April 2, 2010

Changing Priorities

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but in my mind I imagine it was somewhere around aisle 28 of Home Depot.

As I stood and argued for copper-plated light switch covers with the same vehemence and voracity I had once reserved for J. Crew Italian leather boots, I realized that somehow, somewhere along the line there had been a shift in the matrix. A universal tilt in the higher plane of my priorities. A shot to my shopping hierarchy that was surely heard round the world.

Or maybe it was only heard there in the 28th aisle of the Home Depot. But somewhere amidst the talk of copper-plated light switches and flush-mounted track lighting, something started to change.

I suddenly found myself caring about stuff I never would have thought twice about before. Huh. I guess copper-plated light switch covers really can definite an entire room. Who knew?

Now don’t get me wrong, I will always be the girl who goes to bat for a good pair of leather boots. Knee high please. And if they have a buckle, all the better. But somewhere along the line, the mundane minutiae that goes into making a house a home started to give me that same high. Oh, you know the high. The high when you buy.

And so it was, that I recently found myself in the store staring up at a shelf and drooling over this:

The Shark steam mop, safe for use on hard wood floors. See our whole house is now hard wood floors (more on that to come….we kept the originals where we could, and added new ones where needed). And for the past two weeks, Justin & I may or may not have been cleaning them by crawling around on our hands and knees with a mop and a damp towel. I’m not saying we did. I’m just putting it out there as a possibility.

So, as you can imagine, this little baby has been a dream. It has a super long cord that can reach the entire room without unplugging. Washable, reusable cloth covers. And it heats up in 30 seconds. A dream indeed.

So, there you have it….I’m dreaming about household cleaning products now. And whether or not they go with copper-plated light switch covers.

The matrix may never be the same.

So tell me, what’s YOUR favorite household purchase? Be honest….was it copper-plated light swtich covers? Because they are, in fact, the bomb.

  1. mary

    so true. i think you’re really not an adult until you start to spend more time & money on your home than you do on clothes (or boots). we’re also doing a renovation (large scale) and i find myself getting excited about stone veneer and pavers… it’s bizarre.

  2. mary

    p.s. our roomba was the best purchase made to keep our bamboo floors looking ship-shape.

  3. MM

    @Mary: ooooh I LOVE the roomba!! and bamboo floors…totally jealous! :)

  4. Heather Hagler

    We have a shark steam mop, and it does wonders on the wood floors!

  5. johnwaire | photo

    …the timing of this post is uncanny. i just tweeted earlier about being happy about the new gutters that are being put on our house today :) home ownership is grande….

  6. Spring

    I think it comes with owning a house- I was only 24 when I bought my first house and I was obsessed with going to Lowes and/or Home Depot all the time- I had dreams about ceiling fans, wood flooring, paint colors, washer and dryer and even the occasional gas cook top… Now that I am living somewhere I don’t own- I still dream- just not as often.

    p.s. I am dying to see some before and after pics!!!

  7. Betsy

    Well, I was going to tell you all about the Roomba, but I see another happy owner already did! :) We have all hardwood floors, and I cannot imagine living without the Roomba. We always say it was the smartest money we spent on our house! I love turning it on when we are going out, and coming home to clean floors!

  8. Jenn Van Wyk

    oh this is so true! I think my husband and I had our first real blow out in the middle of our builder’s showroom over a round or square pedestal sink for our half bath… oh yeah. After he won the sink decision, I purchased a Bissel Steam Mop for my hardwood floors and LOVE it. It gets them super clean and is green (no chemicals!).

  9. Jessica Willis

    i LOVE doing home improvements. i love buying new vacuums, i love getting swiffers, for crying out loud! :) i LOVE painting and light fixtures and i always geek out over a great set of window treatments or a well-hung picture display.

  10. Realtor Dad

    I would have to say my favorite purchaase has been my 12" Dewalt Sliding Compound Miter saw. You see… us guys have a different idea of what makes a house a home. Without a saw, you can’t make anything.

  11. Abby Magee

    I had the same shift! It used to be purses and clothes but when I got excited for our brand new French Door Stainless Steel refrigerator with the same enthusiasm I used to have for new shoes, I knew I would never be the same!

  12. Maggieb

    hmmmmm…who better than a photographer for an eye for fine detail and lovliness?…
    your home will be finished perfection…sigh…soon.Yes, soon. Really, soon. Honestly…soon!
    Soon enough?

  13. michelle sidles

    Oh gees. Favorite? There is no way to choose just one! BUT the most recent favorite was found at Home Depot (aisle ?). We are painting the exterior of our house and I decided that the old brass address numbers must go. I found these SWEET new numbers. They were only $5 a piece which totally rocked my world. They can be flush mounted or RAISED! ;) OH YEAH!! http://wedo.hillmangroup.com/viewitems/5-black-floating-mount-house-numbers-2/5-black-floating-mount-house-numbers?&bc=100|1946|3700|3699

  14. Deb Whitaker

    Ooooohhh….totally LOOOOOVE my Shark Steam Mop! And cannot wait till the day we finally get a Dyson….you know, the one that is designed to banish dog hair from your home forever:)

  15. Damion Hamilton

    The Sharks are great. This one is great for wet cleaning…but when you want to sweet…get the cordless Shark vac…it rocks!!

  16. Esther

    I’m waiting for that shift to come about baby stuff or else our baby is going to be sleeping in one of JC’s beer crates, wrapped in one of my t-shirts. I just don’t care about crib sheets, or wipe warmers, or infant positioners yet!
    But if we’re talking home purchases, I’ll one-up the Roomba and recommend the Scooba…it WASHES your hard wood floors! Amazing.

  17. Catie Ronquillo

    My favorite household purchase to date is our dining room table. It’s barely a week old and I love it even more than when I saw it in the showroom. Now my hubby and I can eat dinner at a table, like grown folks do! Because before, we were rocking the tv tables. And now it’s like we’re legit. Legit adults, that is.

    So how many trips have you made to Home Depot since you got back from STL tour? :)

  18. Jenny Solar

    My favorite things are the hooks we bought at Target. We hung some up in the kids bathroom to fit all of their bath towels & various swimming stuff. We hung some in the coat closet, so we can quickly and easily hang up 5 hoodies when we come home without having to struggle with hangers. And we hung several in the laundry room, at the kids level, for their backpacks, dance bag, soccer bags, and our green bags for grocery shopping.

    I’m all about things that make my life easier. We surely don’t own anything fancy (we do have 3 kids & a dog!!), but if I see something that will make life easier, I’m all over it :)

  19. Gina Guarienti Cook


    We haven’t caught up since law school, but I love your site.

    Not sure that the Shark Mop is my favorite purchase ever, but I love it. It cleans floors like a dream, and it makes me excited to mop, which is a new phenomenon. Costco has great deals on it, by the way.

    Glad to see/hear that you are doing so well!

  20. fEuza

    oh I love cleaning products and love my swiffer, does not mean I love to clean but priorities do shift, when you start delivering them babies, you will care about very different things too, lol
    much love

  21. MM

    @Gina: It’s so awesome to hear from you!! How’s life?

  22. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I SO know what you mean. My husband won’t come with me to Lowe’s anymore. Just this week, I salivated and finally purchased a chrome baker’s rack. It’s to get my laundry room ORGANIZED!!!!! Plus it looks cool. If I love it (duh!), I see more in my future, to organize the "junk" room. :) Do you plan to garden? Because …. we could talk for HOURS about that! :)

  23. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    STONE PAVERS … oh girl …. we spent part of last June digging and installing a 150 sq. foot limestone patio. It was backbreaking, but we LOVE it!!!!

  24. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    I got a giggle out of this post!! LOL! I’ve been dying to buy new towels lately.

  25. Gregory Kanaan

    And where does Senor iPad fit in your list of priorities? If it’s anywhere less than numero uno, you need to seriously reevaluate.

  26. Jenny GG

    hands down – best investment ever was my dyson vacuum – i love it as much as an L lens

  27. MM

    @Jenny: oooh we definitely want a dyson. So nice!

  28. Alicia Kleppinger

    My Dyson Animal was worth every penny. Now I’m drooling over the one with the rolling ball in the front.

  29. Jess

    As much as I adore my Dyson Ball Vac. I absolutely LOVE my new washer and dryer. Front load stackables, all the special settings and buttons and twists knobs are so exciting. And to top it all off, they play a song when they’re done!!! Ahh LOVE them.

  30. Stacy

    Go for the mop, we have one and it’s great!
    My favorite home purchase was glass mosiac tile for our kitchen backsplash.

  31. Alison

    Not cleaning supplies, but I am a total sheet snob. I am in love with my L.L. Bean Flannel and cotton sheets and will buy nothing else. The ONLY part of winter I love is getting the flannels out, washing them and drying them just before bed, then jumping in while they are still warm. I have never been able to find flannels & cotton that don’t pill and get softer the more you use them- they are amazing!

  32. Sabrena

    That’s so funny, the other day I was having dinner at my parents house and I said to my mom, "I really like your wall color." My sister shot me a look over the table, like someone had removed my head and replaced it with a monster alien. Yes, I had noticed, analyzed and complimented my mom’s wall color.

    Recently, I got very excited about saving up for a screen door (complete with a doggie door for our pup) instead of a new dress. Yes, somewhere along the line, after you’ve put your being on the line for a home, it begins to teach you the reasons why you parents would say things like don’t sit on the arm of the couch or please put some socks on if you want to put your feet on the table.

  33. Shari

    Have that mop…LOVE that mop! Congrats on your home!

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