’t know the person, (the few comments I HAD gotten were all from personal friends), so I replied… then did research.

    My chin hit the floor. Mary, that day you made my world turn upside down. Just the idea that someone who has a successful life, business and following somehow found little ole’ me in this big wide world, and gave a damn enough to say hi…. i can’t tell you how much that truly meant to me.

    A reason to celebrate? That you found me and gave me hope…

    Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see you at WPPI… be forewarned, I WILL hug you, and probably cry a little too. LOL

  70. Shea

    I don’t have anything wonderful to say, but I do have a quote I’ve been reading every day for the last few months and it has changed my life. "Life is short. You never know which day is your last. Live your life fully and live it full of JOY. Nothing else really matters". That’s the meaning of life right there. Bam! I love you guys. Thank you for sharing your lives and your gifts.

  71. Amy

    Hi!! You guys are so deserving of your success. You are an inspiring couple not only for wedding photographers and business professionals, but also for marriage! For a husband and a wife! Thank you for being YOU! And…a Restoration Hardware GC would go great with my new home! ;)

  72. Amy

    oh…and my husband and I made pizza last night, with pepperoni and banana peppers! AND wine! ;)

  73. Amanda Hurst

    Cheers to pizza on the couch and Congrats!

  74. Melania

    You guys are too kind. Nothing but love for you two. You’re truly amazing. (Didja read my comment?)

  75. Heather Holleger

    You guys are AWESOME!! I LOVE following your blog everyday! :) 25k! Wow! Congrats! I’m hoping to someday be able to hear you guys speak again….heard you last year at Hallmark and have been a HUGE fan ever since! ;)

  76. Lauren

    Champagne and pizza…dinner of champions. You guys are amazing…and I love every single blog post. Just sayin.

  77. Nathan

    Something worth celebrating in MY life is the cute little man that grins at me with his two tiny bottom front teeth every morning when I pick him up. There are few things that make me want to celebrate more than family and the little dude rolling around in his diaper in complete bliss just to be alive. Congrats on the 25K comments (and counting). You offer a tremendous message, keep it going!

  78. Erica Fabrizio

    Congrats, definitely worth a celebration!! Just not 100% sure about the bananas!

  79. Lara

    Hello to you! I enjoy catching up with your blog very much. I love the champagne and pizza combo…and that may just be our dinner tonight.
    Love to you both.

  80. Briana Morrison

    I just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago and I’m SO glad I did. Your posts are honest and open and completely inspiring. I haven’t commented yet because you seem to get bombarded with love, but hearing that you do read all your comments, I wanted to stop in and say hello. :-) I’ll be sure to comment again soon.

  81. Jessie Emeric

    Howdy! Congrats on the 25,000th comment! I know I always love to read your posts, you always seem to write about something I’m going through or need help with and you manage to help me feel a bit more optimistic :) xoxo

  82. Sabrina

    I’ve only started following you guys in the past year… and even that has been on and off. But I love you guys anyway. Your sincerity, your genuine way you communicate and care, and that you have champagne with your pizza :-) I just booked my 5th wedding for the year and have had 4 inquiries in the past week. I’ve been waiting a few years for this business to get off the ground and fly on her own and I’m celebrating what we have right now… my new husband (of 3 months!) and brides that care about photography and not just pictures. Blessings to you guys and the next 25,000 comments!

  83. Angela G.

    Since I heard you guys talk in Columbus, Oh. I have been a follower.. stalker really. But I think that even though this is a contest and we are all hoping to win, you should know we are already winners in this. Each bubble in your champagne of celebration is a life you have impacted with allowing all of us in your life!! I personally thank you for this! No prize needed here, just a simple request: Don’t stop sharing what helps and inspires all of us!!

  84. Ed Congdon

    Hope all is well with you guys, which — from the sounds of it — it is. Sadly, I haven’t had a lot of time to shoot lately. But I want to share a quote I heard this week by one of my favorite quote sources — unknown. "What you do for yourself dies with you. What you do for others lives on." Twenty-five thousand comments is quite a feat, but the amount that you to give to others will have and impact for a long time to come. Thanks for all you do!!

  85. Jessica K. Sullivan

    I’ve been missing you guys too! Congrats on 25,000. I do enjoy reading all your posts and catching up on your story:)

  86. MM

    @Melania: yes, yes I did! :) thank you friend!!

  87. Spring

    I’m all about celebrating that you and Justin and Julia will be with me on my wedding day!!!! XOXOXOXO

  88. katie s

    i just love you guys, life is worth celebrating! That we have this moment to live and breathe doing what we love most is the BEST thing to CELEBRATE! Congrats to you justin and cooper of course. you guys are so awesome! Cheers :)))))))

  89. Kristi Chappell

    Congratulations, that is an awesome accomplishment! My celebration for this month is ELEVEN years in the photography world. Eleven years ago I bought a business licenses to set out on this journey. I’m blessed to still be in the wonderful industry!

  90. astrid

    welcome back and congrats! :)

  91. rich

    hello and welcome back! we are celebrating our one year anniversary in business – woohoo!

  92. Elle

    Very nice ~ pizza and champagne! Sounds fabulous.

  93. Tiffany Tracy

    Cheers to 25,ooo you guys rock!! 2012 will be a great year, I am looking forward to taking more sessions and really finding my place in the photog world! Keep doing what you do and thanks for always sharing…….

  94. Katie Jane

    Congratulations on your 25,000th comment! That is amazing. Thank you guys for inspiring me every single day, and giving so much back to our community. Can’t wait to see y’all in Vegas!

  95. Britani

    Hi! After two and a half years of trying, I found out today that I am pregnant! But, don’t tell my mother yet ;) It will be a Mother’s Day surprise :)

  96. Marta V

    Congrats on 25,000! I will raise a glass to that! :) Can’t wait to see you two at WPPI.

  97. Jessica Frey Photography

    HI!!!! That’s exciting, what a fun milestone….and now, I’m hungry for Papa John’s! Haven’t had that in a long time gee thanks ;)

  98. Sasha Norgaard

    Mary, you are about the only other person i know who would intentionally get banana peppers on their pizza. Huzzah I am not alone!!! I am currently toasting to my new D700 and in the midst of figuring it out. Cheers to a wonderful 2012 : )

  99. lauren

    hi j&m! :)
    we finally purchased our mini cooper back in august and i LOVE it!! love love love. here’s to more motoring! ;) *

  100. Amelia Renee

    woooohoo! that’s super wonderful:) you two are so encouraging & wonderful role models in both business and marriage for me..thank you both! :)

  101. Jenn

    Congrats you guys! You are awesome and inspiring! :)

  102. Kandise

    Aw, congrats on the milestone. I enjoy your blog… looking forward to meeting you in Vegas!

  103. Bethany Ann

    I love this! I am a recent blog reader of yours and I’m enjoying going back through your posts. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. You make us feel like friends! :) Have a great rest of the week!

  104. Michelle

    You guys rule. Congrats!

  105. Ashley B

    I’ll be celbrating my 24th birthday next Monday, the day after the superbowl… The superbowl always somehow finds a way to mess with my birthday! Anyways, I’ll be celebrating with champagne while chowing down on some buff wings with extra blue cheese and a side of celery. CHEERS TO CLEBERATIONS!

  106. Chelsea McGowan

    I never win anything, but even if this wasn’t a contest, I’d give you an e-fist bump on reaching the 25,000 mark. That is WICKED cool. We’re sitting at a little over 7,500 right now, and you just set the bar that much higher… someday, I hope we’re as Interweb Cool as you are. :) Love you!

  107. Linda

    Congrats to you both! That is just awesome!

  108. Joe Don Richardson

    So glad you’ll made it back home safe and sound. I told you I have a little something for you’ll. A hint is it would fit in nicely with the photo above. Hope to see you’ll soon.

  109. Amanda Truth

    Mary you are just too fabulous. And I decided that champagne and Papa John’s pizza is exactly the way I want to celebrate the next time I get to see my soon-to-be hubby! (Thanks for the idea :) ) Congratulations to you both on hitting your 25,000th comment. That, if nothing else, should really drive home what an inspiration you guys are to so many people!

  110. Julia

    It’s my birthday, so I’ll celebrate too!

  111. Kristin H.

    HI! That is amazing! Love you guys! And your new (I think new?) lil "&" under the photo :)

  112. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Wow, that’s amazing (though not surprising)! I rarely comment on other blogs, but I do on yours because I’m pretty sure you’re talking directly to me most of the time. Thanks for always being so honest and uplifting. Congrats to you, J&M!

  113. Kare

    mmmmm Papa John’s Pizza. Yum! I like the way you guys celebrate. I’m quietly celebrating my canciversary this week – have an extra glass of bubbly for me. Love you guys!

  114. Cristal

    As a newbie photographer, I definitely felt the love when you left a comment on my (rarely visited) blog. Seriously! It made. my. day!! And I’m pretty sure I exclaimed my happiness to my partner, who doesn’t even know who you are, but was glad that you made me happy. So, the next time I sip some champagne, I’ll be sure to toast to you both. Cheers & happy 25,000!!

  115. Leslie Barresi

    Hey Guys! Congrats!!! I am celebrating getting through the first semester of PA school and diving into part 2……..of what seems like a billion….but I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you know that both of your positive attitudes and go-get’em-ness (totally just made that a verb) help me out at school when I need a little pick me up!

  116. Becky

    Woot! That’s awesome – we are so proud of you guys!

  117. ami

    Congrats on 25,000! Today I am celebrating the fact that the little rock that I call my business and have been pushing for months feels like it is starting to slowly roll and gather a little moss. It really is the little victories :*)

  118. Kari Jeanne

    And this is why you guys are the best! I look forward to reading your blog every day :)

  119. Izehi

    Here’s one more person clinking glasses with you virtually! :) Congratulations!

  120. Jessica

    So awesome for you! I’m celebrating because in 44 days, I get to go on vacation (sans technology I might add) for the first time in nearly 3 years! :) Oh, and my new business website is almost COMPLETE!

    A toast to you for sharing your lives with us and ALWAYS saying something to make us think!

  121. Lydia

    Congratulations! You two are both so giving and deserve thousands more comments!

  122. Jess

    Celebrating my husband’s new job and staying in CT!! Here’s to not relocating!!

  123. Robin Underdown

    I’m celebrating my sons 6th month birthday! I’m completely enjoying being a mom! And thanks for all of your posts.

  124. katie yuen

    Hi guys!!! :) I thought of you today- I went to a Taxes for Artists Lecture and I recalled some things you talked about during Spread the Love and that one Walk Through you did online! Just thought I’d say thanks for enhancing my knowledge so much! xoxo

  125. Maggie

    Congrats you two! I love following along on your journey :)

  126. Ely

    Wow! What a testament to how meaningless you are in peoples lives, including my own. Congratulations.

  127. Kevin

    Today I’m celebrating that I found my paycheck after it flew out of my car! Phew!!! Congrats on 25,000!!!

  128. Amanda Driver

    I’m celebrating! Because despite some frustrating life circumstances, my husband and I are choosing to trust God more, work even harder, and thank Him for everything. We are so blessed. 25,000 comments–SO amazing! Congratulations, you guys! Hugs from California. :)

  129. Gabby / En Route Photography

    HeHe we really missed you too! It´s something soooo nice and rare that u always comment back & we love u for it! ;)

  130. Alisha Kistenmacher

    Hi J&M, You guys are fantastic! You have both inspired me so much, that I took the plunge and bought the " 1 light set up". I am excited to say the least! Congrats on hitting your 25K mark! What a great feeling!

  131. Jeremy Jackson

    Wow, 25,000! That’s awesome! Congratulations you guys, and thank you for everything that you share, your ups and your downs and everything in between. It’s so encouraging to see a couple who is genuine and so generous with their time and their talents. So, thanks!

  132. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Congrats, guys! We’re keeping our "little" news quiet, but I am banned from sipping champagne until May. :)

  133. René Tate


  134. ellie

    My first year of fulltime photography…cheers

  135. Shannon Rosan

    Cheers to you! HUGS!!!

  136. MM

    Oh that is so AWESOME Karen!! Congrats!

  137. Suzy G

    Y’all are awesome and so deserving. I am celebrating my first year of being a wedding only photographer. It was scary to commit but so worth it. Trusting God.

  138. Leigh Madeleine Miller

    You two are so wonderful! And what I appreciate the most is that you’re real. You’re not afraid to just be you and offer the world everything that makes you who you are. You are a treasure to all that you reach with your message, and your words of inspiration and insight have an impact that lasts long after good-bye has been said. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for encouraging those to go out and live their dream, too! You have contributed so much to my development in my young photography business, and I truly value your willingness to share! Thank you for the knowledge, the encouragement, and the inspiration! You rock!

  139. Brooke Summer Photography

    Wow 25,000 is awesome, congratulations!!

  140. Alicia

    whoa!!! I love the way u two celebrate! :-)

  141. feuza

    25,000, I remember commenting on here three years ago and you had 10 comments on each post or less, you guys have come such a long way, congrats

  142. Marlana

    That’s awesome!! You both need to come back to SD! We met you at the PUG that Erin and Jeff host! I need to leave more comments! You guys rock! much love

  143. Ryan H

    Love the blog, my wife and I are celebrating finding out what our second child is!

  144. Kenzie Shores

    HHHHEEEELLLLOOOOOOO!!! I have been following you guys pretty much since you started your blog, and I once introduced myself to Mary in the ladies room at partnercon 2009, yes, that was me. I just wanted to say, it has been awesome watching you grow in your photography. I simply love your work. and pretty much all that you guys stand for ;)

  145. Nicole Chan

    You guys ROCK. YAY for 25,000!!!!!

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