October 1, 2010

Farmer’s Museum Wedding: Caitlin & Mike (Part I)

Happy Friday night! :) I am running late for a much deserved date night, but I just wanted to hop on real quick and give you first dibs on seeing Part I of Caitlin & Mike’s exquisite Farmer’s Museum Wedding in Cooperstown, NY. I have so much to say about these two (which I will save for Part II), but just know that I adore them. Like j’adore, adore them. And I know you are going to too.

Married: Caitlin & Mike

**Huge thanks to the incredibly talented Jessica Robinson of Jessica’s Country Flowers for putting on the deserving couple giveaway that brought us to Caitlin & Mike (we will be forever grateful for that!), and also for donating all the jaw-droppingly beautiful blooms that you see below and much, much more coming in Part II!

All of Caitlin’s details, especially her goddess-esque dress, were so elegant and stunning.

This is some of my favorite guy getting ready stuff EVER!! Prolly cause Mike is so dashing!

Mini sofia champagnes for the toast? yes please!

Here we go.


Caitlin, Caitlin, Caitlin. It just isn’t fair. You are too much pretty for any one girl to be. Seriously, what are the rest of us supposed to do after this?? :) Love you C, you are gorgeous!

Miss Julia grabbed both of these and I am in love with them. That girl is so beyond “getting good”….she is already there.


Off to the first look!

Mike was blown away when he saw Cailtin. I love that about him.

After the first look, I joined the bridal party on the trolley for a quick jaunt to the Farmer’s Museum.


I was IN LOVE with Caitlin & Mike’s wedding party. Not only did they take fierce to a whole other level, not a single one of them called us the paparazzi! May-jah bonus points.

Work it, lemme work it.

The fellas lookin raar worthy

More of Jessica’s art. Because really art is the only word for it.

I want to be BFF with these bridesmaids forever. Is that possible?

And THEN it was time to get C&M all to ourselves. And good Lord was it pretty.

Wood planks? if you insist!

Fun with Caitlin’s bouquet!

The bout was the bomb. Yes, you read that right.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. But there is SOOO much more a’coming!

  1. allyson magda

    Love that bouquet!!! so cool! beautiful wedding celebration!

  2. Brandi

    Justin, Mary, great job on the photos, as always. Gorgeous! Who else sees the resemblance of Caitlin to one beautiful Rachel Ray? Am I right!

  3. Christa

    Love the ring shots!

  4. Meg Clery

    Truly captured the couple and the day. Just beautiful! Speechless.

  5. Girish


    Love the indoor shots in the beginning.

    Could you tell us what tech specs on the camera that you used to get the brightness but avoid the burning.

  6. Kristin

    LOVE! ok.. that last picture is maybe one of my fav ever. Maybe..

  7. Tira J

    So beautiful!!!!! Just love them all! And Caitlin is soooo beautiful!

  8. Mike

    oh yeah, that’s my wife! Beautiful. Can’t thank you guys enough we are overwhelmed by these photos.

  9. maggieb

    well , yea, Mike, you’re a keeper too. You make a gorgeous couple and your special day is perfection on "film" to cherish forever. Go forth!

  10. Lisa G

    simply stunning work. The tones throughout this entire post are so appealing and those ring shots are the shazam heard ’round the world. Bravo!

  11. linda Kuo

    You guys just keep topping yourself. I never get tired of looking at these. Just leaves me wanting more.

  12. Eddye

    GORGEOUS ~ AS ALWAYS! Can’t wait to see part ii. The bouquets are to die for, Jessica:)

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