March 22, 2011

Charlotte Walk Through DIY: Felt Flowers

Happy Wednesday! It’s Julia here! Walk Through a Wedding: Charlotte is in full swing, but I wanted to jump on quickly this morning to give you guys a little sneak peek of what’s going on today!!

This time around, we really wanted our DIYs to match our design board so all of the projects I took on, were based on something I had put on the design board. First up? Pillows with hand sewn felt flowers!

Since I don’t have a sewing machine I started with some pre-made pillows. I also needed scissors, a needle and thread, felt, and a pen!

I wanted some variety so I bought three different colors of felt to make the flowers.

This is where it gets really hi-tech! You ready? I used a hotel lotion bottle to trace small circles onto the pieces of felt! The size was perfect!!

I carefully cut out the felt circles using some super sharp sewing scissors. I cut out six circles for each flower!

Then I folded each circle in half and sewed them together

Next, I sewed the flowers onto the pillow!

Here we go again! But with blue this time!

Since I didn’t have a pattern I was super excited when the flowers turned out looking like this!!

Our American Honey colors!!

We’ll show you the completed pillow when we post the Walk Through run down!! I can’t wait for you to see it!!


  1. Alison

    These are adorable flowers! Go you with the McGuyver-ed details!

  2. maggieb

    …waiting to see…!!!

  3. Michelle

    love love loooooove. Great idea for accessorizing boring old pillows!!

  4. Tiffany

    Brides and homemakers, take note!

  5. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    I am not very crafty, but those flowers are so adorable I may need to try making them! Great job!

  6. Johnna King Photography

    Geesh you’re creative!! I’m inspired to go make some of my own. Looking forward to learning more from you!

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