January 9, 2013

Episode 1: This is What’s Next

The What’s Next Tour has begun.

Yesterday, we rolled into LA, started the load out of the bus….and three hours later, we officially had a tour.

There is a TON that goes into the set up & making everything work and look polished. You wouldn’t believe how much work it is! And I am SO thankful to have an incredible team of some of our closest friends along with us who are working tirelessly to make that happen at every stop. Yesterday, I hunkered down in our room on the bus putting the finishing touches on the talk until the very last minute I could. And when I came down, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They absolutely blew me away!

So I just wanted to take a few minutes today to share some of what “What’s Next” looks like, to give all of you guys who are coming to the next 9 cities a hint of what’s to come so you can get excited! :) And I am SO thankful to our on tour cinematographer, the amazing Jeremy Mitchell, for staying up ALL night and putting together this sneak peek video so you can get a real idea of what What’s Next is all about!

We’ll see you on the road!

**HUGE thanks to the amazing Lukas & Suzy for coming early & staying late to help us load in/out & for getting us these awesome pictures!! We LOVE you guys!!

Miss Ashley doing her thing introducing me!!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    First things first…. I saw Justin in a T-Shirt… HOLD THE PHONE!!!! hehe! Can’t wait… and I am so so proud of y’all!

  2. rich

    looks like a wonderful tour! such beautiful details everywhere on top of all the great info that’s being given!

  3. Alicia White

    Ahhhh so so proud and happy for you guys! Keep chasing those BIG dreams! xoxo MUAH!

  4. Deyla Huss

    Good Luck on the Tour! You guys will do awesome!!!

  5. Justine

    So great! Thank you for the peek inside the tour!

  6. sandra fazzino

    looks amazing! safe travels! spread your fairy dust far and wide and keep up the Great Work!

  7. //The Grovers

    Aww we made it on the blog! Thanks for hosting such an awesome event! Hoping the next 9 cities go just as well!!

  8. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    I’ve been so ON IT since What’s Next LA! Thank you so much for doing this – having the dream to hit the road and share the lessons you’ve learned and to push us to dream about what’s next for our businesses! I’ve been so focused on the day to day that I haven’t taken the time to think ahead! But I’m inspired by your experiences and by all the people who shared their stories in LA! Congrats on the launch of your tour, and I can’t wait to hear about what happens in all the other cities! : )

  9. John Lennon

    I bought my ticket. My Brother is flyinh in from our MI studio and I jus treated one of my second photogs to a seat at the lighting show. We are pumped! See you in NYC!

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