January 6, 2014

Do Something Scary

It’s so hard to believe, but exactly one year ago today we were hopping a flight to Santa Barbara to meet up with Ashley, Jeremy, Liz & Ryan and see the bus that we would all be living on for the next four weeks for The What’s Next Tour.

In sooo many ways, that tour changed me.

It taught me to feel crazy amounts of Fear, and to just keep leaning into it rather than shying away back to the sidelines and the shadows of watching someone else chase my dreams. It taught me to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. And that if you aren’t absolutely terrified, your dreams probably aren’t big enough. It taught me that “90% perfect and shared with the world” will ALWAYS change more lives than “waiting til its 100% perfect & stuck in your head.” And, it taught me that something really BIG happens when you are brave enough to say out loud: This is what I want for my one wild & precious life.

And the really great thing about that is, no one can ever take that away from us. A dream lived out loud is a dream that can never be undone. It’s out there. It happened. And when we’re 80 years old, we can all tell our grandkids about that time when we were crazy enough to live on a tour bus, and the perils of showering at 75 mph. :)

Yes, that tour changed everything for me.

Because here’s the thing. When you name a crazy big hairy audacious dream like that & then you go out and see it actually happen….well, it forces you to stop lying to yourself. It forces you to stop saying things like the really BIG dreams are for somebody else. That the really BRAVE acts are for someone else to take up. That the really GOOD things only happen to the lucky few. That the spotlight is reserved only for the shiny people. And you’ll just never be one of them.

Because when you go out and chase a dream that you thought was an impossibility…and then it actually happens….well then, you have no other choice but to start to believe that all of those other dreams in your heart just might be possible too.

This is the power of doing something scary. For it is from leaning in to the Fear, that we suddenly find the courage to do so much more.

So go out & do something scary today friends! It could be the thing that changes everything.
Rock it out,

**I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the videos like this one that Jeremy Mitchell Cinema made for us throughout the tour. So we can always remember.

  1. ashley barnett

    These dang winter allergies making my eyes water again!!! :)

  2. Kelly Ewell

    How funny that you post this today because today is the day that we announced our big dream IS COMING TRUE! (We bought a farm and are renovating it to open our own wedding venue!)

  3. Rici

    Love the video! So many familiar faces <3.
    Have a great Monday!

  4. sarah (danaher) bradshaw

    Thanks for encouraging me to dream big. You beat me to getting on Martha Stewart Weddings, but that doesn’t mean that my dreaming stopped. ;)

    Since last I saw you, I got engaged, got married, and found many of my dreams shaken together, rearranged, and reconstructed. It’s exhilarating and wickedly frightening to have another person involved in and affected by my crazy dreams. Thankfully, he’s the steady to my crazy, and his faithful, steady love is grounding me, and giving me the foundation to dream more than I ever dared before. Can’t wait to see them happen.

  5. Kristin

    You know what? I think I’m too comfortable with some of my goals thus year. This was a good reminder to push the envelope. :)

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