December 15, 2014

December J&M Mentoring Sessions

Happy Monday!

Last week, we finished up our last mentoring session of the year! We took two sessions in December: one of them- with the adorable Jamie Rae– was done over Skype because she is all the way out in Oregon and the other was last week while we were down in Virginia with the amazing Amanda Manupella! I just adore both of these girls and I am SO excited for all of the incredible things they have planned for their businesses in 2015! They both came to us totally ready to shake things up and come out swinging like never before next year, and after sitting down with both of them I have no doubts that that is exactly what they are going to do!

I am so grateful for these mentoring sessions and things like Skype and travel and this blog that have brought so many amazing hearts in our lives this past year! It is such a gift to be able to sit down with someone and hear them pour out their hearts for the big dreams they have for their businesses & their lives. To look them in the eye and know that they have what it takes to go do it. And then to sit down side by side, shoulder to shoulder with them and come up with a plan for getting there. I’m just SO thankful! This work doesn’t feel like work at all….and that’s when you know you’re on to something you love!

Here are some of our favorites from the mini-headshots we did with Amanda! And if you are interested in mentoring with us for your business in 2015, we say why not make it a Christmas gift to yourself this year!! :) You can find all the info by clicking HERE.


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