September 8, 2009

Choose Our Adventure: Spread the Love Tour 2010!!!!

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Announcing the Spread the Love Tour 2010: Choose Our Adventure Contest!!!

This winter, Justin & I (and Julia too!) will be hitting the road for a 20 city Spread the Love Tour (probably in a Road Rules inspired Winnebago!! :). But we need YOUR help in choosing which cities those will be!! You, quite literally, get to choose our adventure!!

The voting is simple: just leave a note in the comment box with your city of choice to place your vote.

But we didn’t want to stop there.

We thought we’d up the ante.

To help us really start getting the word out and….ahem…Spread the Love if you will, we came up with lil’ prized packed Twitter contest to entice you to help us Rock the Vote!! Here’s the deal:

The voting will remain open for the next 10, count em 10 days. During that time, everyone who votes (one vote per person please!) will be entered into a drawing to win one of our UNBELIEVABLE prizes (no seriously, I still CAN’T believe we got hooked up with these prizes!!). But we wanted to give you MORE ways to enter!

** Blog about the tour and link back to the voting, and you will be entered an additional 5 times! Just shoot us an email at with the link and we’ll get you entered.
** Twitter about the tour, up to one time a day, and you will be entered once for each time you twitter up to a total of 10 times!! Make sure to twitter this exact phrase with your city filled in to be eligible: “Spread the Love Tour 2010: Vote 4 (Your City) Here!! via @marymarantz Please RT!!” ** make sure to leave the “via @marymarantz” so we see your tweet!!!
**Do all three (vote, blog, and twitter) and we will reward you with a bonus 10 entries for going the extra mile!!

The contest closes on September 18th 12pm EST, when we will be announcing the 20 cities and all the winners!! Here are just some of the awesome prizes that you could win!!

** A suite of Showit Sites swag!!!
** A $500 gift card to B&H for the photo guilty pleasure of your choice!!
** A Fast Track Photographer Audiobook with pDNA and eBook!!
** A killer kit of Kubota tools!!
** A “Get to Know You” kit from our favorite love cat Davina Fear!!
** A sample Couture Book, any size, any style!!
** An awesome Shootsac w/baroque cover!!
** A rockin’ GO I BEE card holster !!
** A Totally Rad copy of their latest plugin: Dirty Pictures!

Thank you SOOO much to all of our awesome sponsors for totally rockin our world!! We love all of you guys!!

Ready? Set? GO!!!!
**Be sure to leave your email when you comment so we can get in touch with the winners!

  1. jamie delaine

    Seattle! or Portland! or Vancouver, BC :)

  2. Erica Velasco

    I vote for Phoenix, AZ!

  3. Jenni

    Um, I feel silly for stalking the blog for this long and choosing now to comment but…. I vote NEW ORLEANS!

  4. Jenny

    ATL baby! I vote Atlanta, GA!

  5. Meredith Perdue

    This is super exciting, guys! My vote is BOSTON! Cannot wait to see your adventure unfold!

  6. Michelle Sidles

    SEATTLE!! :)

  7. Chris Reed

    D.C. would be nice; I’ll try to actually make it this time!

  8. Chelsea McGowan


  9. arielle joy

    I vote Austin Texas!

  10. Jan Baumgartner

    Be sure to visit the Land of Lincoln, Capone, the Blues Brothers, and worlds best pizza…..CHICAGO, of course!

  11. Leslie Barresi

    I vote Boston too! I also know I could help drum up some business for you all in OKC and I promise if you go I’ll send you to the best tex mex you’d ever have the pleasure of eating!!!!

  12. arielle joy


  13. Linden

    Please come To Charlotte NC :)

  14. Ashley Smith

    Honolulu, Hawaii baby!

  15. Fiona

    New Haven, CT! A great place to start your tour!

  16. Nicky

    San Francisco!!!

  17. Lauren Petersen

    My vote is definately for Trinidad, Colorado. I think you two would just fall in love with the town and all of it’s hidden treasures. There are some amazing abandoned homes there in the mountains, I only wished I had more time when I was up there myself to pull over and capture some awesome photos!
    tweeting via @elliottsmommy and @laurenalexispho!

  18. Fiona

    Do we need to tell you we tweeted?

  19. Kristine Neeley


  20. Chayanne Marfisi

    Boston, MA!

  21. MM

    Hey Guys! If you leave the "via @marymarantz" in the tweet, then it will show up in our replies!!

  22. Nicole Benitez

    Washington DC!!! Please winnebago yourselves here.

  23. Becky

    Come to Houston! Stay in our new place. We have a fourth floor hot-tub with downtown view….

  24. Ryan Law

    Hey guys please come to Lynchburg, VA there is a real community here that is being over looked by big brother… aka… liberty university…

  25. Elizabeth York

    Washington D.C.

  26. regina holder

    ASHEVILLE!!! You know you guys LOVE it here!

  27. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    You gotta show some love in FL, so why not make it Jacksonville, FL?! We have lots of photographers here (and beaches… woo hoo!!). : )

  28. Amanda

    The Nati. Cincinnati. You know you want to.

  29. Mapuana

    Thousand Oaks, CA or Honolulu Hawaii!!!

  30. Ana Schechter

    New York City!

  31. Tira J

    Seriously! Please come to Southern California. Pasadena to be exact! So close to so many GREAT things! @tirayoung

  32. carly

    Nashville, Tennessee OR Atlanta, Georgia. Nashville is 2 hours west of me and Atlanta is 2.5 hours south. I would be super stoked for either location. :D Please and thank you. PS. I’ll bring pancakes. :)

  33. Rachel Garcia

    Vegas Baby!!!

  34. Glenda

    Ahhhh Minneapolis would LOVE to see you pleeeease!!

  35. Rene Tate

    D E N V E R

  36. Trent


  37. Chris Young

    Atlanta!!!!!! If WPPI is cool enough to have a Road Trip here then J&M are by far super cool too! Can’t wait to see you!!!!

  38. Dennis Bullock

    St. Louis!

  39. Dawn Beirnes


  40. Lindsi

    I vote for Nashville! I’m still 2 hours away, but I’d be able to go!

  41. ericamay

    Kansas City! Pretty please?? :)

  42. Heather


  43. Andrea Wiseman

    Good Ol’ Calgary, ALBERTA…CANADA!

  44. kris cogliano

    Houston Tx

  45. Stef

    I totally vote for Boston!!!

  46. Amy Adams

    I vote Lynchburg, VA … because you will LOVE it here …

  47. Kelly

    ANNAPOLIS, MD!!!!!!!!

  48. Kricia Morris

    Honolulu!!!!!! Anywhere on oahu really. Lol come to Hawaii!!!

  49. Tara

    What a great idea you guys! Awesome! My city votes are NYC or SEATTLE!

  50. Tessa


  51. Leslie Roark

    I’m voting for Nashville and Atlanta because I could drive easily to both from Florida. However, you could do Tallahassee and it would be even closer! :-)

  52. Brenda Landrum


  53. Hannele

    Washington DC! You can park the Winne in my yard and we’d love to meet cooper!:)

  54. michele bowman

    how about Windsor Ontario or Detroit MI?
    that would be great :)

  55. jennifer bach photography

    Close to home! New Haven, or Mystic, CT

  56. Barbara Frish

    I vote NYC!!!

  57. Kathleen

    VERMONT! We have maple sugar, apples, cute cows, and Ben & Jerry’s! Not to mention, some really cool photogs who would love to work with you:)

  58. amber - smitten photos

    ATL por favor. :)

  59. Alison

    Portland Maine! Heck, I will even settle for New Hampshire, but we would love to see you way up in the Northeast, we are a bit neglected north of Boston!

  60. Shannon

    Danbury, CT… so excited to see all the fun places you pick! I will also vote for Vail, CO and Bend, OR b/c I have family out there and could kill two birds with one stone :)

  61. tiffanyzajas

    I would love it if you came to Nashville, TN! :)

  62. twilight at morningside

    Kick if off in style in New Haven!

  63. Tracy Sondesky

    Come back to Philadelphia!!

  64. Jen Johnson


  65. Catie Ronquillo

    Come to the Big D! Dallas! :D

  66. Mandy Ducote

    Two words…. N E W O R L E A N S!!!! Come visit the cajun french for some good eating, sha!!

  67. Bevin Coffee


  68. Diane Parsons

    Save some gas money and HIT HARTFORD, CT :)

  69. Katie Jo

    Detroit, MI baby!!!!

  70. Leandra

    Grand Rapids, MI! Or, if it makes more sense, Chicago works too. :)

  71. Tania

    NYC.. definitely!!!!!!

  72. Ryan

    Head WAYYYY Up North – Bangor, ME

  73. Megan

    Definitely Boston!!

  74. Emily Beaty

    Kansas City!!

  75. Shannon Boettcher

    Portland OR!!!! Woot woot!

  76. Candice

    CHARLOTTE, NC!!!! We’d love to have you here!

  77. Daniel

    I agree with the wifey…Charlotte, NC, for sure!

  78. Kate Callahan

    Delaware. Come on. Everyone forgets about us.

  79. Alisa Greig

    come to HAWAII!!! Honolulu, that is–you know you want to!!

  80. Linda Mattson

    SLC, we loved it the last time you came through here! Remember Souther Utah, I know you would like to come back!

  81. Jennifer Zinchuk

    Seattle, baby!

  82. Tiffany Rebecca

    oh Salt Lake City :) !!!

  83. Jeanette

    Uhm, I vote Johannesburg South Africa ;)

  84. Kristi Dalton



  85. Dawn McKinstry

    I’m another Florida girl! But I agree, I’d drive to Atlanta if you can’t make it to FL!

  86. Roberta Niver

    Anchorage ALASKA would be honored if you could make it! If not… Seattle would be the closest. You guys are incredible! I Love all that you do. Have a great tour!

  87. Alicia V

    Nashville, TN…we have so many great places to see and shoot! Urban, industrial, green. You name it, we got it!

  88. jeramy

    san francisco….uh huh

  89. Katie

    Definitely Nashville!

  90. Marissa Rodriguez

    Southern California! San Diego to be exact! :)

  91. Logan

    WASHINGTON, D.C., please!!

  92. Kate Crafton

    Nashville, Nashville, Nashville!

  93. Jaim

    St. Louis is great or my favorite, Estes Park, CO

  94. Cassie Schott

    Houston, TX!! It will be nice and warm in the winter! :)

  95. Valerie Acosta

    Oh please come to D.C.!!

  96. Soleil Thornton

    Orlando, FL *Mickey and Minnie Mouse need their Justin and Mary fix! =D puh-wease!!!!!!

  97. Katherine Bowman

    Kansas City!!! I doubt you’ll come to a little po-dunk town in Iowa, so I’ll be very willing to drive 3 hours!! :)

  98. Courtney Richardson

    I’m rooting for you guys to come to San Diego as well! =)

  99. Amy Clifton

    Asheville, NC. But I’ll travel as long as you hit the Southeast (Charlotte or ATL). :-)

  100. Melissa McCrotty

    Little Rock, AR….not exactly the hub of excitement, but that’s my vote!

  101. kathy

    Louisville, Kentucky everyone leaves us out :(

  102. Eric Foley

    Why not Montreal?

  103. Monika Michelle Shepherd

    Definitely the Big D… Dallas, TX!

  104. Heather Corporan

    BOSTON, cause. . . well Boston needs to learn how to spread some love ; ] I am mean seriously, if you take a stroll through Boston, most likely the locals will show you absolutely NO love. Plus it’s the closest city to me, and then just maybe I’ll get to attend : ]

  105. Gidget Clayton

    I vote for Phoenix!

  106. Erica Velasco

    Another Phoenix vote!

  107. Lydia

    Another vote for San Francisco!

  108. CharlieSue

    San Francisco, pretty pretty please!

  109. Samantha Gale

    I’m asking wayyy too much but I’m going to add it anyway… SYDNEY!

  110. Christina Brosnan

    Please visit Chicago! But can you visit Chicago first around the first 2 weeks! Strange request I know but I live in Ireland now and will be back for a visit then. Would love the chance to meet you two!

  111. Christina Brosnan

    Oops for got to say first 2 weeks in Jan 2010!

  112. Meghan Stewart

    Jacksonville, Florida Please!!!! … or any surrounding area. ie. Orlando?

  113. Kenny

    How about coming on down to the BIG EASY. Lets shoot for New Orleans, LA.

  114. Monica

    HOUSTON, TX!!! pretty please with a cherry on top?

  115. Catherine Cella

    Kick it off in your home town state of Connecticut!!!

  116. Elizabeth

    So how about an adventure up here to the beautiful state of Maine where the sun rises first. Bangor is a great area!

  117. Nancy Tomczak

    H*O*U*S*T*O*N! Come to Texas baby!

  118. jenifriend

    kansas city for sure!! we midwest folk really know how to show people a good time!!

  119. Michael

    Go west young couple…



  120. Amy

    Charlotte, NC

  121. Chaney

    CHARLOTTE, NC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Nicole Glenn

    San Diego!! It doesn’t matter what time of the year you come, it’s ALWAYS beautiful!

  123. Erik Maziarz

    Naples, FL

  124. Jackie Beale

    Bring some love to Daytona Beach, FL! :)

  125. danielle

    Seattle, WA

  126. Amanda

    I also vote for Bangor Maine! You would love this place.

  127. caroline

    Gotta throw in a vote for Pittsburgh.

  128. Christine Elizabeth

    OMAHA – Somewhere in Middle America (see? the whole MidWest can get to Omaha sooooo easily!

  129. Jessica Fike

    Washington D.C. Hooolleerrr!!!

  130. Amanda

    A little love for Chicago please!

  131. Kiwi Ashby

    I vote for Sacramento, CA.

  132. Nicole Rogers

    Charlotte, NC….please!!!

  133. KrisD Mauga

    Long Beach, Cali

  134. Lauren - Pegasus Photography

    Traverse City, Michigan – beautiful all year round but PERFECT in September/October when the WINE TOURS are open! All the wineries and the gorgeous dunes, lake, and Grand Traverse Bay are just AMAZING. Husband and I go every single year without fail.

  135. Tracy Ann

    Be a New Haven maven!!!!!!! w00t w00t!

  136. Jen Schleicher

    Phoenix, please!!

  137. imthiaz houseman

    Denver, CO! holla!! :)

  138. Erin

    Gotta vote for Salt Lake City.

  139. Erin

    How about the midwest? We would love to have you in Cinti, OH

  140. Steph Kanaan

    My vote goes to Beantown! Boston is so pretty in the fall and would be a great place to stop at. : )

  141. Adrienne Byrd

    Jacksonville, Florida!!!

  142. Julie M

    Washington, DC

  143. Melissa Gartner

    Orange County

  144. Lisa

    San Francisco! Actually, you all should just do a California tour from SoCal to NorCal – I think there are more wedding photographers out here than anywhere else is the U.S. – LOL!

  145. Brittney

    oh man… please make your way down to the good ‘ol state of Texas… my vote is for Austin, TX!

  146. Ray

    I vote for NEW YORK! =D

  147. Dot

    Portland, ME

  148. Cliff


  149. The Feds

    BeanTown Baby!!

    Boston for you CT Folks ;)

  150. Pamela

    Milwaukee, WI. Coolest art museum ever of Santiago Calatrava. Amazing lines, Beckstead said he’d LOVE to shoot there. I’ll show you around!

  151. Jenn Peresie

    another vote for DC!

  152. Karen Ard

    LA, of course!

  153. -brittany-

    Chattanooga, TN (or Atlanta or Nashville)

  154. Will

    My vote is for NYC.

  155. Bianca Valentim

    My vote is for any city in NJ!!!!

  156. alyssa jul

    Portland Oregon!

  157. Todd T

    We’d love to see you in Salt Lake City!

  158. Meg Nelson


  159. Kara


  160. Jo-Anne Kyle

    Hope that Winnebago has winter tires – I’m voting for Toronto, Canada!

  161. Margaret

    Pittsburgh, PA please!!!!!

  162. Kara

    Houston…with an email this time. :)

  163. Kristin Hartness

    Show some love to the central U.S. I vote Little Rock, AR!!

  164. Lisa

    Denver, Co – please :)

  165. Lisa C.


  166. STEPH

    Jax, Fl is where I live. But New Orleans/Baton Rouge is home. So either one! :)

  167. Tara

    Jacksonville, FL!

  168. Christine Wood

    Minneapolis rocks my face off. It would be really fun!

  169. k


  170. Tammy

    Jacksonville, FL…there’s so much here to shoot!!

  171. Lyndsay Hyatt-Almeida

    i just love ya’ll!!!! you so have to come to jacksonville, florida. we’ll show you some true southern hospitality!!!

  172. Jenn Hopkins


  173. Rikke

    Would love to have you in Jacksonville, Florida

  174. Janetta Gray

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (really, PLEASE!!!) come to Nashville! I just did the In-Camera workshop with Zach & Jody & learned SO MUCH!!! It would be so awesome to get to say that I had done workshops with all 4 of my favorite photographers!!!

  175. Erica Velasco

    Phoenix Phoenix PHOENIX!!

  176. Jessica B

    Las Vegas. Come on, you know you want to.

  177. Esther

    Boston, definitely Boston. We’ll spread the love to you with a delicious food and drink!

  178. JC

    right…so…Boston, of course. as e mentioned, fancy meal, and maybe some stella + rosie’s

  179. ashleigh taylor

    los angeles. not oc, but la! west la/hollywood/downtown/pasadena. ;)

  180. Ryree


  181. Jeff Cleveland


  182. Derrick Look

    Madison, WI

  183. Eliane

    I Vote for Boston :)

  184. Caitlin Barr

    I vote for Boston!

  185. Scarlett Lillian

    I see Jacksonville is already getting a lot of love from others, yay, but here’s my vote for Jacksonville too! :-) Let me know if you ever want to come speak at our PUG too!

  186. cassandra m

    Savannah or Atlanta :))

  187. arielle joy

    I tweeted today! :)

  188. Melissa Smith

    Hampton, VA!!! (I’m working on knocking out my to-do list! I’ll be sending you guys a report on how things are going soon!)

  189. Mary Smoot

    Hampton VA!!!

  190. Rebecca

    I would vote for Fort Collins but since that is not on the list I guess I’ll vote for Denver!

  191. jessi villarreal

    hampton va!!! (please) :)

  192. Renee Nasadoski

    Hampton Virginia of course!!

  193. Nathan B

    San Francisco. NorCal folks- please consolidate votes to the major city. Driving to see the governator is just a day trip away…

  194. Jacquie Solee

    Hampton, VA!!!!!

  195. AlpacaFarmgirl

    Come visit Mobile, AL. It would be great if you could be there for Mardi Gras!

  196. Susan

    HAMPTON, VA!!!!!!

  197. DANA

    HAMPTON, VA!!!

  198. Tracy Thoronton

    We would love to see and meet you guys! Please come to FL =D

  199. Linda McCallister

    Please come to Orlando or Jax I can drive there too!! Hope to see you all soon!

  200. Linda McCallister

    Sorry thats Orlando, FL

  201. jenberry

    la la landa – aka los angeles, ca

  202. Susan

    Hampton, VA cause Virginis for Lovers, so come Spread the Love!

  203. Feuza

    I strongly urge anyone to attend Spread the love 2010, I atteneded 2009 and i still use my notes from it, Justin and Mary are awesome!

  204. cjl8e

    Hampton, VA!!!!!!!!!!! (please) because all of the VA lovers live in Hampton!!

  205. Christi Beil

    Hampton VA PLEASE!!!!

  206. Laura Marchbanks

    *************My vote is for SEATTLE! You know you want to visit!************

  207. Maggie Bain

    Hampton, VA!!! Please!!! :)

  208. Dave Carrington

    Hampton, Va!!!

  209. Lesa H

    Hampton, Va!

  210. Katelyn James

    Yea! Hampton Roads VA! Do it!!!:):):)

  211. Natosha Cooke

    PLEASE come to Denver!!!

  212. Vanessa Price

    Upstate SC is the place to be! 1.5 hours from Charlotte, NC, 2 hours from Atlanta.

    Bonus, I have 2 guest rooms, so you and your assistant can spend as long as you wish in a real bed for free!

  213. Angela Delaney Kircher


  214. Megan Mellis

    Springfield MA or Hallmark =)

  215. Brooke Azevedo

    Springfield, MA

  216. Susan P

    Memphis, TN, wants to feel the love!! :)

  217. Christina Calleja

    TORONTO, ON (I don’t think you said it couldn’t be your neighbours to the North!)

  218. Evan

    Annapolis, MD

  219. Deyla Huss Photography

    Portland, OR needs some Spread the Love!! I will have a huge group opf Photogs waiting for you!!!

  220. Shari Zellers

    Gotta come to HOTlanta, GA!

  221. Aurora Onorato

    I’m gonna Vote for NYC, I’ve been to the seminar and can say I think it was awesome totally worth it and I think our NY Neighbors should get to take advantage!

  222. Edwin

    Los Angeles or the Pictage Parking Lot in Torrance

  223. Diana D.

    That’s a no brainer! You wouldn’t be one of the cool kids without coming to Savannah!

  224. Chelsea Nicole

    VEGAS baby!! And you’re welcome to stay with us if you do come. :-) If not, we may just have to come visit out there sometime. Miss you guys!

  225. Susan Solo

    It’s gotta be DC! (Or you know, anywhere in the VA/DC/MD area. It all counts.)

  226. Ash McSorley

    Fort Wayne, IN or Indianapolis


  227. Melissa

    I KNOW you are just dying to come to Bismarck, ND. ;p

  228. Jess Bachand

    Uncasville, CT <—–Mohegan Sun, anyone?

  229. Tiffany

    Reno, NV! Or I’ll settle for San Francisco…its not a long drive :-)

  230. Alexandra

    BOSTON, MA!!! New England needs some photo love!

  231. Abby Bischoff

    The MidWest NEEDS you! How about Sioux Falls, SD!

  232. Katie

    Irvine, CA! Or – really, anywhere in Orange County :D

  233. Fergie

    I vote for Anaheim, CA…

  234. Tracy (Serendipity Images)

    Orange County, CA! :)

  235. Emily Dobson

    St. L ouis, MO baby!

  236. Jes C

    Detoit MI!

  237. Emily Ku

    Boston baby!

  238. JoAnn Wilmot

    I’d vote for Santa Fe, NM. It’s got beautiful light, art galleries and great ambiance. Go there!

  239. els

    Charleston SC :)

  240. Marlie

    Las Vegas, baby!!!

  241. sara mellander

    We need you!! Charlotte, NC

  242. Nicole Sullivan

    Bourbon, horses and chicken! Come on….Louisville or Loo A Vul to be exact!

  243. Karen ReVelle

    Orange County, CA, please! :-)

  244. Meg Sexton Photography

    San Francisco please!!

  245. Judith

    No Cal. Plz come to the San FranBay Area.

  246. arielle joy

    Tweeted again today!

  247. Lucy

    San Francisco, CA

  248. Jamie Lapeyrolerie

    Austin, Tejas!! The ATX has some epic food, it a beautiful city and oh yeah – it’s awesome.

  249. Jonathan Danforth

    Come on by Durham, NC and I’ll get you some awesome BBQ the way it was meant to be!

  250. Renee


    Definitely somewhere in the south. Raleigh would be a great option as would atlanta, Charlotte, etc.

  251. Miranda

    DETROIT, MI all the way!!!

  252. Christina

    Detroit, MI!!!!

  253. Marietta St. Onge

    Hey guys…we need to see you here in Hartford, CT…I missed you last tour due to the snow…don’t want to miss this one!! Did I say Hartford, CT!!

    Lots of hugs

  254. carrie

    durham nc!

  255. Barry Altmark

    Birmingham, AL

  256. Dajuan

    You’ll love Raleigh, NC

  257. Angela


  258. Jodi Baker

    Wilmington, NC

  259. Meagan


  260. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Kansas City!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Jim Rode

    I vote Dallas – Ft. Worth…two cities/one stop -a win-win for everyone.

  262. Raquel Cohen

    Cleveland, Ohio!!!!

  263. Kimberly Wilson

    HOTLANTA!! You’ve got to make a stop in the southeast and Atlanta is PERFECT!

  264. kristina wood

    AZ baby!!!!!! Hit up the dirty dirty AZ!!

  265. Janelle Morte

    Santa Ana, CA!!!!

  266. Lisa Beachler

    St. Louis, you have to visit the Lou!!!

  267. Rhonda Hendricks

    Add one more vote for Nashville, TN!

  268. Lindsay

    Come to Fullerton, CA!!!

  269. Liz Kausteklis

    Come to the San Franciso, CA area :)

  270. Sue Ables

    A BIG vote for Kansas City!!!

  271. Jen Tabor

    Come to Toronto, Ontario! Beautiful city, the falls, amazing lakes, great food!

  272. Jen Martodam

    MINNEAPOLIS please!!!

  273. Tracy Autem

    Dallas-Fort Worth, Big area in just one stop with tons of great photogs that would love to learn from you! Plus Texas is so big and awesome how could you leave it out?

  274. Nina

    Gotta make a stop in LA! weather’s been gorgeous!

  275. Heather Y

    San Luis Obispo,CA-it’s halfway between LA and San Fran and the same distance from Sac.

  276. Connie Zimmerman

    Staunton, Va –Features phenomenal, unmatched, old town charm. <3

  277. Michelle Johnson

    Come to Ontario, Ca it is close to LA and The OC

  278. Kate Whitmore

    Columbus, Georgia! or HOTlanta will do, too. :)

  279. Paul

    Denver, Colorado! Please?! What more beautiful place to shoot some great photos?

  280. stacey blomstrom

    Obama land baby… DC is where it’s at:) Where else can you photograph a wedding with some good ole healthcare protests in the background???

  281. john

    New Haven could use some good news!

  282. Jeff Short

    Kansas City, MO, please! Perfect, central US location :)

  283. Deborah S.

    St. Louis is where it’s at!

  284. Kara Schultz


  285. Noelle McCoy

    Franklin, TN is my choice!!!

  286. Mark L McCoy

    Come to Franklin, Tennessee ‘n we’ll be there!

  287. Russ Climie

    I think a short trip around the lake to Grand Rapids, MI would be a good 1st day, don’t you?

  288. Dan Gin


  289. lon Seidman

    Put this in the wrong spot initially :). Definitely do Washington DC. So much history and great photo opportunities!

  290. StacyZ

    Denver CO – (Boulder) 300 days of sunshine shhh our secret here ;)

  291. Kristin

    Jacksonville FL gets my vote!!!

  292. Karen

    Omaha, NE….come to the midwest!!

  293. Jeff

    San Diego, Baby!

  294. Lauren Hillary

    Come to the OC, the weather is sweet!

  295. Katie Van Buren

    You have to put Denver on the tour!

  296. Katie Van Buren

    You have to put Denver on the tour!

  297. Katie Van Buren

    You have to put Denver on the tour!

  298. Katie Van Buren

    You have to put Denver on the tour!

  299. Kristin Greenlee

    Dallas-Fort Worth Baby! Texans take our hospitality seriously!

  300. Suzi Q

    Austin. We’ll teach you the Texas Two-Step and maybe eat some ribs too.

  301. sofia Negron

    Philly! Its in between NY and DC and cheaper than both. We have lots of event people here! Its the city of brotherly love!

  302. Peter Carlson

    We love Nashville and we love Justin and Mary! Mark & Noelle voted for Franklin, so we would be willing to go to Franklin even though Nashville is better. ;) Whatever, it’s the same thing. (but Nashville is better)

  303. Heather Corporan

    Typos stink! What mine should say is " I mean seriously" not I AM mean. LOL

  304. Ana Rebeca Contreras

    I would love for you guys to come to El Paso, Tx but I think I might be the only one hahaha so I would say Dallas or Austin, TX or Phoenix, AZ since they are places I can travel to :)

  305. Christine Lee Smith

    I’d love to see you come to Long Beach, CA!

  306. David Trotter


  307. Casey Figlewicz

    Long Beach, Ca is the Best weather and the best place to come:)

  308. Ivona


  309. Kari Cross

    Bangor, Maine. Please!

  310. Pam Pelletier


  311. Alyse Woodward Events

    Charlotte, NC

  312. Julie Philbrook

    Bangor, Maine Please!!

  313. James Smith

    Richmond, Va!!!!!! :D

  314. Monica Reid


  315. Joy Davis

    Charlotte North Carolina!!!!

  316. Katie Norwood

    DC DC DC DC DC DC DC! Pretty Please!

  317. Lauren

    Atlanta please! :)

  318. Lydia Shannon

    Fort Lauderdale/ Miami pretty please!!!

  319. natasha

    NYC BABY!!!

  320. Chad Robinson

    Long Beach, CA In Da’ House!

  321. gina amin

    New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a hop away :)

  322. Betsy Jo

    I went to Spread the Love in Hartford. For those that are voting, even if you don’t win, you must go! It was awesome, and not only ‘business-changing’, but also has the potential to be life-changing. So, Justin and Mary, with that said, I vote for Honolulu, not b/c I live there (duh, I’m a CT native), but because I hope you can go and I can travel vicariously through your photos… :) –All the best!

  323. Erica Velasco


  324. Maria Garcia

    Long Beach California….it´s nice and sunny… what more are you looking for.

  325. John Woelke

    Dallas/Fort Worth –


    FRIENDS: Never ask for food.

    TEXAS FRIENDS: Always bring the food.

    FRIENDS: Will say ‘hello’.

    TEXAS FRIENDS: Will give you a big hug and a kiss.

    FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs.

    TEXAS FRIENDS: Call your parents Mom and Dad

    FRIENDS: Will eat at your dinner table and leave.

    TEXAS FRIENDS: Will spend hours there, talking, laughing, playing dominoes or cards and just being together

  326. Karyn

    I vote for Dallas/Ft. Worth! Pretty please!!

  327. Katie Jane Parker

    NYC!!!! :-D

  328. chantz Hough

    Dallas! Dallas! Dallas! Dallas! but Seriously come to Dallas!

  329. Chantz Hough

    Can you vote twice? if so you should come to the most hospitable Place in the world Dallas/Fort Worth!

  330. shannon kaple

    Come to Denver! We would LOVE to have you guys :)

  331. Valeen

    Hartford, of course!! :)

  332. jacqueline Puoci

    you should definitely stop by chicago! its such a great place!

  333. jen zils

    Wilton, CT!!!

  334. Terra Dawn

    As if I haven’t seen you to enough….COME TO DC!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!

  335. a3

    How could you NOT come to the home of photography: Rochester, NY?!?

  336. Justin Marantz

    @A3: and my alma mata!! Go RIT!

  337. Kim

    Dallas PUG would love to have you guys drive by and share some love with us!

  338. Lisa Mitchell

    Come to Honolulu, HI please!

  339. Jean Molodetz

    My gut is tellin me Savannah GA wants some love!

  340. Skp Neal

    We would love to have you in the best city in the world, Austin Texas!!!!!

  341. Danielle Fox

    Word. Come to AUSTIN!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT! And we will love you!

  342. Katherine

    Austin Babee!

  343. Mary Sledd

    A+U+S+T+I+N In addition to being a city filled with tons of awesome photographers we can offer BBQ, Tex-Mex, Live Music and two-stepping.

  344. Jennifer Nichols

    You really can’t pass up AUSTIN!!

  345. Beth K

    Austin, Texas baby!

  346. Denise Prince

    Austin, Texas. You wouldn’t believe the amount of creatives here. We can handle the heat so come down to the kitchen.

  347. Tali

    throwing another vote in for Austin, Texas :)

  348. Ginny B

    Austin, Texas for sure!!!!!!!! Please come! Prettttty Pleeeeze!

  349. Sae Cho

    Austin, Texas is the place to be!

  350. indi Pattinson

    Indianapolis, Indiana would love you!

  351. Cynthia

    Come to Dallas TX! Really need you here.

  352. H

    San Francisco, CA …of course

  353. Jason Thon

    Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN – We would love to have you come our way!

  354. Beth Morgan


  355. Graeme Sharkey

    Coffs Harbour, Australia.
    Does my vote even count? :)

  356. Missy Dale

    Minneapolis, MN or Fargo, ND. It would be really cool to have you near by!

  357. stella alesi


  358. Flavia Lima

    NEW YORK CITY!!!!!

  359. Ana


  360. Janay

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease come to New York!!!!!!!

  361. David

    NYC! NYC! NYC! NYC!!!!!!

  362. Jenn Link Photography

    Washington DC of course!

  363. Marietta St. Onge

    I know I said Hartford, but if I have to I’ll go to Boston!!

    You guys rock for doing this!! picked a great day to end the contest…it’s my 17th wedding anniversary!!

  364. robin garber

    Washington, DC of course

  365. Irena

    Boston, MOST DEF! (that’s the hip way of saying it) Though I’d love to get more votes for cities where you’d get an awesome vacation, (giggle), I have to get my priorities straight! ;)

  366. Lana DenHarder

    Grand Rapids or West Michigan!

  367. Calliope

    Have to say since Bangor, Maine is your only Maine city on the list…..come to Bangor

  368. bruce Plotkin

    Worcester, Massachusetts

  369. jules @cep

    Cincinnati, OH

  370. Sheldon

    Have to come to Bangor because people I know love your photography!

  371. Elizabeth

    Would love, love, love for you to come to Maine (Bangor). We are huge fans!! BTW I’ve been playing that song you posted a little while back – Hey You! So catchy – I play it every morning while I prepare my desk for the day!

  372. Carrie Scruggs

    Charlotte NC is the place to be and be seen baby!

  373. Jo

    Come to BOSTON!!!

  374. Shelly Keefe

    Charleston, SC would love some Love!

  375. Margaret

    Boston !! Go Sox…Go Patriots…

  376. Joanne Bartone

    hello! your good friends here in PITTSBURGH, of course!

  377. Linda Stahowiak

    Boston or Providence would be great!!!

  378. Sir David Esquire

    I would absolutely love it if you came to Huntington Beach, CA – cheers!

  379. Carol Scott

    As much as we’d love to have you in on our little island of Kodiak, Alaska, a more practical choice of an Alaskan city is Anchorage, Alaska.

  380. Scott

    My vote goes to sunny Jacksonville, FL!

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