December 14, 2011

Editorial: Jennie Fresa

We recently got together with adorable Jennie Fresa to shoot headshots for her and her team, for the unveiling of her new brand: Jennie Fresa Makeup and Skincare Boutiquerie A few days before the shoot, I shot Jennie an email that went a little something like this, “Hey, I’m thinking we ditch the whole vanilla headshot approach and go for something a little more….Vanity Fair. What do you say…are you down?” And being the embodiment of fabulous that she is….she was.

And so, our first ever foray into editorial portraiture was born.

What can I say….we could get used to this stuff.


  1. Jil

    this is incredible.

  2. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    These are AMAZING!!!

  3. Jaymz

    fantastic light! Luv’n it!

  4. robyn L

    Wow. You two amaze me. You continue to outdo yourselves. Fantastic work.

  5. lucinda Wesson

    Absolutely Stunning!!!!

  6. Deyla Huss Photography

    I love this editorial look, its becoming part of my new branding and I’m super excited!
    Beautiful work as always lovelies!

  7. caitlin m

    LOve THIS

  8. Jessica

    Gorgeous! The light is stunning…beautiful work, guys!! – xoxo

  9. Lesley

    I think I just died, this is just simply delicious and scrumptious!!

  10. Emilia Jane

    STUNNING. Seriously you all rock my socks off! :-) XOXOXO

  11. Catie Ronquillo

    I LOVE IT! This is awesome, and I love that it looks straight out of magazine! Great work J&M! :)

  12. Mal

    This ROCKS!!!! She looks like everything I would want a photograph of me to look like. Hard and soft, sultry and seductive yet shy and sweet. I don’t know her, but I want to. I bet she’s B.A.

  13. Cathy

    HOLY SMOKES, you guys!! Absolutely flawless. There are going to be gobs of editors beating down your door!!!

  14. Stephanie Stewart

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Amazing!

  15. sarah true

    WOW!! Absolutely stunning!! These are amazing! reminding me I really need to have new photos done! :)

  16. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    Stunning. That’s all I can say. Bravissimi!

  17. Arielle

    These are fantastic! Annie Liebowitz is in trouble now!
    ps-what size softboxes are we talkin’ here?

  18. Adrienne Suarez

    Wow, these are gorgeous!! Would love to hear more about the lighting in these shots when you do the next live chat!

  19. sherri lynn

    These are amazing! Love them! And good insight on beauty, too!

  20. MM

    @Arielle: the main light was a five foot octobank! Profoto heads

  21. sarah danaher

    oh my goodness. i can’t even put into words how amazing, stunning, sweet, perfect, etc this is. you guys were MADE for editorial work!!!!!

  22. athena p

    I’m on my way to your studio/office/house/CT as we speak. I’d like to put my face in front of your camera. like, yesterday. Oh.My.GOSH are these GORGEOUS.

    You never fail to amaze. These are wonderful. Emotive. Her eyes!! even TYRA would fall over with all the emotion coming from them.

    I’d say your first foray is a fabulous success!



  23. Dana Goodson

    Love these! I would love to hear/see how you lit these or any "behind the scene" shots.

  24. Dede

    Love this look!

  25. Amy Clifton

    Um, seriously VF worthy. You guys are amazing!

  26. Shannon Sorensen

    Simply gorgeous. Well done :)

  27. julianna collett

    Ahhhhh!!!! love these , the light is so soft and yummy!

  28. kathryn @ atlas & elia

    Lovely! Lovely!

  29. Melissa :)

    LOVE! :) It all just fits so perfectly!!!!

  30. Alison Fischer

    Stunning, gorgeous & fabulous! Need a thesaurus to describe how much I love these images!

  31. Lindsay Milan

    JENNIE! You are a glamour girl! I am obsessed with these photos. Amazing, J & M!!!!

  32. Lara

    These are gorgeous!

  33. Tiffany Tracy

    Justin & Mary just breathtaking…. Congrats Jennie Fresa, to a fabulous 2012!

  34. Dyan Salemi

    This is a statement …class never fades…Jennie & her team pure class

  35. Jessica Frey Photography

    Wow. So, to be original, I’ll use the word *stunning* ;) seriously, this is gorgeous, what lucky ladies to have such gorgeous photos taken by you two!

    Can a future post be the behind the scenes of creating such an iconic/vanity fair look?

  36. jennie fresa

    is it odd that these made me tear up–in a very, very good way! oh, my goodness! I LOVE how this turned out! xoxo

  37. The Detailed Life

    these are great. I want that gal’s haircut.

  38. Lauren Wakefield

    Sassy! I love it! And I love the quotes!

  39. Mireille

    WOW! So beautiful.

  40. Kimberly Walker

    Stunning! I would also love a behind the scenes look at how you did it.

  41. jennie fresa

    i speak on behalf of my entire team when I say thank you to J&M! @jessica, we are very lucky! @MAL, i’m a wanna be BA- J&M brought that out in me here. ;-) lol
    @Tiffany, thanks for the well wishes! back at ya!
    J&M- seriously, this is out of the park. XO!

  42. ely

    Love these, they’re incredible!

  43. Janice Day

    This is one of my favourite things I’ve ever seen from you guys. Seriously could not love it more. Please tell me you have a behind-the-scene or a pancake session in the works.

  44. Tira J

    Beautiful images J & M! This is the week of stretching ourselves to do something different. xoxo

  45. Candice

    Jennie– I can’t get over how absolutely GORGEOUS and AMAZING this is!!! Nice job to all. You and all the talented ladies of JF look stunning!!!! XOXO

  46. Jessie Emeric

    love the Vanity Fair look! Gorgeous. xoxo

  47. Alice G Patterson

    That is soooo Vanity Fair… job well done! You guys always inspire me. xoxo

  48. Susan

    Oh wow, these are amazing! I really hope someone took photos of you taking photos…and that you discuss your lighting for this shoot during your next chat!

  49. spring


    I think when i do new head shots again- you know next year ;) we should do something like this…. love how this looks exactly like pages from a magazine!!! PERFECTION! Plus Jennie rocks!

  50. Beth Chapman

    There are no words…the images, the quotes, the lighting…it is all BEYOND FABULOUS!! congrats to Jennie for having this beauty to work with and congrats to J &M for creating it!

  51. Abby Grace

    Wooooow. These are flawless, absolutely magnificent. These entire set looks like a magazine feature you’d see in Vogue- it’s just incredible.

  52. Nancy Mitchell

    These are simply gorgeous! Love the subtle look! Great job J&M!

  53. Kari Jeanne

    Love these – they look straight out of Vanity Fair! Amazing.

  54. yumiko

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Just beautiful Jennie and gorgeous images Justin and Mary!!!

  55. Christa Hann

    Sounds like a broken record but WOW!!! Beautiful….beautiful :)

  56. ashley barnett

    I love this you guys. So classy, so beautiful. You guys are just so multi-talented!

  57. Brigid

    uhhhh…HELLO MISS MODEL!!! LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE THESE!!! Jennie…you look stunning!!!! ;) ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!

  58. Girish

    Beautiful portraits. Is it all natural light or strobes.

  59. Kelley Solomon

    You are breathtaking Jennie. Beautiful pictures! xoxo

  60. Becky

    You are gorgeous!!!

  61. Deji

    Love these!! Beautiful work.

  62. doug

    I’m blown away! Absolutely beautiful!

  63. Ginny

    LOVE everything about this post!

  64. sharon elizabeth

    LOVE this!

  65. Josh

    One word. STUNNING!

  66. Kristi Chappell

    Simply beautiful!

  67. Kristin

    Ah! You definitely achieved what you were going for here. So well done!

  68. Jackie Lamas

    Oh emm geee! Seriously beautiful job! I could see this in a vogue spread! AMAZING!!!

  69. Lydia

    Wow, these are amazing!!

  70. Ray

    Wow. These are definitely magazine-worthy. Love it. Yay, for trying new things and being good at it. ;o)

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