October 7, 2011

Competitive Observing

I cook pretty much the same way that I ski.

I don’t so much actually do it, as I just like to buy the cute outfits and accessories that go along with it. But man do I love to put everything on and watch someone else do it. Now that’s an Olympic sport I can get behind. Competitive observing. I think it would be big in Sweden.

Last night our friend Joey came over to bake a pumpkin pie. And in honor of the occasion, I donned an apron and curled my hair. While Justin tried really hard not to show how excited he was at the idea of actual home cooking coming from our kitchen.

Joey asked me for a rolling pin and I pulled out a Martha Stewart french roller made of birch wood ideal for making thin crusts. Which I knew from the tag that was still on it. Oh, did you just get this today?

Nah, I’ve had it for about four years.

Deep sigh. Roll of eyes. Of course you have.

Happy Friday friends!! I hope your weekend is full of chasing big dreams and going where your heart takes you….

Even if that’s over to Sweden to take up the latest obscure winter sport that’s sure to sweep the globe.

***HUGE thanks to our amazing couple Kristin & Bill for getting us maybe the best gift ever in these J&M monogrammed aprons. I promise to keep mine squeaky clean! :)

**OH! And congrats to the winner of our Sneezers contest, Miss Asha Lea for her home remedy of honey & cinnamon!

  1. Abby Grace

    You guys are so stinkin cute, I can hardly stand it.

  2. sharon elizabeth

    i reallllllyyyy hope you get that picture of you two printed and framed. SO cute!

  3. Kari Jeanne

    Love the aprons!! I myself have quite the apron addiction – hopefully a monogrammed one is in my future!

  4. Jessica Frey Photography

    Love it! Just yesterday I decided I needed to bake and tried a zucchini bread….hubby took photos of me to preserve the rare moment and I’m wishing now I had a cute apron! High five for celebrating all the little moments in life :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Julia R

    So adorable!

  6. rich

    competitive observing but you’re also supplying the kitchen and the equipment for the baking! =) – hope you have an amazing weekend!

  7. Susan

    Mary, you guys look so cute in your aprons. I had a dream last night that I won a contest – the prize being the chance to photograph you and Justin together. So you came to my town (little Greentown, IN). The weather was bad, no pretty light or scenery was to be found. It wasn’t going well at all but you were still so gracious. I feel like that would be true in real life too.

  8. Sindy

    You’re hilarious :)

  9. Jillian Tree

    Super cute! I love your writing too :)

  10. Jessica

    You guys are so adorable!

  11. Ashley

    Aww! So cute, J&M!!!

  12. Spring

    I’m determined to take you skiing and make you a real ski-bunny yet mrs. marantz!!!

  13. Asha Lea

    I NEVER win anything! This is awesome! Thanks guys. I knew I loved you for a reason. ;)

  14. Jil

    pumpkin pie – delicious! though if you ever feel up to getting your hands dirty, a sour cherry cobbler is a *snap* to make and doesn’t involve the heart palpitations that can accompany make pie crust!

  15. Katelyn James

    We’re the SAME PERSON! Michael cooks, I observe and then I clean up :):)

  16. Ray

    You guys are too freakin’ cute! You need your own reality show (move over Kardashian’s)! That apron is so cute.

  17. Brooke Summer Photography

    That is such a cute photo. :)

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