December 10, 2010

Coast Guard Academy Wedding: Alicia & Stephen (Part II)

And now, Part II of Alicia & Stephen’s Coast Guard Academy wedding!


  1. Robin McQuay Anderson

    Luscious flowers, colors, and wraps…lovely images in every way.

  2. Brandon FRank

    Lots of cool details and Great Images!

  3. Life with Kaishon

    What a beautiful day.

  4. Ray

    LOVE the photos of Alicia & Stephen in that woodsey area! The photos are so crisp and life- like. It’s amazing. ;o) I also love the attention to detail in this wedding. Especially the centerpieces and the way the cupcakes were displayed. YUM! =P That photo with all the purple: the bridemaids’ dress, shawl and bouquet is beautiful. =o)

  5. Evie Perez

    Are you fo real??? I love all of the details from this wedding. I absolutely positively love the chalkboard and all of the wood in this wedding. It’s makes the decor so unique.

  6. Amy

    Love the details in this wedding!! Can you dedicate an entire blog post on how you get to photograph these AMAZING couples and weddings!! :-D Awesome job!

  7. grace

    I love the table numbers and cup cake stand- it all matches the photographs of the couple in the woods. Great theme!

  8. Dawn

    There aren’t enough words to express the happiness you feel when you see this couple.
    The pictures are wonderful-captures the right feelings, emoitions and outcome !

  9. Sue Kleppinger

    Again, gorgeous photos of this handsome couple. Beautiful shots of the flowers, the handmade cupcake tier and menu made by the groom. And the table numbers made by Kim Buery, bridesmaid.

  10. Marie West

    Another stunning set of photographs! Really capture the day.

  11. Nicole Zugates

    I can’t stop talking about how well done this wedding was. I’m getting hungry for the food just looking at those pictures again. This pictures are again, amazing.

  12. Nicole Zugates

    Oh and I forgot to say – I give you so much credit, Alicia, for those outdoor shots! I remember how cold it was that day! It was worth it though, they turned out so beautiful!

  13. father of the bride

    A stunning ending to a great day. The reception was warm, relaxed, beautiful and elegant, all at the same time and thanks to the love, devotion and hard work by Alicia & Stephen

  14. Jess

    Just saw these… I was so overwhelmed with Part I that I totally missed these! Love them–is there a part three?!

  15. Melissa Acton

    Beautiful!!!! Wouldn’t be able to choose my faves… they’d all need to be included!!!

  16. patricia Wilson


  17. Nancy Roberts

    Part II was even more beautiful than Part I! What a great day, everyone looks beautiful, especially the bride!

  18. Joyce & Pop Pop Iezzatti

    The wedding was beautiful ! All the pictures are just great all well done.

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