February 16, 2011

Everybody’s a Photographer

Good morning!

While we’re putting the finishing touches on Kim & Steve Pt I, here’s a funny lil’ story to start your day:

So while I was shooting Steve & his mom in the mother-son dance at the wedding, this little one comes running up to me on the dance floor holding up her digital camera and wouldn’t give up until I took it. I guess she thought her gear was better than mine & I’d do a better job with the upgrade. :)

Yea, yea, yea…..evvvvverybody’s a photographer! :) :)

Stay tuned! Kim & Steve Pt I is coming to a blog near you very soon!

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  1. Armin

    HAHA cute, love it when the kiddos do that!

  2. gen

    Hahaha…that is so adorable! One day, someone is going to have to explain to that little girl that there used to be this thing called "film" and that you actually had to WAIT to see the pictures instead of them just magically showing up on the screen! I bet she won’t believe it!!

  3. Michelle


  4. Laura Gordon

    So cute!

  5. Kare


  6. Katelyn James

    Love that!!

  7. maggieb

    how sweet is she?…a darling Mary fan…and when she’s grown and famous you can say you knew her when…

  8. Kristin Nicole

    How cute is that! Maybe a future second shooter…lol

  9. Brooke

    That is too cute! :)

  10. Alison

    She is absolutely adorable:) One of my favorite things when I was second shooting was the little kids-you never ever know what you are going to get!

  11. Jackie Lamas

    what a cutie pie!

  12. Lydia

    So cute!

  13. Kristin Nicole


  14. Sindy

    Toooo cute! :)

  15. Jennifer

    That is soooo cute!

  16. Alicia Candelora

    Adorable! And I love Julia’s face :)

  17. Michelle

    LOL that is simply awesome!!!!

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