August 3, 2011

Fairfield County Wedding: Brigid & Josh

Happy Wednesday!!

Today we are bringing you the stunning DIY wedding of Brigid & Josh! All of the crazy cool details you see at the end of the post are courtesy of Brigid & Josh themselves, who spent hours making sure every part of the day just oozed the two of them. I love it when our couples go the extra mile to make sure the day really feels like them…and as you’ll see, this one takes the “cake”!! With huge thanks to the ever lovely Miss Jennie Fresa for rockin’ out Brigid’s look!!

Married: Brigid & Josh

Stay tuned later today when we’ll have a slideshow of even more faves up on our J&M facebook page. Be sure to head over & “like” the page so you can be among the first to see!

  1. Gail

    Her dress!! It’s SO beautiful! Perfection!

  2. sharon elizabeth

    ahhhh! these are wonderful! and i just LOVE her hair!

  3. Matt

    You guys are masters of capturing light and emotion. Love these!!

  4. Emilia Jane

    These are all gorgeous! I think honestly some of my favorite portraits I’ve seen :-D

  5. Kristin Nicole

    Gorgeous….the shows and the dress are divine!

  6. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    Wow! These photos and the event are absolutely stunning! Fantastic job!

  7. Mikaela

    Wow, stunning images of a truly beautiful wedding. ps – LOVE her dress! and her bracelet…any idea of where it came from? I’ve been looking for a piece just like that :)

  8. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    They are too cute! The cake topper is hilarious! Gorgeous wedding!

  9. Camille

    Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Wedding and Beautiful Images. I love love love the brides hair. She looked stunning.

  10. jeramy

    you really do give me a run for my money….i honestly can only (at the maximum) come up with one post a day. wheewww…

  11. Amanda Jackson

    Beautiful! Great lighting and detail shots!

  12. Stephanie

    Oh how cute is the cake topper!? Love the shot on the dance floor where he’s spinning her out…the reflection of her dress on the floor is rockin’!

  13. Tira J

    What a perfect couple and just gorgeous images! Love her dress!

  14. Brooke Summer Photography

    Absolutely beautiful, I love the dip!

  15. Abby Grace

    Wow, those dancing shots are amazing! You really captured movement in her dress. And that image of her sitting in the chair from the chin down? Beautiful.

  16. jennie fresa

    AHHH, how much fun are those cake toppers! What a gorgeous couple! Best wishes always to Brigid and Josh!! xo

  17. Ashley Terry

    Stunning, as always!

  18. Gabby / En Route Photography

    Whoa what a wedding! Once you need to take me to third shoot! ;)

  19. Suzy G

    I just love the way y’all use the light. It is just yummy in all of these images. Gorgeous wedding, wonderful photographs.

  20. Brigid

    J, M & J2…from the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU!! These pictures are everything I hoped for and more!! I LOOOOVE the lighting of the first look pictures… Justin…you did grab an awesome pic of my dad’s ring (it’s as if he was there)…and that lost shot…a perfect closer. Mikaela…the bracelet is from Haute Bride…they have an awesome line…check it out ;) Much love and gratitude!!! ♥

  21. ashley barnett

    You guys killed it! I love the portraits, I love the reception photos… her dress is gorgeous! You can tell they put their hearts into this one and I love that :)

  22. Corinna Hoffman

    Amazing detail shots! Love their cake topper :) Great job, guys!

  23. rich

    absolutely amazing job on these! what a classy wedding!

  24. Sindy

    So so so sooo beautiful!!! Every. single. shot.

  25. Sarah Heinle


  26. Julia R

    Gorgeous couple and great details! I’m so in love with her dress!

  27. Mireille

    Indeed! Truly STUNNING. The details are beautiful and all their DIY efforts as well. Love the b/w images.

  28. Brianna

    Beautiful couple, beautiful shots!

  29. Rebecca

    I love how you can see the movement of the dress, the cake top and the seating name cards really stand out.

  30. Briana

    Great photos! That looks like a wedding I would have liked to be invited to! Everyone is having so much fun… great details!

  31. The Dolan's

    We love the pics!
    B, S and the girls

  32. Heidi

    Fantastic pictures, they really capture the beauty and emotion of their special day!

  33. Liz

    Awesome pictures!! What a fabulous day it was!

  34. Richard & Karen Dolan

    They are bueatiful pictures, I wish we could have been there. God Bless the both of you!

  35. Uncle George & Aunt Ann

    Great pics and memories of such a beautiful day.

  36. Rachel Hecht

    The photos are amazing!!!!!!!!
    I loved looking at them.

    Love, Rachel

  37. Rob Sutfin

    These pictures are great! They definitely captured the moment, and I don’t even remember seeing a photographer!

  38. Evan

    Amazing pics of an amazing day!

  39. Meghan Dolan

    A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! The pictures really capture the perfection of the day! You were stunning!

  40. Stacy

    Fantastic wedding – beautiful pictures. Congratulations again!!

  41. Maureen White

    What a magical day and what a beautiful couple! These pictures are gorgeous! They really captured your special day.

  42. Erica

    Wow! These pictures are beautiful!!! It was a beautiful day for to wonderful people!!!

  43. Heather

    Great photos! Congratulations!

  44. Peter

    Great pictures! What a lovely couple.

  45. Judy

    Love the pictures! Can’t wait to see more!

  46. Lynne

    The photo’s look wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  47. Cynthia

    What marvelous pictures! Brigid and Josh should model and be on the cover of a magazine!

  48. Geoff

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple on a beautiful day. What else could one ask for? Nothing!

  49. Barb

    What a special day! Love the photos!

  50. Melissa

    Wonderful! The pictures really capture the emotion of the day.

  51. Rita

    Great pictures. Looks like it was a very special day. Congratulations!

  52. Teri Scheinzeit

    Wow. What amazing images. Gorgeous. Every one of them.

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