November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Sale on our J&M Store!!


Hey friends!

Let me guess. It’s Monday. But it’s one of those holiday Mondays too, where it feels like you shouldn’t be going back to work just yet… and yet that MOUND of editing you have waiting on you is calling your name, pushing all your guilt buttons, and making you think just an hour or two of work- just one less holiday movie in your jim jams with your family- that couldn’t hurt, could it?

We get it. Because we’ve been there too.

Spending way too much time on our computers fixing things we didn’t get right in camera the first time, and missing out on family traditions and laughter coming from the other room. Say it with me now….there are cookies you could be baking! Or better yet…tasting!

If you are sitting there behind your phone or computer right now and you know that something BIG needs to change in your business- whether that’s with your posing, your lighting, or just knowing where the heck to take your business in 2017- we have something for EVERYONE that will make this chilly Monday instantly better!

That’s because we are running our annual Cyber Monday sale in our J&M Store on nearly all of our education, from our Art of Authentic Posing Course to our J&M Lighting Guide to one seat that we just had open up to our SOLD OUT What’s Next One Day Getaway coming up on Dec 6th! (can you see yourself sitting fireside with us in our home talking through what worked, what didn’t & what’s next for 2017….then THIS is for you!)

If you are ready to invest in your business now to make next year look different, then definitely don’t MISS this sale!! Head on over HERE to see everything!


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