December 9, 2010

Coast Guard Academy Wedding: Alicia & Stephen (Part I)

And now those of you in the late crew are in for a real treat! You guys get to be the very first to see Part I of Alicia & Stephen’s Coast Guard Academy wedding. Enjoy!!

Married: Alicia & Stephen

Alicia made sure to have all of the ingredients for a stunning look!

A fabulous pair of heels!

A gorgeous bouquet! Fashioned by the amazing Yumiko of Hana Floral Design!

A sparkly little flower for her hair

And a breathtaking gown courtesy of the ladies at The White Dress!

Add a beaded purse and a letter from Alicia’s Aunt and the day was off to an amazing start!

Not to be outdone, Stephen had a pretty sharp look going on himself!

Steve, you are one handsome guy!

And to top it all off, Alicia had Miss Jennie Fresa on hair and makeup!

Love these two! Alicia, it is easy to see where you get your good looks from!

I just love the look on Alicia’s face right here!

Alicia, you are absolutely beautiful!

Absolute perfection!

It’s go time! I love this little look right before she walks down the aisle!

Here we go!

Does Stephen look happy or what?!?

Love this!


Ten minute rule in full effect! LOVE this moment!

To see more, check out Part II!

  1. Rebecca

    LOVING that shot of them locking eyes on their way out of the church – great catch. Perfect light through that big window. You guys are like psychics when it comes to great moments!!

  2. MM!

    @Rebecca: I know right! That one was ALL Julia and we are super proud of her & that killer shot!

  3. Alicia Kleppinger


  4. Sue Kleppinger

    Justin, Mary and Julia – the shots are exquisite! No doubt about it, we were all happy to have you there with us and you were the right "team" for this wonderful event. I can’t wait to Part II!

  5. Paula + Rick

    LOVE it!

  6. Doreen

    I agree MORE MORE MORE! I must say I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and remembering such an awesome day.

  7. Girish

    Lovely. The b/w rules. :)
    Looking forward for part 2, I know there is part 2 .

  8. Amy

    GORG!! lovin’ that hair piece and the back of that dress, beautiful!

  9. Nancy Roberts

    These photos are AMAZING!! I’m saving them to show Jillian when she’s home from Penn State.

  10. Ravyn

    That light. Those shoes. That dress. My oh my … all in all, a GORGEOUS wedding, and of course, beautiful images!

  11. Katelyn James

    Love love love. So incredibly classy!

  12. elizabeth pellette

    these are amazing

  13. jackie g. photog

    so gorgeous!!! love it!!

  14. Debbie

    Beautiful you guys!! And what a stunning couple!! Can’t wait for part II :-)

  15. Ray

    LOVE that photo of them looking at each other, while walking out of the church. Such gorgeous b&w shots. And I love the shots of Alicia’s back to us.

  16. kim

    alicia looks beautifu! so timeless!

  17. Abby

    Gorgeous images and a GORGEOUS couple! Loved this post.

  18. Dawn

    Beautiful Couple, beautiful day .. pictures really captured their spirit!

  19. Jess

    You are stunning, Alicia and your hubby is looking pretty studly as well–and who are those 3 little hottie bridesmaids of yours? Wow!

    No really, the moments that have been captured really portray the day in such an elegant and joyous manner! I can’t wait to see part II and more.

    Here’s to the beautiful couple!

  20. Marie West

    The photographs really capture the love this couple feels for each other. The bride is gorgeous and her dress is stunning!

  21. Nicole Zugates

    These pictures are amazing! You guys look so great. Alicia – your dress was so perfect. You looked absolutely stunning!!!

  22. father of the bride

    A beuatiful bride, a wonderful new son-in-law, a beaming & loving couple and a spectacular ceremony, and all in one day!

  23. Jen Dahl

    Love Love Love the pictures! They are gorgeous and so were you Alicia! Congrats to you and Steve! It looks like you guys had an amazing day!

  24. Mike Bocchino

    What a beautiful couple! You guys look great! I love the colors…Congrats and we are excited to be able to all hang out in MN!! (Even if we freeze our butts off all winter!)

  25. diane -

    I love the shoulder cover up…it adds flair to a strapless dress! Beautiful photos!

  26. Melissa

    Simply gorgeous!! Every single shot!

  27. Theresa

    Beautiful photos!!!

  28. True Event

    Absolutely gorgeous!! And such an incredible couple. Every detail had meaning and told the story of an incredible relationship, friendship and love. So glad you guys were there to capture all of those details and special moments throughout the day.

  29. Stephen

    that was a fun day, great pics cant wait to see more

  30. Michael

    Great pictures! Looks like a lovely and beautiful wedding…but where is YODA!! :)

  31. Brent McKown

    Wow, that is amazing…it almost motivates me to propose to my girlfriend, but I never want to move out of my studio apartment!

  32. Bill Mangan

    Wow great pictures. I’m happy you guys had such a great day, too bad I am on my IA.

  33. Rich Mayfield

    These pictures are so sweet I need to take a couple of extra hits off of my insulin pump so I don’t have a diabetic reaction!

  34. Bo Ram Kang

    Sorry I couldnt make it, it looks likea missed an awesome time.

  35. Megan

    What beautiful photos!

  36. Mikey

    Wow what an amazing photo spread! I can’t wait for part II!!

  37. Vote for Jen and Mike!

    Seriously these pictures are so amazing! Can’t wait to see the second part, with color and the reception!!

  38. Jenearly

    What a beautiful bride and handsome groom! Brings tears to my eyes! Congratulations to you both!

  39. David

    Great pictures! Steve, you’re tie is absolutely amazing!

  40. Barry Soetoro

    Love love LOVE these pictures!! They are so crisp and clear! LOVE the colors you guys picked too! Purple is an AMAZING color!

  41. John Redig

    Wow who knew my old boss could clean up so well, congrats

  42. Michelle Soetoro

    I agree with Barry! Purple is such a great color! Love you guys so much, and the kids miss you!

  43. Joel Lashomb

    Best wedding ever, you two are great togeather

  44. COB

    LT I dont see any submarines in these pictures but they are still pretty good, nice to see you haave kept you self in regulation

  45. EDMC

    Hey LT, pics look great. Miss you on the boat, shimming out.

  46. EDMC

    Hey LT, pics look great. Miss you on the boat, shimming out.

  47. Matt Lewis

    You guys look great. Wish I could’ve been there, have to catch up over a bottle of wine sometime.

  48. Chelsea

    You guys looks soooo amazing! Love your hair Alicia!!

  49. Troy Mong

    Steve, these looks great! We definitely miss you in Groton, your smile brightened our whole building! (As evidenced by these pictures!)

  50. Carl Franzoni

    Great Job Stephen! Looks like you guys had a heck of a day! SLC sends their love!

  51. CDPO

    Sir, these pics look awesome! Part2 1 & 2 are phenomanal! I wish you’d come and review the phonecon!

  52. Mark Goddette

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. What an amazing couple, what a splendid spread, it gives me chills! (and I’m wearing a fleece vest!)

  53. SOBC Class 10712

    A couple of us are sitting in a Time Freq lecture and we got a hold of this link, you and your wife look really great sir.

  54. SOBC Class 10712

    PS we are all Chops and dont understand any of this stuff, come back and teach us

  55. Brett & Deanna

    We love you guys! Great pictures! We’re glad you’re in Minnesota with us!

  56. Jenna

    Pics look so great! Wish we could’ve been there to see it!

  57. Olivia

    What an AMAZING couple!!! What a great photo page! I knew you guys would be so beautiful!

  58. Mike Roberts

    Great pictures guys! Alicia, I wish we could’ve met before I left for the next step in my Navy career…great pictures, miss you Stephen!

  59. Sue Noyes

    Great pictures you two! I definitely love part 2 also

  60. Gary Ghormley

    Great pictures, sir! You guys look amazing! What a beautiful location.

  61. Mike Mongiello

    Great job guys! Absolutely blessed!

  62. Dave Burrus

    Congratulations you two. May God bless you each and every day.

  63. Bill Freeman

    Awesome day! LT, when did you shave your mustache? Like the new look!

  64. Tim McDermott

    Congratulations and felicidades to you two!!!!

  65. Jon Weisel

    Amazin’ pics, y’all!! What a great couple! Very photogenic!

  66. Timmy Veiss

    Great photography albums!! Wow!

  67. Tom DeShane

    Love you guys! What an absolutely GORGEOUS bride!

  68. Jennifer D

    Absolutely GORGEOUS pics Alicia and Steve! The lighting in the pictures is amazing and you both look so beautiful! Congrats!!

  69. Nicole

    Love the pics! You look beautiful!

  70. Jim McDonald

    Wow the pictures do your special day so much justice! It looks just like the day it happened!

  71. Adelynn Sierpien

    Amazing amazing amazing! Wish I could’ve been there to see it!

  72. Sidney

    Fantastic pictures! Wow! This is the perfect way to remember the day!

  73. Phil Gagne

    Beautiful bride! Great pictures guys!

  74. Stu Goddell

    Your pictures are so beautiful! What an amazing day, and a great way to remember it!

  75. Shane Thomas

    Wow wow wow! Fabulous wedding day! Happy New Years guys!

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