November 19, 2014

Chicago Wedding at Salvage One: Sheila & Jon

Happy Wednesday!

Today we have for you the absolutely gorgeous Chicago wedding of Sheila & Jon at Salvage One!

Salvage One is actually this very cool antique shop turned wedding venue, and one of the most amazing things about it is that because it is still an active store with new stuff coming in all the time….the decor is constantly changing! It’s new every weekend! How fun is that?!

These two got married on an absolutely perfect day, and what made it the most special was how these two love. How they love each other, how they love their families, how they love everyone lucky enough to find their way into their world. This was one of those days that was oh so pretty, but so much more importantly…it was a day that was beautiful. And that beauty pours right out of Sheila & Jon’s hearts and beams out all around them. It fills the room until you can fill the light and the warmth on your face.

I loved how the girls laughed all morning long. I loved the tears that poured freely during the ceremony. I loved the hugs. And the group prayers. And the cupcakes. And how everybody, everybody was burning up the dance floor.

There is this thing that makes a wedding special and it is nothing that you can buy or hire or decorate. It comes from two truly good people starting a life together and two hearts like that being joined….it creates the kind of explosion of goodness that sends ripple effects and shock waves to everyone who feels it. And it reminds them to love a little more and hug a little tighter too.

That’s why the world needs a love like this. And we’re just the lucky ones who got to capture it that day.

Sheila & Jon, there are just no words for how much we LOVE the two of you! Yours is the kind of love that the world will always remember, We certainly will.

SO much love to both of you!

  1. ashley mitchell

    Whoa. I love this. What a great venue! And that B&W of them with their reflection in the wardrobe?!!?! SO GOOD.

  2. sharon elizabeth

    wow!!!! these are epic… and i never use the word epic!

  3. Amy Demos

    Ohhh! Love these!! So many beautiful moments. #nailedit

  4. Betsy McCue

    Oh my goodness… what an adorable couple! So many wonderful and genuinely raw moments. I’m sure they are totally in love with this beautiful collection you’ve created. Well done!!

  5. Peter

    Oh my ! These photos are magnificent, I absolutely love them. I can’t seem to find a favourite image, they’re all so lovely !

  6. Dan Ward

    GORGEOUS shots! Lovely feel to them and they look so happy!

  7. Jennifer

    wow I just love this series of wedding images: the portraits, the black and whites, the moments just everything. BEAUTIFUL

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