June 18, 2009

Congrats Grads!!!

Congrats Hallmark graduates! We are so excited for you guys and everything you are bound to accomplish! We are so proud of you! As an extra special lil’ graduation present from Justin & I, we wanted to offer you a spot at our workshop with Gene Higa for half off!! Gene is one of American Photos Top 10 Wedding Photographers and this seat normally sells for $700. But for two days only, if you go to the “Buy it Now” link at the bottom and enter “Hallmark” at checkout you can grab a seat for 50% off ($350). We only have a few seats left so it has to be first come, first serve and the code will only work through Saturday, so make sure you jump on this if you want to come! Best of luck with everything and don’t forget to keep in touch!!

Date: July 22nd
Location: New Haven, CT (and surrounding areas)
Investment: 50% off for Hallmark Students!! only $350 (includes lunch)
To get the discount, enter the code: Hallmark when you go to checkout.

This will be an all day workshop! We’ll start in the morning with some seminars, break for lunch, do a killer on location shoot with our models (that should make for some pretty amazing portfolio pieces) and then come back to show you all of our post processing magic. :)

Some of the topics to be covered during the day are:

Who are you? The core of your business
What do you want? Defining your path to success.
Where do you want to go? Setting goals
What is important to you? Striking a balance
The magic of thinking Big
The power of Momentum
Finding and creating a niche market
Be a Lovemark: the future beyond brands
Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason: The customer experience from start to finish
Creating value
Developing a signature style
Coming out of non-exsistance – getting your name out there
The Triangle Offense of Marketing: Clients, Vendors, Other Photographers
Getting published and profiled
Destinations weddings
Giving value first and Creating rich relationships
and so much more…

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