May 20, 2009

Destination Wedding: Irena & Danny (Part I)

I love the way she loves.

Fully and freely and with reckless abandon. When she hugs, she hugs with her whole heart…and squeezes her face tight to yours without a second thought to the flower she might be squishing in her hair. When she loves, she says it the second she means it. Without fear. Without hesitation. Without a care as to who might be listening. When she loves you, she wants the whole world to know. Right then. Right there. And before that moment passes by.

I love the way he loves.

Gently and purely and with the deepest conviction. When he looks at her, he looks with his whole heart….and smiles without trying to hide it. When he finds love, he knows it the second that he sees it. Without fear. Without hesitation. Without a care as to who would question it. When he loves, he wants the whole world to know. Right then. Right there. And before that moment passes by.

Married: Irena & Danny

As you guys know, this past Sunday Justin & I flew down to Miami for the destination wedding of Irena & Danny at The Deering Estate and had the amazing Carlos Baez along to second shoot with us. Since our flight wasn’t getting in until noon, Carlos was so awesome and went over in the morning to hang out with the girls.

This was the scene as the weather channel was calling for torrential downpours in Miami-Dade county that day. But Irena loves fully and freely and with reckless abandon….so she made the call for an outdoor ceremony anyway!

Irena & the girls got ready at the beautiful Mayfair Hotel:

The girls had an awesome time hanging out with Carlos during the makeup fun! Special thanks to Angel Stylists for taking such good care of the ladies!!

Justin & I got there just in time for Danny to have this note delivered to Irena…(these two are my shots)

As is this one! 231 has been Irena’s favorite number her whole life…and when she met Danny and he gave her his phone number, guess what the last three numbers were!!

The shoes! (my shot)

These two are also mine. On the left you see the shoes and Irena’s purse for the day, which was also her something borrowed: this vintage bag belonged to the MOH’s grandmother and was very cool! On the right, are Irena’s vows.

These two are Justin’s. On the left are the bride’s grandmother’s earrings, which she attached to the bouquet. And on the right the groom’s shoes.

There was a LOT of passing notes that day. Justin & Carlos went to hang out with the boys just in time for J to grab these two shots:

While Carlos grabbed this getting ready shot.

The bride & groom know Curt Schilling of the 2004 & 2007 World Series Red Sox, so their gifts to the groomsmen were signed, personalized baseballs for each guy. Justin was SUPAH jealous!

Carlos got the shot on the left, Justin the shot on the right.

And this one is mine from later in the day, but it looked so good right here! :)

J’s shot of the perfume.

My shot of Irena getting ready to go put on her dress.

Umm….her absolutely STUNNING Vera Wang dress that is!!

There was a mix up at the location, so Irena didn’t have a place to get dressed. But Carlos & Alison, swooped in to save the day and offered up their own home for her to get ready in. How amazing are they?! And their home is so beautiful so it was the perfect backdrop.

Carlos grabbed this shot of Irena’s grandma looking on.


This is my shot of the shoes …

and so is this one.

My shot of the earrings and the bouquet. A big thank you to Joel of Fabius Events for rockin all the stunning flowers!!

And this one is also mine:

While Justin grabbed these shots of Danny…

How beautiful is Irena in this shot? It’s mine! :)

While Justin was hanging out with the guys, I was chillin’ with my J. Crew ladies.

Then Irena & I went off to play!

And this is the angle that Carlos grabbed….LOVE this shot!



Annnd mine. This might be my favorite shot that I took of the day!

Stay tuned for Part II, coming soon to a blog near you!

  1. Carlos Baez

    I loved being second shooter for Justin and Mary. You two are the sweetest couple. Hey, that is the first time, and maybe last, that I bring the 600 mm to a wedding. Only for you guys and Irena, the budding photographer that she is.
    Look forward to seeing more, the dream team.

  2. Ray

    "As is this one! 231 has been Irena’s favorite number her whole life…and when she met Danny and he gave her his phone number, guess what the last three numbers were!!" <<Wow that is so crazy! I guess you could take that as a sign that they were truly meant to be! =o) And that autographed baseball is the best groomsman gift.

    My favorite photos would have to be yours (although they’re all great): of Irena looking out the window in b&w. And that last b&w shot of Irena trying to get a peak down the stairs is very beautiful as well. <3

  3. Stacy Cross

    Woweee . . . fabulous!!

  4. Lydia

    Your detail shots are amazing!

  5. oneshotbeyond


  6. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    So beautiful! I especially love the open room with the mirror. Beautiful shot! And what a phenomenal team of photographers!

    The groom’s gift totally trumps what I got Matt. He would have died to have that baseball! And I love the bride’s taste. Vera Wang makes any woman feel beautiful. I regret not wearing a Vera Wang dress on my wedding day, but I did wear Truly Pink! I also bought Sheir Veil but in the end couldn’t resist the delicate, romantic sent of roses!

  7. The Apprentice ;)

    ummmm….. wow. just. wow.

  8. Irena


  9. Aunt Judy

    Ira, you were a STUNNING bride and the photos are gorgeous! I am so sorry I couldn’t be there to share the joy. All the best to you and Danny!!! Much love, Aunt Judy

  10. Lisa H. Chang

    OK These shots are stunning! And I love the first shot of Irena putting on her shoes … heck I love them all! :)

  11. Abra Michelle

    These are so incredible, ethereal. Simply lovely.

  12. rachel darley

    i had to wear my oven mitts to work the mouse and goggles to protect my eyes from the extreme H-O-T-NESS of these pics. =)
    Irene, if you’re reading this, I loooove your dress!

  13. roz pindyck

    Just so very beautiful. These photos are magazine worthy. The best of luck ! You are a beautiful couple and fate has obviously brought you two together.Enjoy the ride. cousin rozy xo

  14. Val McCormick

    These are gorgeous guys! Mary, the getting ready shot of her putting her shoes on is just absolutely beautiful! You couldn’t have chosen a better post processing treatment for it! I love EVERYTHING about it!
    ~Big Hugs~

  15. Dennis Bullock

    Oh my gosh guys these are amazing!

  16. nikki nicole

    as usual you both did an amazing job. But hats off to mary who has become an amazing photographer and story teller! keep at it girl! xoxo

  17. Tamara Cohen

    Absolutely Gorgeous — can’t wait to see the 2nd set with details!

  18. Molly W.

    Ooo, love the dress! Great shots!

  19. Kayla

    These are SO classy! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  20. Jackie Beale

    wow beautiful wedding! I love the colors the bride chose and the bouquets are so delicate and dreamy. Everything about this wedding looks so classy. Can’t wait for the rest! :)

  21. jeramy

    the notes brought me to tears. what a fantastic thought! beautiful pictures.

  22. Anne Nunn Photography

    Those are absolutely stunning! You really caught a lot of great moments!

  23. Tiffany

    Whose the bride is she a super model?

  24. oakley

    You guys are making me cry! Irena is a dear friend and it was an honor to have been there at the wedding. Irena is GORGEOUS and Danny is just so frickin’ happy it’s contagious. Will have to post my pics tonight. :)

  25. Leslie B

    Awesome photos! I love the lighting. And ummmm best groomsmen gift EVER!!!!!!!

  26. Katelyn

    LOVE the last one! Just beautiful, Mary…those doors and the light and the beautiful bride=incredible photos and you captured it all so well! Can’t wait to see the rest! :)

  27. Erica Velasco

    Love the shots of her dress! I love details =)

  28. imthiaz houseman

    what beautiful images!

  29. Alyssa Jul

    Stunning! That is all I have!

  30. Nicole Glenn

    These are absolutely gorgeous. You captured the story of the day beautifully! Irena and her girls look amazing. :)

  31. Johnny Tran

    I love the shot of the groom where you used the TV for a reflection, brilliant!!

  32. Erik Maziarz

    STUNNING post. Wish I were a groomsmen. :-)

  33. Brian Labore

    Fantastic pictures, I so wish Heather and I could have joined you but this is the next best thing!

  34. John O'Keefe

    These shots are wonderful, just like the happy couple.

  35. Tom Westberg

    Beautiful photos!

  36. Mike Fox

    Great shots — reminds me of how special my own wedding was and I can see yours was also!

  37. Dave Fryer

    Simply beautiful.

  38. Bill Thomas

    I envey your ability to capture one of the greatest moments in your life. I wish i would have had that ability 44 years ago. Love you both, Bill

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