January 31, 2013

Episode 4: The Final Episode

Good morning friends!

Today we are happy (and yes, a little sad too) to bring you the final episode from our What’s Next journey. In this episode you’ll see some of our final stops including DC, Indy & Nashville, as well as bus delirium, life in between, a day off in Nashville, and stopping everything in the middle to go shoot our first wedding of the year. It’s been a crazy ride. The chance of a lifetime. And I am SO thankful to the incredible Jeremy Mitchell for giving us these memories to hold on to forever. Enjoy!

Justin and Mary What’s Next Tour from jeremy mitchell on Vimeo.

  1. Katelyn James

    LOVE this one!!! So amazed at what you two accomplished this month!!!

  2. miranda

    love love love!! Thank you again!!! (I found me, in the video!!!) :]

  3. Jennifer Gulley

    Love this!! makes me tear up/get fired up/inspired all over again. Thanks for sharing and thank you for putting on such a great workshop – My mother-in-law bought me the ticket to go and it was the best gift ever. Thanks!!

  4. Katie Yuen

    LOVE is the only word I can think of right now! Love what you’re doing for other people, and love that its YOU guys that are doing it!

  5. Kerri Hamm

    So inspiring Mary! Beautiful. I love "the world is better when you’re in it all the way." That’s so good!

  6. Graham

    BEST ONE YET!!! Such a beautiful experience. Thank you so much for making it happen!

  7. Liz and Ryan

    Whoa… the happy tears are flowing! What an AMAZING AMAZING journey! Thank you for the incredible opportunity to be a part of this life changing experience! And Jeremy…well done friend! That was captured quite perfectly! ;)

  8. sharon elizabeth

    I think what I love most about this… is that is proves you are doing exactly what God wants you to be doing! Look at how many people y ‘all have influences… blessed… inspired. Gah — it’s so incredible to really just think about!!! XOXOX

  9. heather

    So fun watching it! Congrats on making it to the end of the 3 weeks :)

  10. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    Somehow seeing Cooper at the end put me over the top (*tears*)! So so so excited for YOUR What’s Nexts you guys! WAY TO GO BIG!!! So much love for you guys!

  11. ashley barnett

    I seriously can’t watch it without bursting into tears and then laughing all at the same time. Look at what we all DID- we did this with our own 14-16 hands (plus countless other hands that helped along the way)..it’s so amazing :)

  12. Shauna

    What an awesome way to give back to the community and what a great way to remember it!

  13. Alli McWhinney

    Congrats on the tour! Simply amazing what you guys can accomplish!

  14. deb perry

    wow…so much wonderful going on in this link, this post, these words, the imagery. Amazing. It feels real.

  15. Rachel McCloud

    This tour looks like so much fun. I’m bummed I couldn’t be there but still thank you so much for sharing your heart :)

  16. Evie Perez

    Agh you two are just simply amazing!!! love your heats and passion to help others.

  17. Bethany Ann

    Your Nashville stop was so great! Thank you for your inspiring words! And thanks to your awesome crew. Attending What’s Next was a wonderful way to start the new year, that’s for sure. :)

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