March 25, 2010

Eden Roc Hotel Wedding: Sonia & Pankit (Part II)

And now we pick up with Part II of Sonia & Pankit’s amazing Miami destination wedding!! After the first look & some fun portraits, we headed back upstairs so S&P could put on their ceremony attire.

Sonia’s mom is absolutely exquisite. It is clear why Sonia & Pam are so beautiful. Love these girls!!

The ceremony jewelry was jaw-dropping. No, I mean that. When I saw this head piece my jaw actually dropped. Fa real.

Pankit waits for his bride

After a quick change, we headed back out for some more portraits. This time by that amazing teal Miami water!

LOVE love love this parasol Sonia brought for the occasion.

We decided to shake things up a bit, so while Justin & Julia hung back to stay with the ladies….

….I went off with Pankit & his whole side of the family for the tilak ceremony.

LOVE this one!

After the tilak, it was time for the barat which is one of my favorite parts of the day! Just look at those colors!

Come on!

But I gotta be honest, I was really digging the black & white vibe here too! This shot is mine and it’s one my favorite I’ve ever taken.

This one is Justin’s! Love her face!

Pankit’s parents dancing it up!

While Pankit & his family were making their way to the ceremony, Sonia’s family was getting ready to greet them.

This part is called the Milni where the bride’s family greets the groom’s family. The moms greet each other, the dads greet each other, and so on through all the major family members. It’s amazing to watch!

Then Sonia’s parents greet Pankit at the gate of the ceremony.

This one was Julia’s! I’m telling you, she is rocking it out this year! Just wait til you see Part III with the ceremony!

Stay tuned!! Part III & the Ceremony are coming up soon!

  1. Spring

    Wow- stunning!!! I can’t even imagine the amount of photos at such a beautiful extravagant event!!! All those details…. I can see the narrowing down problem :)

  2. Emma - Adorable moments

    WOW! These pictures are STUNNING!

  3. Glenda

    Absolutely AMAZING J&M, WOW! Such beautiful people and colors!

  4. Alison

    The colors and details are incredible but the little girl has absolutely captivated me.

  5. Sonia and Pankit

    Wow! Justin, Mary, & Julia- these pictures are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for capturing all the special moments of our wedding. These pictures are beyond anything we could have ever imagined! Thank you!

  6. Marisa

    What an amazing wedding!! And the photos are spectacular!! Great work!

  7. Catherine Guidry

    It is my dream to photograph a wedding like this..and you have captured the beauty and essence of their day So well. Amazing.

  8. Marcus Murphy

    So beautiful! You guys are amazing. Love.

  9. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    These are SO totally stunning. What gorgeous girls. Your photos are just fabulous….I love all the B&W’s…and all the colour….and EVERYTHING! Great job.

  10. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    These are SO totally stunning. What gorgeous girls. Your photos are just fabulous….I love all the B&W’s…and all the colour….and EVERYTHING! Great job.

  11. jenna walker

    you guys knocked this one out of the park! it is BEAUTIFUL! the colors! Oh but miami looks HOT – well worth any sweat on the beach!! ;)

  12. Yuka photo art

    I Love that parasol! Amazing photographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jil


  14. ashleigh

    beautiful photos!!! great running into you again mary at wppi ;)

  15. Stacey


  16. Stef

    You guys are killing me over here – the colors are ahh-mazing! SO vibrant – LOVE, LOVE LOVE!

  17. Mamie Miranda

    Sonia… beautiful!!! Many Blessings to you both always!

  18. Life with Kaishon

    I love their culture. So colorful and bright! Gorgeous!

  19. Gloria Pelo

    AMIZING Pictures,beautiful wedding,bride very pretty

  20. Ray

    Gorgeous, AWESOME shots! I love, love, LOVE Indian weddings! They’re so elaborate with the bright colors, the design of the bride/groom’s attire and the exquisite, EXQUISITE oh-my-god-mega-awesome-royalty-like jewelry. Do you have any idea where Sonia purchased her jewelry from? Another reason why I love Indian weddings: Boy do they know how to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E! I love how you got shots of everyone celebrating this very special occasion. That’s also important as well, for the bride and groom to look back on the moments they probably missed. This is now one of my ultimate faves from you. You guys did a WONDERFUL job! I can’t wait for part III. =D

  21. Tammie

    Just beautiful! I love love love the colors – and your B&W photos are the bomb! Nice work! Can’t wait to see the 3rd part of the post :)

  22. fEuza

    love the beach color with their color and oh what a celebration, how long was this wedding, looked amazing,

  23. Katelyn James

    The shot of sonia’s mom is stunning! What a gorgeous woman. So classy!

  24. sarah bray

    absolutely stunning!!

  25. Kunal Parikh

    Is that Pankit’s mom or his sister? These pictures are fantastic. Well done.

  26. John Murray

    These pictures are amazing guys!!

  27. Stephanie Stewart

    Are you kidding me with the beach and the parasol??? LOVE those!!! And that eyelash shot is to die for! Congrats on such an amazingly beautiful wedding!

  28. Pawel Slowik

    great pictures !!!!

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