January 20, 2010

Dear Justin

We stand out in the parking lot as the sounds of Keith Urban float out of the open car door windows and on to the Floridian breeze. You take my hand and press it against your chest… and we dance. You bury your face in my neck and the scruff of your two day beard presses against my cheek, as you rest your arm around the small of my back and pull me in a little closer. Like you don’t ever want to let me go. And we sway. Between the yellow lines of a La Quinta parking lot… we sway. We sway and you whisper, “I still love going on adventures with you.”

We sit in the car as the miles blur by, and you drive and drive while I slip in and out of sleep. Through blurry blinking eyes, the billboards turn into streaks of platinum that light up the inky indigo night. And it all starts to feel very much like a dream. You hold my hand in the middle, and you drive on. Driving, always driving, in the direction of my dreams.

We stand out beneath a starry Texas sky and somehow the world just seems bigger. Like there’s room to breathe. Room to stretch. Room to reach up toward heaven and steal away one of those stars. I stare up at the blanket above me as far as my eyes can reach, but somehow I know you’re standing beside me. You take my hand and give it a squeeze just to let me know that you’ll always be right there. Standing beside me. Dreaming bigger dreams with me beneath a Lonestar sky.

J, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for standing beside me for six hours at a time only to get in the car to drive six more. Thank you for bringing me tea & honey when my voice starts to fail and thank you for being my voice when I’ve lost my way on mine. Thank you for laughing at my bad jokes even when you’re the only one in the room, and for looking at me like I could do anything. Thank you for smiling quietly while I dream bigger dreams and for always doing the hard work to get us there.

Someday when we’re little old wrinkly people, I will stand out in a driveway with you and dance beneath the stars of an indigo sky. Your soft cheek will press into mine and we’ll sway together, and I’ll hold on to you like I never want to let go. And somewhere in the quiet of together I will whisper, “I still love going on adventures with you.”

  1. maggieb

    "It’s the stuff that dreams are made of…it’s the slow and steady fire…"
    True soulmates is a rare thing indeed…"blessings"

  2. Christa


  3. Clark Lara II

    You two are an amazing couple! It was great to hear you talk during STL tour. Thanks for the tips and knowledge.

  4. Jacob Bergmeier / NoDo Photography

    Such a great love note! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Tira J


  6. tiffany zajas

    This is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing…makes me stop and reflect on how thankful I am for my own husband and for those small simple moments & adventures.

    You two are wonderful.

  7. Lace Dagerath ;)

    You know what is so great about this post… well besides the post itself ;) Last night while we were writing during one of our little breaks… I looked up… thinking… and you were looking at Justin.. he was facing you… and he was either wiping the hair out of your face… or maybe he was fixing it for you… whatever it was… it was such a sweet, sweet moment.. and I thought "these are the little moments life is MADE of" :) Thank you for being such genuine, sweet spirited people. You guys truly went above and beyond and this is the only workshop I have attended to date that I did not leave, disappointed. So thank you. Thank you for pouring so much time and energy into your presentation and your travels… to share your heart with me. :)

  8. Rebekah

    This is so beautifully written….puts a smile on my face and helps me keep dreaming about my "someday love". Thank you for sharing!

  9. Alisa Greig

    sooooo sweet you two–love it!! you are such a good writer mary, you express yourself so well :)

  10. Kaysha

    I’m seriously in tears! Like any good love story I didn’t want it to end… please write a book!!! :)

  11. Haley Kruse

    I love it. You guys are big dreamers…you guys are the visionaries. To be able to cruise around the United States sharing yourselves and your story is so awesome… and Mary, I love love love the picture of your dad’s hands….I was right there with you, and I couldn’t hold back the tears. Thank You for standing there so long last night to share your heart. =)

  12. Christine

    Awww… after having been fortunate enough to see you both *twice* this week, this post made me a bit misty-eyed. You guys are the best!

  13. Amber Snow

    If you guys have the time, eat at Curra’s on East Oltorf (and get a margarita), check out a movie at Alamo Drafthouse on S. Lamar, and do some shopping on S. Congress (all in Austin). Don’t forget dancing at the Broken Spoke for a real taste of Texas.

  14. Nicoel

    Just perfect! You are ridiculously, beautifully perfect together!! oxox

  15. Lisa H. Chang

    Awww! :)

  16. Rylee Sundquist

    Wow – making the pregnant emotional girl cry (I guess that’s not too hard to do, but still)! How sweet are you two!

  17. Katelyn James

    oh I love this picture!

  18. BelindaR

    My oh my. I never tire of reading your words Mary. Why don’t you dream REAL big and bring the Spread The Love tour down to Australia. I would be front row and centre baby!! I’ll even throw in free accommodation by staying at my house :)

  19. Laura E.

    OMG you made me cry :D… God bless you guys with inifite years of adventure together

  20. Kare

    wow, made me cry. I love that you guys are living a good life and know it! You are so lucky to have found someone to go on life’s adventures with.

  21. Adrienne Byrd

    This is so sweet :) After seeing you guys together, there’s no doubt that there’s a strong love keeping you close. Mary, I noticed during STL Jax that Justin couldn’t take his eyes off you. He smiled the whole time you were talking. Like, "That’s MY beautiful wife!". You guys are adorable, and I wish you many of those "wrinkly old people" years under the stars! May God always bless your beautiful marriage!

  22. Heather Corporan

    It’s a blessing just to wake up and realize you are blessed : ) Thank you for the tear jerker this morning – love is such a beautiful thing!!!

  23. MM

    @Belinda: oooh that would be awesome! G’day!! :)

  24. Heather Colt

    Thank you Mary for making me cry before lunch ;)
    No, but seriously its so wonderful so have someone standing by your side to support you in all your wild & crazy dreams… and even when you think you don’t have any. Justin your a wonderful man… don’t ever change.

  25. Kenzie Shores

    ok, I seriously just got a little misty :)

  26. Velia

    This is so sweet. Made me go upstairs and kiss my husband.

  27. fEuza

    teary eyes cause I know the look he gives you with his sparkly eyes and you two are so amazing and beautiful, God Bless you on the road! doing a great job by the way

  28. Corinna Hoffman

    Awww!! This is SO good and I love that last picture of you guys :) Many blessings to both of you!

  29. Chelsea Nicole

    Awww… I love you guys.

  30. arielle joy

    This is truly such a beautiful touching post! <3

  31. arielle joy

    This is truly such a beautiful touching post! <3

  32. Lisa Gilbert

    You give me hope.

  33. Ray

    OMG, this post makes me want to cry. Beautiful. Magnificent. Full of a love floating in the air. I hope to know about this, "love" you write about.

    I especially loved this, "and for looking at me like I could do anything" and "I still love going on adventures with you."

    You guys are AWESOME! <3

  34. Melissa

    Romeo & Juliet….Edward & Bella….don’t hold a flame to Justin & Mary. Beautiful post xox

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