March 27, 2012

Editorial: Yumiko Fletcher

We first met opera singer turned floral design ingenue, Yumiko Fletcher, in the very early days of Justin & I starting our business. And she has since become a loyal ally, friend and champion to us. Someone we are lucky to call a friend. Yumiko first left New York and the bright lights of the stage shortly after 9/11. She’s since found a quieter life by the water of the CT shoreline designing blooms for the likes of Vera Wang. But rest assured, whatever she does, wherever she goes…you can be certain that she will shine.

Meet: Yumiko Fletcher

**We wanted to pay homage to Yumiko’s stage heritage, so the Garde Arts Center in New London provided the perfect backdrop.

  1. sharon elizabeth

    MORE MORE MORE!!!!! LOVE the shot with the rose petals! AHH… I love EVERY shot!!!

  2. Jil

    once again i am FLOORED by your editorial shoot. what a gorgeous and talented lady! and what PHENOMENAL photos!!

  3. Katelyn James

    ahh! sharon is right! we wanna see more rose petals!! those are gorgeous… I’m telling you.. this should be a THING for you….. no one else is doing this quite like you guys:) So exciting!

  4. Arielle

    as another New York Opera Singer turned wedding professional, I love this shoot and agree with everything Yumiko says about a wedding being like a great performance! Great work, guys!

  5. Alexandra Hunt

    Just LOVELY.

    My favourite is the the one on the couch with the hair lighting.

  6. Emilia Jane

    So much gorgeousness!!

  7. Allison Andres

    That last frame just breathtaking! All of them are beautiful, but her smile is just electric.

  8. katie yuen

    I love the way you do your editorial shoots! It makes me feel like I’m looking at a super classy magazine! Minus all those horrible ads ;)

  9. Deney

    iDie! Loving your editorial style portraits!

  10. Christy

    Seriously – every editorial session you post makes me want to get back to using strobes and creating my own light. These are absolutely stunning!

  11. Tira J

    Completely gorgeous! Just perfect!

  12. Shannon Rosan

    Love these :) my favorite is her on the couch with the petals – Stunning!

  13. Natalie

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. :)

  14. lucinda Wesson

    gorgeous images and gorgeous lady both inside and out!!!!!

  15. Kandise

    Gorgeous :)

  16. jacin {lovely little details}

    yumiko is one of my absolute favorite florists and i can tell that she is just as amazing and beautiful on the inside as she is out!

  17. Rachel McCloud

    Beautiful. LOVE everything about this. She is glowing.

  18. Beth Chapman

    J & M, through this shoot you managed to captured Yumiko’s stunning inner and outer beauty! Just lovely!

  19. Luke Neumayr

    Woah! Beautiful! Congrats on the stunning pictures, pat each other on the back for these images!

  20. Stephanie Stewart

    LOOOOOOVE! I’m always excited when I see that you are blogging an editorial session! Yumiko is beautiful! Gorgeous work, as always!

  21. yumiko

    First of all, thank you all for the very kind compliments! I’m so touched!!!

    And thanks especially, to Justin and Mary, for sharing your gift of photography!!! I will look back at these when I’m old and grey and smile.

  22. JennV

    Wow, these are all just absolutely STUNNING. I am in love.

  23. erin * sparkle & hay

    I cannot imagine a person meeting Yumiko & not loving her. You have captured her sweet & adventurous spirit absolutely perfectly! Beautiful!

  24. ashley barnett

    OOOOOO. These are awesome. Loving this new editorial take on portraits, f’reals!

  25. Adrienne O'Connor, Ruffles & Tweed

    these are insanely gorgeous!

  26. Sabrina

    There’s something about your work that keeps me coming back, the tones in the image, the layout with text, the smooth contouring lighting, it is inspirational!

  27. Amy

    For some reason, I find these posts so inspiring; perhaps it is the simple elegance of the photography, or the inspiration I pull from the quotes. Not sure, but keep them coming. p.s. that last shot is breathtaking

  28. Girish

    Awesome shots those. Love the light, fantastic soft lighting. Perfect for her :)

    Great photographs

  29. Lauren Wakefield

    LOVE these! I am seriously digging your editorial posts. :)

  30. Samantha Harkins

    You photograph a number of insanely attractive people. :)

  31. Rachel

    These are all gorgeous photos but I really LOVE the one of her in the blue dress on the couch ♥

  32. Gail

    The lighting in these? GORGEOUS.

  33. Ciiku

    All types of awesomeness going on here.

  34. Nancy Mitchell

    STUNNING! Way to go! I am in LOVE with your new editorials:)

  35. Christa

    Love! These really are becoming my favourites :)

  36. rich

    wow, beautiful shots! love the feel of all of these!

  37. Abbey

    LOVE!! The subject, the lighting, the mood – everything is stunning in this editorial shoot!

  38. Kat Hanafin

    usually your words make me cry; this time, it was the pictures. AH-MA-ZING. She is so beautiful, and I know, in just the short time I’ve known her, she’s beautfiul on the inside as well. These are truly incredible. xo

  39. denise karis

    you are AMAZING! Your style is so lux!

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