April 21, 2016

Fear Whispers and Says Don’t Move


I woke up on this Thursday morning needing to hear a few things. I thought you might need to hear them too.

See there’s this thing about Fear. Fear is a liar. Not just a fibber, not just a bender of truth, not a marketer in a Seth Godin book. But a full blown liar. Fear doesn’t have its fingers crossed behind its back, it’s not telling you things just to spare your feelings. It’s not a white liar in a Miranda Lambert song. Don’t let Fear fool you. Or make you write a country song.

Fear sits on your shoulder, it gets in your ear….and it lies to you.

And Fear is going to lie to you today and say Don’t Move. It’s going to tell you that it’s safer right where you are, sitting on the sidelines. Make you believe that your place is still somewhere among the shadows. Convince you that it’s not quite your turn yet to shine. Fear will lie and tell you that it’s just better when you’re quiet. That you haven’t earned the right yet to make some noise. That you haven’t put in enough dues to say out loud that you refuse to play small. Fear will tell you that the world doesn’t care what you have to say, so you may as well not say it in the first place. Even though the truth is, your words might just be the very thing this world is waiting on.

Fear is going to lie to you and try to convince you that this place called “there” as in “I’m not there yet” actually exists. Like it’s some place you can actually get to. Like it won’t always be just out of your reach and a fingertip’s breath beyond your grasp. It’s going to make you think it’s an actual place you can find on a map. That it exists somewhere in the cross hair intersection of “waited her turn” and “has now been given permission.” But I’m here to tell you, there is no place called “there” and you can spend your whole life waiting on it.

There is no there. There is only right here and right now, and what you choose to do with it.

Fear is a liar friends. Choose not to listen to it today.

Go rock it out!

  1. Irena


  2. Elise

    This is great, and describes what I’m feeling right now. Thanks for sharing your wisdom so eloquently! The photo really caught my eye on instagram this morning. :)

  3. Rici

    The timing of this post is so on cue Mary. It´s moving week for me. Lies like “Don´t move” apply in several ways and conquering them in even more. Thank you for writing about truth and shedding light among the dark places of lies so they don´t have no power anymore.
    Lots of love – from on the move.
    Ps, wanna give you a hug!

  4. David Abel

    So true! That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes “The best way to get ahead is to be fully present where you are” as in not dreaming of there but being exactly where you are now and doing the best with what you have.

  5. Ashley

    Great post, thank you for sharing, I’ve been dealing with a little of this lately, so this helped.

  6. Justin tearney

    Thanks for sharing this, perfect timing for me :)

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