January 24, 2013

Dear Justin

Dear Justin,

Sometime, a long long time from now, we are going to look back on these days and tell our grandchildren about them.

We’ll talk as we hold wrinkly old hands, about a bus…and the miles and miles beneath us…and a group of troubadour friends who came along to stand by our sides.

We’ll look back on these years of our lives and I already know… we’ll smile. Because we’ll remember them as the days when we had the privilege to do the work that matters. To do the work that wasn’t always easy (Lord knows it hasn’t been easy), but was always worth it. And we’ll take our rest knowing that, even if in just some very very small way, we will have left these lives a little better than we found them.

Someday, we’re going to talk all about that. I know we will.

But for now, just know that I still love going on adventures with you. And I’m happy, as long as I still get to hold your hand.


  1. Rachel McCloud

    Thank you so much for being such amazing examples of what it means to be a husband and wife team and succeed in love and in marriage :)

  2. Shannon Rosan

    Awww :) love the photo of you two!

  3. Stephanie Stewart

    Awww! You two are so amazing together! Thank you for sharing your time and talent and love for what you do with all of us. xxoo

  4. Realtor Dad

    Mary, I also feel this way: I’m happy, as long as I still get to hold your hand about Nancy?

  5. Bethany Ann

    This was so sweet. :) You two rocked it out in Nashville tonight! Thank you SO much!!!!! :)

  6. rich

    priceless post =) – love the photo of you two!

  7. heather

    awww :)

  8. Joe Don Richardson

    Love you both!

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