April 9, 2010

Don’t Let Him Fool You

He uses the blog against me, this husband of mine.

As I innocently try to wake him up with songs I make up about Cooper driving a car (“Cooper Dooper super star, you’re my best friend you know you are. With your furry face you could drive a car. Cause you’re a little super star. Super Star”) and lambs that won’t eat ham, he sleepily places a hand across my face and whispers “Just…..be still.”

But don’t let him fool you. No, not for a second. Because deep down (ok maybe wayyyy deep down) despite all the hem-hawing, eye rolling and audible sighs, I know he secretly loves my singing. No, really… he does. He could sit for hours in the car while I belt out the entire Celine Dion Greatest Hits Collection. In reverse chronological order. Not saying that I DO do that or anything. Just that if I did… he could totally listen to it for hours. Trust me. And please don’t even get me started about how much he loves my a capella work….especially when I ask him to sing back up. In baritone.

But more than anything, what I know is that he loves my original ballads best. And honestly, I’m not surprised. I mean c’mon…with such classic gems as “I ammmmm….the little lammmmb. I won’t eat hammmmm, fo sho”…how could he not? :)

Today I hope you dance to the beat in your own head and sing whatever melody makes your heart happy.

Even if everyone else around you wishes you would just be still.

We had an *amazing* time at our “Walk through a Wedding w/ J&M” workshop yesterday with the absolute best group of attendees we could ever possibly imagine! We love all of you guys! Pictures of all that fun will be coming very soon. But for now, here’s a little sneak peek from the workshop, as well as some before & afters of our new windows to get you through to the weekend.
Happy Friday!!

**editor’s note: please note that no grass was harmed in the making of this shoot, nor was it saturated in any way. It actually WAS this crazy green!

Scary giant holes in the side of my house.

So our master bedroom will make up the whole third floor, which I am super excited about. Up til a couple of days ago, it had a giant (filthy, cracked and leaking) bay window in it.

For about two hours it had a giant hole in it.

Then the new window got hoisted up. I like the word hoisted. That’s just fun to say.

And here is our NEW window!! Yay :)

  1. Katelyn James

    oooohh you make me so jealous! Michael and I are looking at an old "fixer-upper" and wondering if we should start a huge project like that… you make me want to!!!! So bad! :)

  2. Monty Jessop

    The new window looks like a huge improvement Mary & Justin. I am all too familiar with home improvements, no better feeling than DIY. as Tim Allen would say… ugh ugh!

  3. MM

    @Monty: I love it! You’re so great!! :)

  4. Eileen Broderick

    Wow. The house is coming along and looks like a dream come true!! So psyched for you guys. (Okay–and a little bit jealous, but that’s just natural, right?!)

  5. Janice Day

    Did you secretly wonder, "What happens if the guy installing the windows gets called away on an emergency and he can’t come back for, like. 3 days and we’re left with these big holes in the side of the house?" I would.

  6. MM

    @Janice: TOTALLY! And then my mind wandered to what if I sleep walk right out of one of those giant holes?!?!

  7. Janice Day

    Of course! That that’s totally rational thinking. You can’t even turn on the TV anymore without hearing about someone sleepwalking out their giant window holes.

  8. Janice Day

    *I should really read these comments b4 saving. My typos are out of control.

  9. Caitlin

    I love these home posts so much. Mike and I sat in front of the computer the other night scrolling down and then back up again, down and up, looking at the before and afters of your kitchen. Has us so hopeful for life after a three room apartment! Your wake up view is amazing!

  10. amelia

    I simply adore you guys. Your love, more than your photography even, inspires me. Thank you.

  11. René Tate

    Mary Marantz, I am SO glad we’re friends. I don’t know why, but I laughed so hard at your line about "hoisted." hehe You’re cool.

  12. Meredith Perdue

    YAY for progress on the house! It’s looking awesome. Also, just saw Anna’s blog post about yesterday’s workshop, which looked insanely wonderful. If there is another one, I’d LOVE to attend! Have a good weekend, guys!

  13. Alison

    I had to laugh at your description of your singing- So me, but my husband is the one who does the making up of words. Most nights he tucks the kids in lead to re done children’s songs, fits of laughter and flying stuffed animals. I pretend to be the tough one and get on about the kids going to sleep, but honestly, it is one of my favorite things ever!
    The new window is gorgeous and what a killer view! Loving watching the renovations!

  14. Paul Manke

    I love reading your blog. I can hear your voice when I read it! Luv Ya

  15. MM

    @Paul: awww that’s the BEST compliment!! Love you right back! xoxoxo

  16. millie holloman

    I not only love that your bedroom is the whole third floor, just look at that view! AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the whole place in pics once you are done. I’m loving the new kitchen too!

  17. MM

    @Millie: How ’bout you come see it in person?! :)

  18. Kristin

    The house is incrrrrredible!! So was yesterday! We had tons of fun. I’m scouting out all the photographers names I remember to see all of their pics :) But the ones above make me all giddy! You guys rock.

  19. Trent Bailey

    I CANNOT tell you both how much fun I had yesterday! And ending it with some good wine….that my friends was the best. Hope to hang with y’all again soon!

    Mary…I won’t think badly of you if you knew the whole Celine Greatest Hits in reverse chronological order. Isn’t that normal?

  20. Cathy Crawley

    Oooo I love that new window. Perfect light!

  21. Jasmine*

    I lovelovelove the way you write. That is all.

  22. Mike

    Haha, I like to think my wife enjoys my morning songs. If I remember correctly, sometimes stroke victims find themselves able to sing but not talk. In the morning, I like to think that my rational brain is still asleep and my creative id takes over. That results in songs…about nothing and everything. I’ve got to start writing them down.

  23. Tira J

    AWESOME! The funny thing is that now that I have officially met you in person, I can hear your voice while reading your blog and I LOVE IT! Is that a body of water outside your master bedroom window? Do tell!!! Coop Coop Cooper Dog! You rock!

  24. michelle sidles

    These RENO pics are making me CRAZY HAPPY!! :D

  25. Leandra

    I think your bedroom might be my dream room. The whole 3rd floor!? A big bay window?! Make sure you post pictures of the whole room when it’s finished!

  26. Cat

    I’ve been to your blog many, many times. And I am one of those "silly" people who just looks at pictures ( beautiful pictures if I may add)… rarely do I actually stop to read what people write. Well, this time I actually stopped and read. Let me just say: Mary… I love you!!! This was so great and witty! From now on every time I visit your blog I WILL take the time to read it! I do appreciate the drop of happiness you added to the start of a not so great day; you just made me think of how I should always start with a positive attitude… and to continue singing in my car ^_^

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