April 28, 2017

Dillingham Ranch, Oahu Hawaii Wedding: Carli & JB

Happy Friday friends!! We get to send you off into your weekend today in the most BEAUTIFUL way I can imagine…and that is by sharing the Hawaii wedding of Carli & JB at Dillingham Ranch!!

Where do I even start with these two?? Carli first found us years ago when we spoke about weddings at her photography school at Hallmark. So when we got her inquiry to come shoot her wedding, I teared up with oh so happy tears at just how full circle we had come! And that this time she was going to be our BRIDE!

Carli is the kind of person that everyone falls in love with the second they meet her. She is just wrapped in a light that shines from the inside out. And she is the epitome of what we most hope to have in our brides: she is graceful by first being gracious and taking care of everyone around her, she is classic in that doesn’t even have to try sort of way, she has a heart of gold, and she cares most about love, history and legacy (like wearing her grandmother’s pearls). The morning of her wedding (read that: the morning of HER wedding), she thought to bring US a gift. One in particular made me burst into tears right there in the getting ready room and I had to give myself a pep talk to PULL.IT.TOGETHER. And that was a bracelet that she had engraved for me that said “This moment stays.” In addition to the gifts for us, she also hand wrote a thank you letter to every single guest in attendance that was waiting for them at their seat at the table. Just take a minute if you want and check out the “Ideal J&M Bride” section on our website. We may as well have written it about Carli.

And then there is JB. From the very first nano-second that I met him, I instantly adored him. And knew without a doubt that he is the perfect match for Carli. He’s the kind of guy who hugs with his whole heart, shows up over and over again for his friends (and her friends too!), and means every word he says. He is integrity, and service, and generosity. He is… checking in to make sure everyone is taken care of and the first one to help out. In short, he has a light around him just like Carli does. And the two of them together shine brighter because of it.

And before I get you to the pictures, it must also be said that after spending a couple days with these guys and their friends & family, it became SO clear to me why these guys are the way they are. Not only did we fall in love with JB & Carli, but with BOTH sets of parents as well. After this wedding, I’m thinking we need to add an “Ideal Parents” section to our website, and every quality would be about them. Welcoming, kind, thoughtful, full of heart, emotion, FUN, prayer, and they just kept checking in over & over to make sure we were ok. To both the Economy and Wentworth families, it was an honor to watch you love your kids. The legacy of love and marriage that you BOTH are passing down is such a gift that not many people get. I hope you know that what you are doing here matters.

Carli &JB (and the rest of the fam too!)….we LOVE you guys! And we are so, so thankful to have gotten to be the ones there with you. It is something we will never ever take for granted. Here’s to a lifetime of loving just like this.

So much love!


  1. Phyllis Humphreys

    Absolutely beautiful, amazing, perfect pictures and wedding. It really does look like a spread in a magazine.

  2. Lux und Poppy

    Beautiful pictures! Love every single one of them.

  3. Jason and Amy

    Beautiful work you two! Some really great shallow dof in some of these. Any new lenses? Try the 58 yet?

  4. Megan Kelsey

    This is stunning, you two! I love those Hawaii greens and all the blush. Just beautiful!

  5. Sophie Asselin

    Love everything from this wedding, especially your editing and the light. Beautiful, as always!

  6. Abby Grace

    Oh my gosh. Everything about their day is perfect- I love the al fresco dinner, the string lights, the gorgeous tree at the ceremony spot, all of it. You can feel how tenderly they planned their event through these photographs!

  7. Rici

    Oh gosh you guys!! this is to much for finidng the right words. Your words & their sparkling eyes!!! INCREDIBLE! Just love the images & what you do & how you do it!!! and then all the real smiles & soft tones!! <3 <3 <3

  8. picaram

    Aww the photos are so gorgeous~ Beautiful work! All the moments are so amazing in your photos~

  9. Ashley

    Could this wedding have been more gorgeous?! So in love with their al fresco dinner and cafelights. Beautiful work, as always!

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