March 31, 2015

Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason- a FREE ebook!!

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The past couple days, we’ve been away in Virginia to speak at and attend the second Creative at Heart conference. And ohhhh HOLY MOLY was it a total game changer! Much more on that to come! But we had the huge honor of presenting on something that we are SO passionate about: creating an incredible kind of loyalty among your clients (loyalty beyond any kind of rational¬†reason, in fact!) by both being a company that stands for something….and then using your business to love & serve your clients through an experience that shows them how much they mean to you!

In this particular talk, we were talking about building up a crazy amount of word of mouth (the “Super Referral” if you will) and how to actually GIVE your clients the awesome stories to tell through our series of gifts. We put together this handout to give everyone and it was a big hit. So we decided we wanted to give it to you guys too….as our GIFT if you will! (See what I did there?? :)

All you have to do to get it, is sign up for our newsletter and we’ll be sending out the download link to all our newsletter subscribers tomorrow!¬†And that will also get you our steady supply of tips & tricks as well as inspirational posts almost weekly! :) You can join our newsletter community by going HERE or you can also sign up at the bottom of this post!

xo M:)

  1. Stephanie Stewart

    Love this! Can’t wait to read it! You guys are such an inspiration!

  2. sheng

    thsnk you for sharing! Early waiting for the e-book.

  3. sheng

    Thank you so much! Eagerly waiting for the e-book. :)

  4. David Abel

    Oh wow I can’t wait to read this!

  5. Julie Larson

    I’d love to read this if you’re still able to share! I heard it was incredible!

  6. Rici

    This e-book looks so super gorgeous! you make it so much fun to look at! thank you guys! cheering you on about all the goodness! :*

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