March 10, 2015

Coming Home


Last night, I landed in Boston after being gone for ten days. Justin met me at baggage claim and we hugged like we were in that movie Love Actually…and didn’t care who saw us. Since I got in around midnight, we had already decided to make a mini trip out of it and grab a hotel rather than driving all the way to CT. When we got to the room, there was a fluffy golden retriever waiting on me (who is definitely¬†wicked smaht), a picnic of PF Changs, and champagne on ice. We watched Hot in Cleveland and laughed at Betty White (we LOVE her!) and cuddled our puppy.

And that’s when I realized, even though I was in a hotel still two hours from our house….with my boys there beside¬†me, I was already home.

**Stay tuned tomorrow for our full WPPI recap!

  1. Ramie

    {smile} — I have been re-telling my “Justin & Mary” WPPI highlights a lot. (with tears) Definitely looking to reading your recap.

  2. Rici

    This is the cutest thing you guys! How you cherish each other! Oh my! Loads of love!!

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