June 3, 2012

Fairmont Copley Wedding: Sandra & Sam

The dress hung on the door, just waiting for her to be ready. It wasn’t in a rush, and there was nowhere else to be. It had been waiting for this day for months now- a day that had been years in the making- and the moment was finally nearly upon them. But like I said, it wasn’t in a hurry. It knew there was no need to rush. Time didn’t need to move any faster. It would be there waiting, ready when she was. Because that’s how it is when you find your perfect fit.

He waited behind a closed door and adjusted his black bow tie, just waiting for her to be ready. He wasn’t in a rush, and there was nowhere else on earth he wanted to be. He had been waiting for this day all his life now- a day that had been several lifetimes in the making-and the moment, their moment was finally nearly upon them. But as he adjusted his cufflinks, he wasn’t in a hurry. He knew some things just can’t be rushed. And on this day more than any other, time definitely didn’t need to move any faster. So he stood there waiting, smiling, ready when she was.

Because that’s just how it is when you find your perfect fit.

Married: Sandra & Sam

Sandra & Sam were married on an absolutely glorious (albeit slightly delayed due to a missing priest :) day at the Fairmont Copley in Boston. They started off their day getting ready at the Fairmont, then headed out to the church for their Coptic Orthodox ceremony (something that was absolutely amazing to witness!) and then back to the Fairmont to dance the night away. And dance they did! And they celebrated, and hugged, and laughed. And held on to every precious moment. Not wishing a single one of them away. Sandra & Sam, we adore you to the moon and back. And my wish for you is that you love like this always: soaking in every minute and not letting a single second rush by. I hope Greece was amazing!

So much love,

Photography: Justin & Mary
Venue: Fairmont Copley Plaza
Beauty: The Make Up Artists
Blooms: Flouer
Baker: Cakes to Remember
Dress: Lazaro
And a HUGE shout out to the amazing cinema team that we absolutely LOVED working with: Tom & Melissa from Long Haul Films. Seriously, you guys complete us! :)

  1. Taylor

    Mary I love your wedding posts, you made me feel like I was there :D

  2. Kristin

    Always lovely. So classic!

  3. Jennifer Medeiros

    That dress is A-mazing! She wore it perfectly and you photographed it perfectly. What a gorgeous wedding! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Emilia Jane

    So absolutely stunning.

  5. Laura Gordon

    This wedding is so beautiful! You guys did a fantastic job :) I loveeeeee that first shot of the details :)

  6. Ashley Barnett

    Wow guys. These are stunning. I am in love with that dress and the bouquet! SO gorgeous!! :)

  7. Amanda Miller

    These are absolutely amazing!!! Not that I am surprised or anything. :P (Love the shot of the card in her hand!)

  8. Tina Nandi

    Loving the crowns!! Grand!

  9. Tiffany Bolk

    I hate to sound redundant, but totally stunning!

  10. Mark Andrew

    Great work. I just had a wedding in March in Newport with the same exact pink uplighting. It was challenging to work with and you guys have some great looking photos from the reception!

  11. Katelyn James

    LOVE that vertical b&w dancing shot in the ballroom! OMG!

  12. Stephanie Stewart

    Stunning, beautiful, breathtaking! Such a gorgeous wedding! And that cake — Wowza! Did I mention this was a completely stunning wedding? ;)

  13. Lauren Wakefield

    SO gorgeous!!!! The detail shots are to die for!!! You guys are amazing.

  14. Melissa

    Wow! We expected the photos would be amazing and were not disappointed! So beautiful, so many wonderful moments captured. It was a pleasure working with you extremely talented people!

  15. Anastasia

    I am blown away!!! Absolutely beautiful, every single photo!! You guys are amazing, never stop surprising your viewers. xxx

  16. Nicole Haley

    Beautiful as always! Love the photograph of the two of them reading what I assume to be notes from each other!

  17. Holly

    always so stunning, j&m!!! <3

  18. Kari Jeanne

    So gorgeous!! I love the emotion that you captured – just beautiful :)

  19. Bethany Ann

    Those bridesmaids dresses are so gorgeous! Lovely images, again! :)

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