December 19, 2013

Classic Black Tie Wedding: Elisabeth & William

Ohhh you guys.

I have been counting down the days until we could post this wedding up!! Not only because it was our last wedding of 2013 and we got to go out with a bang, but also because it is one of our favorite weddings of ALL time. Like I’ve mentioned on here a few times before, we are in the process of working on our new brand. And if there is one wedding that could embody the vibe of everything we’ve been working on for it, this would be it! Classic, enduring, nostalgic, TONS of great black & whites, that subtle “old hollywood” vibe, sophisticated & understated, romantic, authentic, and editorial meets photojournalistic. In short, we were in heaven.

Elisabeth & William are two of the most beautiful hearts we’ve ever met, and they come with two of the most appreciative, kind and welcoming families we’ve ever had the honor of meeting. The whole day we were treated like part of the party, and at the end of the night even the bridesmaids hugged us goodbye. I cannot think of a better wedding to end this incredible whirlwind adventure of a year on!

E&W, we feel so lucky that you guys came into our lives. Your love is one for the ages. And what I wish for you, is that you will love just like this. Always.

So much love!

  1. ashley goodwin

    STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! WOW WOW WEE WOW. I don’t even know what to stay, it’s like, it’s like, it’s like a STORY BOOK!

  2. Katie

    Absolutely. stunning. so so so beautiful.

  3. Stephanie Rita

    Gorgeous! They look like movie stars! I love the frame of Elisabeth applying her makeup. SO GOOD J+M!

  4. Maritza Tobon

    Straight out of a movie. Wow, just wow! and THAT bride, holy moly! gorgeous!

  5. Abby

    Absolutely breath taking! You are definitely amazing at what you do!!

  6. Gayle Driver

    So Beautiful.

  7. Urška Majer

    Amazing wedding!

  8. Tiffany Farley

    Amazing. So incredibly beautiful.

  9. ashley barnett

    Amazing. Nothing else to say!

  10. Elizabeth

    These are breathtaking!!! Y’all are amazing!!!

  11. Amanda

    Incredibly beautiful!!! And those tablescapes…I think I just died!

  12. Christy Tyler

    You guys are MASTERS of light! Wow. Stunning, every image.

  13. Malika Luthra

    le sigh. just le sigh. as always, you guys have captured such sheer happiness, raw emotion and classic beauty, it’s simply perfect!

  14. Emilia Jane

    Of. All. Time. <3 <3 <3

  15. Gina Meola


  16. Hailey Crabtree

    So beautiful, Justin and Mary! Wow!

  17. Lorraine Daley

    This wedding is absolutely perfect! Like a dream come true!

  18. Nancy Beale

    Justin and Mary – this is fantastic work!! I love how exquisite and original you made traditional look. I absolutely love this work! Kudos guys!

  19. Lea

    So elegant and timeless! Nice job y’all!!!

  20. Ashley Cocrhane

    Wow. This is just insanely beautiful. So classic & timeless. The epitome of your style! Swooning over here! Beautiful work as always guys!!

  21. Kendra

    Stunning. Simply stunning. Beautiful work as always!

  22. Chris Creed

    Lots and lots of goodness, my friends. Love it.

  23. alicia Daw

    Wow! She’s so lovely and dainty!

  24. Jeanine Rose

    I LOVE THIS. So gorgeous.

  25. Jackie Lamas

    this bride is just absolutely timeless! the whole wedding is beautiful!

  26. Gabrielle Halle

    This is my favorite wedding I have ever seen. This is so inspirational and stunning and I’m speechless..

  27. Carrie Logan

    Absolutely positively speechless. My favorite of yours EVER. Whew!

  28. Cathy

    Oh my word. This is absolutely stunning!!!!! Seriously-everything about this is just amazingly beautiful!!!!

  29. Deborah Zoe

    these are so incredibly epic. i’m speechless!

  30. Marcia (123 blog)

    aha! I went back to check my saved posts and yes, your engagement shoot of these two is one of my absolute favourites ever. And now the wedding joins it! They are gorgeous!!! Photography is of course stunning and timeless :)

  31. Jil

    such classic beauty! LOVE

  32. sharon elizabeth

    goood gawd — these are STUNNING…. like gorgeously stunning.. i feel like words can’t even describe these photos… wow..

  33. Girish

    Brilliant pictures :) & awesome location.

    I like the vertical image where the bridesmaids are helping the bride. What super light!

  34. Michael and Carina

    Hands down, your best wedding, and one of the best photographed weddings I’ve ever seen. This exhibits an absolutely titanic amount of talent. Nicely, nicely done.

  35. Suzy VanDyke

    WOW. Such a beautifully captured wedding. That image of the gals helping the bride with her dress is STUNNING. Going on my pinterest inspiration now :)

  36. Linda Kuo

    I never get tired of looking at these

  37. Leah Barry Photography

    Stunning venue, stunning light, stunning photography!

  38. Corlis Gray

    Beautiful wedding! Love your black and whites!

  39. Katherine

    Where can I find her headpiece with veil?

  40. andrea

    Bravini ma niente di speciale. Da molti fotografi di Napoli e Bari potete fare un corso, ma da allievi!

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