May 22, 2009

Destination Wedding: Irena & Danny (Part II)

Alright! And now Part II of Irena & Danny at The Deering Estate in Miami, FL!!

When we last left off, Irena was just peaking around the corner getting ready for the ceremony. So we’ll pick right up with this shot Carlos grabbed of Irena & her dad getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Ok, pardon me for just a second now while I put on my Captain Obvious hat. Ready? Here goes. Carlos Baez is a phenomenal photographer. Absolutely amazing!! Just wait til you see some of the killer shots he grabbed in this post!

Like this one…

And then he ran upstairs at the speed of light to grab this one too! Also, if you’ll remember from the first post they were calling for torrential downpours all day. Yea…umm THIS is the day they got! :)

While Carlos was upstairs and I was covering the back, Justin was down front grabbing shots like this….

and these two! Just LOVE these!

Then Carlos transported himself downstairs and started firing off the 600mm just in time to grab these two. Yea, like I said. Phenomenal.

Meanwhile, Justin saw this moment unfolding. How cute are they??

And I swooped around the side to grab this detail shot of the front row tribute to Danny’s two sets of grandparents.

While Justin got himself in position to grab a killer shot like this!

Then Carlos dropped back and caught this moment…

annnnnnd this one!

While Justin was grabbing this one….

this one…..

AND this one!

And I hung back to grab this one.

Then it was time to rock out with our tres J. Crew bridal party….who were total super models! (these two are J’s)

And this one is mine. Hello Spring/Summer J.Crew catalog!

While we were hanging out with the bridal party, Carlos was getting shots like this one!

And I grabbed these two of Danny before we headed off to do some shots of him with Irena.

Carlos grabbed this one on our way across the lawn…

while Justin was grabbing this one. More bars in more places!

Then I had the bride and groom all to myself to grab these next few.

pretty golden flarey light!

ummm….yea. our life is hard.

then it was first dance time. J grabbed this shot….

and I grabbed these two.

And Carlos was upstairs capturing this.

This one is mine and when I took it I did a happy dance because I just knew. Gotta love it when that happens!

That’s mine on the left and J’s on the right.

And J grabbed both of these

Irena & her dad were so cute! (both of these are mine)

The parent toasts. J’s shot on the left. Mine on the right.

Love this moment. They looked like this the whole night!! Happy. Not black & white! (My shot)

Then it was party time. And let me tell you these guys know how to party. That’s my shot of the dancing on the left and J’s shot of the photo booth fun on the right.

LOL….Irena was officially our first twittering bride!

Last dance. J’s shot on the left and Carlos rockin the wide on the right.

Then for the big finale they took off in a Rolls Royce…. (J’s shot on the left, mine on the right)

and sparklers!! (J’s shot on the left, mine on the right)

Love the energy in this one! (mine)

J was on the side grabbing this angle. Love this one!

While I was in the back getting this. And neither of us would have gotten either shot if it weren’t for Carlos and his awesome video light!

And that concludes Part II. Now for all you folks who were at the wedding and are wondering where all those amazing details are….don’t worry, it’s coming! There were just so many of them that we knew they warranted a post all to themselves. So stay tuned for that!

  1. Jasmine Marie

    Wow… I love everything about this wedding. So dreamy and romantic. LOVE her dress too and how it just twirls in the dance pictures. Great job! :)

  2. Carrie Roseman

    Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the details!

  3. Carlos Baez

    Great images Justin and Mary. I think the three of us make a great team. Miss you guys. I will hold my video light for you two anytime. Again, glad I could be of help.

  4. oneshotbeyond

    the one from off in a distance of the whole event is GLORIOUS!

  5. Katelyn

    These are just gorgeous! All three of you did amazing, I could easily go back through and look at them all again. :) And Mary, I just love how you write and add funny little comments; it always brings a smile to my face. So thank you.

  6. Irena

    Is it too narcissistic to have the walls of my house covered in photos from my own wedding?? You three did an incredible job. I’m so glad there’s internet on this island so I can keep coming back for these updates. :):) <3

  7. Joe Hendricks

    I LOVE the picture of them both sitting down, eyes closed, and her arms wrapped around him! Pictures like that make others wants to become photographers… it is so perfect.

  8. Chaz

    You two look so incredibly happy. On the most affectionate geek scale this happiness would make a Hobbit envious.

  9. Sharon Mandel

    Mary, Justin & Carlos – I think I love you all!! You are geniuses. Of course you had beautiful subjects to shoot! (I’m the mother of the groom-LOL). Thanks for the memories.

  10. Jared Hall-Dugas

    Wow! I’m so impressed. What an incredible wedding. Congrats! It looks like a lot of fun.

  11. Sam Lantinga

    So beautiful. Congratulations again!

  12. Vicki Souza

    Gorgeous wedding – incredible images! I love the dancing shot from above, and the last portrait in the rolls. Great job – looking forward to seeing more ; )

  13. Tira J

    Absolutely stunning! I got a little teary eyed when I saw the pictures of the grandparents on the chairs. Love every single image in this post. The three of you are a major power house! You all rock! I think some of my favorites are of when Mary stole the couple away. Stunning!!!!

  14. Johnny Tran

    Wow! Super stuff. What a beautiful wedding! great job!

  15. Matt D'Elia

    Such amazing photos! We had a wonderful time at the wedding and it was great talking with Carlos and Justin during the small moments of quiet time before the ceremony.

  16. Erica Velasco

    Love her dress! I love the one where they are walking away.

  17. Lisa H. Chang

    Amazing! This wedding looks beautiful. I think I would have shot it for free :) though not as good as you guys of course :)

  18. erin harvey

    WOOOOWWWW!! So glad the weather worked out because the ceremony shots, wedding party shots, and bride and groom shots outside with the palm trees were just beautiful!

  19. Angela Santos

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! The moments they captured are priceless.

  20. Sharon Mandel

    Each time I look at these pictures I love them more. I keep finding new things to love. Just beautiful.

  21. Ray

    You, Justin and Carlos did a FABULOUS JOB at this wedding! I mean WOW!! It’s so great to have more than one shooter; especially three since you guys got so many different photo angles at the wedding. I know that because of that it’ll make for a great wedding album of great photo sequences.

    Anyhow: great photos and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the bride was “twittering” that she was now married; too cute!! You have to love the technical savvy bride. ;o)

  22. Nicole Glenn

    LOVE, LOve, love these! I really like how you break down who was where, it is cool to see how you captured the story of the day. My favorite is the shots from inside the car as they are getting ready to leave. Just perfect. :)

  23. Deyla Huss

    BEautiful shots to all of you!!! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

  24. Molly W.

    Ooo, gorgeous! More! More!

  25. Jen May


  26. jeramy

    wow! these are gorgeous! great job guys!

  27. Katherine Bowman

    What a cute couple! His tie is so cool!

  28. Cathy Crawley

    Wow beautiful, really really beautiful!

  29. John Rotondo

    This is one of the most beautiful wedding galleries I’ve ever seen. Very professional work. Nicely done!

    I’m a friend of Irena and Danny’s from work, and I’m so happy for them!

  30. Gavian W

    Well done! Bravo!

  31. Di MacLennan

    Having the palm trees as a back drop was a stoke of genius. How romantic!!

  32. Michael Schoonmaker

    These photographs are all spectacular. Thank you for putting these where I can show all the Maynard folks how wonderful this wedding was.

    I particularly like the photo of Irena posting to Twitter. Classic.

  33. Philip Cimoch

    Everything looks incredible! I wish I could’ve been there!

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