February 27, 2012

Editorial: The White Dress by the Shore

Good morning & Happy Monday!

Justin & I are slowing recovering and edging back into normal life after WPPI (stay tuned tomorrow for our full recap on all that craziness including a brand new film from Jeremy Mitchell!) and I couldn’t think of any better way to come back swinging than by sharing with you this editorial shoot we recently did with Beth Chapman of the White Dress by the Shore, Jennie Fresa of the Jennie Fresa Makeup & Skincare Boutiquerie and Terri Coon of the Timothy Pamment Salon.

Beth & Jennie approached us with the idea of doing a whole shoot with 6 different looks, all about putting a new spin on an old tradition: the bird cage veil. As soon as we heard their ideas, we were in like Flynn (whoever that guy is!) and knew we were in for something good. But never ever, did we guess just HOW good. Although with these three involved, how could I possibly be surprised? I’ll let the looks (and the powerhouse talent of three incredible women, not to mention two absolutely gorgeous models!) speak for themselves!

Editorial: The White Dress by the Shore

Dress Designers: David Fielden, Modern Trousseau, Amsale, Amy Kuschel
Hair Pieces courtesy of: Haute Bride, Bijou Van Ness, A Couture, White Dress by the Shore
Jewelry: Maria Elena

  1. Caitlin Sullivan

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  2. Christy

    These are absolutely stunning and are actually making me miss doing shoots in a studio setting! That soft light is amaaaaazing also. Wow.

  3. Debbie

    STUNNING!! The use of light is absolutely incredible!

  4. Arielle

    I am so obsessed with this shoot! Beautiful work! Any chance you’ll do a bts of one of these shoots? I’d love to know more about your tools/process in editorial shooting :)

  5. Tiffany Farley

    Seriously stunning.

  6. Deney


  7. maggieb

    ooooo-la-la!!! Captivating beauty
    and style! More. More.

  8. Emilia Jane

    Oh my gracious. Beautiful images. Gorgeous dresses. I am LOVING your editorial work.

  9. Carissa

    Wowowow. I looove how you show a little beyond the backdrop in that last one. But the light in all of these is pure perfection. SO beautiful you guys!!!!

  10. Deyla Huss Photography

    GORGEOUS!! I love all of these looks!!!

  11. Dallas

    Each photo is more gorgeous than the next. Incredibly stunning work!

  12. Dede Edwards


  13. Suzanne

    These images are stunning! Love the cage veil, it’s popularity is continuing to grow in the past two years. Many of our clients opt for it, too. I love the idea of a whole shoot centered around the veils. Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. Caroline

    Absolutely Gorgeous! In love with this new editorial series.

  15. Amanda B

    This is phenomenal. I think this is where Stephanie Olson got her dress. What a great shoot!

  16. Blair Van Bussel

    wow! These could not be any more stunning! Seriously, just beautiful you two!!

  17. Jen O

    Wow. These are stunning. Gorgeous work you two!

  18. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Wow! These are breathtaking~an amazing collaboration!

  19. allison

    absolutely stunning – each picture is flawless!

  20. Regina Marie

    stunning work!

  21. Karen Stott

    These images are insane…. the epitome of why we love you guys… always pushing the envelope in your biz AND your imagery. Love ya!

  22. Jamie

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything turned out beautiful!

  23. Margaret

    Stunning!! Those dresses are amazing as well. Wow!!

  24. Bethany Ann

    Seriously, J & M?! Such amazing images. I love, love, love them. :) So inspiring!!! Happy Monday! :)

  25. kayla :)

    GORGE!!!!!! Absolutely stunning!

  26. Jil

    these truly took my breath away. these editorial shoots are insane

  27. Jen Jar

    Is there anything you two CAN’T do??? Amazing amazing images! Can’t wait to see the film tomorrow <3

  28. Sasha Norgaard

    These pictures are absolutely brilliant and so are the models with the fantastic looks they are rocking
    : )

  29. ashley barnett

    Whoa- WHOA. These are absolutely breathtaking. The way you guys see and shape light is mind blowing. Thanks for taking it to another level, again :)

  30. Lily Glass

    All so classic and stunning. Beautiful!

  31. Stephanie Stewart

    Ohhhh.Myyyyyy.Gooooodness. Can hardly stand the beauty of your editorial work here…simply stunning, so effortlessly gorgeous. Love, love, LOOOOOOOVE. Love all the gowns and veils, what a fun shoot! How long was this session? I would want to shoot this all.day.long!!!

  32. Emily Crall

    Breathtaking. Seriously… I’m never at a loss for words until I’m looking at your work.

  33. Jensey

    Mary, I literally gasped at these! Gorgeous work. :)

  34. ZipporahK

    Ahh, these are gorgeous!

  35. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    I LOVE each and every image equally…no favorites here…they all work together to create something really special.

  36. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    I LOVE each and every image equally…no favorites here…they all work together to create something really special.

  37. Lauren Wakefield

    These are GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously…so stunning!!!!

  38. Abby Grace

    I tried using my brand-new PocketWizard set-up yesterday, it failed, and I swore I hated studio lighting. One look at this entry has me raring to try again. These are so beautiful!

  39. Luke & Cat

    Wow! These are just beautiful! We love that it is nothing fancy, just stunning timeless images. We are just going to sit here awhile and admire your wonderful work!

  40. Mary Anne Morgan

    These are stunning! I am curious as to what lighting you used. So dramatic and soft. I am a huge fan, you guys.

  41. Lisa Robinson

    Wow–BEAUTIFUL work! Can’t stop looking at these gorgeous images.

  42. christa

    I think I’ve said this before but I love these editorial shoots that you’re doing :)

  43. Catie Ronquillo

    IN LOVE with this shoot!!

  44. LEOLAK

    STUNNING!!! The light…GOREGOUS…this whole session is as smooth as butta!! =) Wow…Wow…Wow!!!

  45. sharon elizabeth

    JUSTIN AND MARY…. this is SOOOOO ya’lls ‘thing’ — you nail it every.single.time!!! MORE MORE MORE! =)

  46. Jessie Emeric


  47. Jennie Fresa

    exceeded all expectations. by far, one of my favorite projects of all time. always a pleasure working with justin & mary! xo

  48. Regan

    Perfection!! Unbelievably beautiful! I can’t stop simply staring at these images! They are so captivating!

  49. Terri Coon

    When Jennie and Beth asked me to be part of this project , I was so excited . Thank You ! And Thank You Justin and Mary , for one of the most rewarding experiences for me as a Hairdresser is watching my Inspirations come to life.
    "Elegance is the only Beauty that never fades" – Audrey Hepburn

  50. Beth Chapman

    J & M, you took a simple idea and took it to the next level! Between your amazing talents and the stunning beauty created by Jennie Fresa and Terri Coon, it exceeded my vision in every single way! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with me!

  51. Katelyn James

    this right here… it’s your new thing my friends! SO incredibly classy!!! and NEW! LOVELOVELOVE!!

  52. robyn

    These photographs look like sculpture. Excellent work.

  53. Jennifer Medeiros

    Whoa! Gorgeous…. as always!

  54. Gabby / En Route Photography

    Simply amazeballs! Well done guys!

  55. rich

    holy cow – absolutely beautiful imagery!

  56. Chelsea

    Wow. For reals. Just wow.

  57. Jason and Amy

    These are all amazing guys! Love the lighting! Would you mind sharing what your lightsource was for these?

  58. Eric F

    These pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!! I thought I was looking through a magazine ad. Stunning to say the least!! Great work you two! I hope you’re at WPPI next year when my wife and I make our first trip out. We’d love to get to meet you. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  59. Alicia White

    These are STUNNNNNNING! WOW!!!!!!

  60. Jessica Frey Photography

    Words cannot express how absolutely amazing these are….you guys have taken your work to another level and it’s breathtaking to watch! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me pretty much on a daily basis now ;) Hugs!

  61. betsy la vida

    Just absolutely STUNNING!!! Luxurious and luscious and timeless. Gorgeous work, you two!

  62. Sindy

    Oh my goodness… simply breathtaking.

  63. Laura Gordon

    Woah! This is INCREDIBLY stunning! These images are seriously perfect! Definitely one of my favorite of yours :)

  64. Chanique

    Have to agree with Lauro – there is not one photo here that doesn’t look perfect! They are all incredible!

  65. dawn

    gorgeous photos, every single one of them. and i also love this backdrop, could you say who it’s by?

  66. Ray

    Gorgeous. I love these editorials you two are now doing. Very sleek, classy and sophisticated.

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