July 29, 2009


And speaking of rainy days this summer….check out what we’re driving through RIGHT NOW!!! This is being updated in real time from our new mobile command unit (more on that to come!) as we head up the NJ Turnpike. Yikes!

  1. Ali Fitz

    Be careful!!!

  2. Eileen Broderick

    Holy Crap!! This weather is nuts!

  3. Kathleen Trenske

    Wow, that looks scary! And I know all too well the NJ turnpike is not fun even in nice weather. Get home safe! :)

  4. Bet

    Hmm, looks like you ran into the same mess my hubby encountered today on the turnpike. One minute we were talking on the phone and the next he was like "The sky just opened up .. I’ll call you back."

    We’ve had some really crazy weather here this year.

  5. cassandra m

    Arrrgggggggg…I think that came my way yesterday too with alot of thunder and lightning. scary.

  6. Becky Dissinger

    I thought the roof on my house was going to come off! It was nuts!

  7. Caroline Ghetes Photography

    Oh my! Looks like a tornado is gonna’ come out that supercell at any moment (FYI, I wanted to be a meteorologist before I became a photographer, lol) Be safe!

  8. J's Dad

    @Caroline..it must run that way with photogs… J used to watch the weather channel for hours as a kid

  9. Jackie Beale

    oh my goodness! we’ve had weather like this all week and last week too. We had tornado warnings and thunderstorms. I really like cloudy days though, not just when I’m driving! :)

  10. Melanie H

    GReat! More bad press for New Jersey!! Couldn’t this have been on the PA or MA Turnpike?? HA! Looks nasty…..SoCal has been pretty gorgeous lately. Wish you were coming to MasterMind!!

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