November 9, 2012

Editorial: Zach Lockwood

A while back we got the absolutely incredible opportunity to photograph up and coming country singer Zach Lockwood when he had a break from his tour and was back home in Connecticut. For this shoot, it was on my heart for Justin to be able to just go out and create without any obligations and to get back to just that love of photography and why he got started in the first place. And also without me there, competing for the shot and taking over all the directing (what is it about us wives that we just LOVE to take over the direction?? :) So he went out on his own….and completely ROCKED it. I am beyond proud to share these images with you guys today!!

Editorial: Zach Lockwood shot on location at the Griswold Inn & Monkey Farm Cafe

**A HUGE shout out of thanks goes to Anthony DeCarlo who went to help out on location with Justin. Couldn’t have done it without you friend!!

  1. Abby Grace

    Um… you guys? This is incredible. That second shot of him looking down is STUNNING. In the manliest way possible.

  2. Jil

    these are INSANE!! you guys keep upping the ante – I’m floored!

  3. Spring McKenney

    SOOOO COOL!!! These images are so timeless and classic I just love them!

  4. Sheryl Culp

    Love the lighting and composition. You guys are fantastic!

  5. Tiffany Farley


  6. Susan Evans

    Just beautiful

  7. Deborah Zoe

    wow wow wow. these are fantastic:)

  8. Stephanie Stewart

    Love all of these! Justin, you rock! Love that close up of Mr. Lockwood’s fingers on the guitar, awesome! Always look forward to seeing J&M editorials!!!

  9. sharon elizabeth

    these are great J!!!!! love ya’lls editorial shoots — wish you did more of them!

  10. Tira J

    VERY COOL!!!! What an awesome opportunity, and I love all of them.

  11. Ashley Scobey

    Absolutely awesome, y’all!! And he is pretty easy on the eyes ;)

  12. lyn ismael-bennett

    I adore your use of light! So pretty :)

  13. Jeremy Jackson

    Your editorial work is always so beautiful and this shoot is no exception. Really great images! Love the way you guys use light and love the incorporation of the quotes from Zach.

  14. Josh & Kylie

    Awesome work guys. Love seeing fresh new stuff from you!

  15. Dennis

    This is so awesome guys!

  16. Christa

    Love the editorial shoots that you guys do. Justin rocked it out!

  17. Rici

    Love this one sooooo badly! All the warm tones, wood colors, and great lighting! AMAzing!!!!!
    ~ Saluti.

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