October 29, 2009

CT Vineyard Wedding: JC & Esther (Part III)

Here’s some more from JC & Esther’s amazing wedding at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, CT! They held their gorgeous ceremony out in the vineyard on one of the best days of the year!

Esther and her father

It was definitely one of the most emotional ceremonies we’ve ever seen!

Just married!

Coming up next: JC & Esther’s beautiful reception & killer details!

  1. René Tate

    ahhh! Love the last one! And the one after the glass stompin’! I wonder what was so funny… Don’t you just love those emotional ceremonies! They’re the best!

  2. Esther

    I continue to be overwhelmed by the moments you capture. I think one of my favorites so far is the black & white right after the ceremony with my single tear! I never cry! This one is definitely getting framed. I can’t wait for the rest! We heart you guys so much :)

  3. Tira J

    Stop IT! I am totally overwhelmed with the awesomeness of JC & Esther’s wedding! Love everything about every image. Funny thing is as you have been posting their images, JC could pass for a brother or cousin of your Justin! From a distance. :) Beautiful images!

  4. Michelle Sidles

    Just looks like a simple *beautiful* ceremony. Those are always the best!! :) And they are just such a beautiful couple. I love that it’s a Multi-Part blog series. ;)

  5. Sherry

    What a BEAUTIFUL day! Amazing shots.

  6. Elly

    You Guys have the Most Beautiful Photos Ever.. Out of all the people I know you 2 rock … God Bless u Always

  7. Ray

    I LOVE that photo of Esther bent over backward a bit with the officient smiling at her and JC clapping! Awesome moment you captured. The photos to follow are just as beautiful and you can really tell that this couple is in love. Love the last photo as well by the way. Cute. ;o)

  8. Amanda

    Awesome! I’m glad the bride herself confirmed the tear in that one shot, it is so beautiful! =)

    Somehow, I always find my head filled with the voice of Zoolander when I look at your posts…"really, really, ridiculously good looking…" HAHAHA! And that goes for the people and the photography of course. ;)

  9. MM

    LOL! But what about the photgraph-ERS!!!?!? :)

  10. Dennis Bullock

    The single tear shot is amazing guys!

  11. Danny Kash

    Justin, these are unbelievable!! amazing photos!

  12. FEuza

    That Just Married shot is sensational! and this was such a beautiful charming wedding, loved the still motion video!

  13. Lina

    Esther, OMG, it is amazing!!!! Starting from location, you and your husband!!!! Best wishes!!!!

  14. Lindsay Milan

    What a gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple! How cool to see their own special day captured after the shoot we all did for the workshop! Beautifully done, J+M! And many congrats to the bride and groom!

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