January 9, 2011

Featured: Brides Connecticut

Good Morning!

Justin & I are getting ready to go on at the TCPPA in Minnesota this afternoon for our SIX HOUR presentation. Yea, six. As in the number after five. Two times three. Four plus two.


And that is a WHOLE lotta me for anyone group to have to deal with. :) So needless to say I’m nervous. Super nervous, really. Which would totally be my name if I was a super hero. Dun, da, da, DAHHHH…..it’s SUPER NERVOUS. And my cape would be yellow. Like a yellow belly. Because that it is the color of scaredy cats everywhere.

So as you can see, I need a distraction. And what better way to distract myself than by hopping on here to give a HUGE thanks to Miss Lauren Matthews and the whole crew at Brides Connecticut for featuring Kristin & Bill in their latest issue. The spread they put together is absolutely gorgeous and makes us look WAY better than we actually are! Now if only they could do that in real life….for my wardrobe.:)

Kristin & Bill, we absolutely adore you guys!! Thank you for being who you are, because honestly, you make it easy!

And now I get to brag. Ready? Brides CT also gave us their last page feature for this moment captured right after Kristin & BIll were married. And even though the caption says Justin & Mary, it was in fact JULIA who grabbed this one. And right now I’m so proud, I just might pop! :) Which should be interesting for the members of the TCPPA.

Tune back in this afternoon when Miss Julia takes over the blog! And wish us luck….cause we’re gonna need it!


  1. Jil

    yay! and SUPER congrats to Julia – what a rockstar!!

  2. Kare

    I love that Julia is such an integral part of the Justin & Mary team and that you guys give her the kudos she deserves! There’s obviously a lot of trust and camaraderie among the three of you – not to mention talent!

  3. Alice G Patterson

    You’ll be awesome, and the time will fly by. Super Nervous, however, does sound like a rockin’ Halloween costume. I wonder what super hero Justin could be? Oh, and I love the handsome spread in the magazine!

  4. Meredith

    beautiful feature! congratulations to all three of you :)

  5. Kristin H.

    Yay! Love you guys! Does NOT make you look better than you are cause when you’re the best at what you do, it shows. Fo real. Also why you shouldn’t be nervous today.. but good luck!!! And THANK YOU Julia! Had no idea that was yours, we LOVE that shot… and you :)

  6. maggieb

    just imagine…imagine … if Mary popped?!… a neverending plethora of confetti, and gold and silvery stars, with glitter and sparkly streamers shimmering and drifting all around…

  7. kelly klatt

    Hey guys,

    I just got back from your Minneapolis seminar-you guys did AMAZING!!! I’m subscribing to your blog now…thanks for an inspirational afternoon/evening…and for what it’s worth-those ‘dreaded’ six hours flew by for me!

  8. Betsy

    Helllloooo from Minnesota! Feeling completely inspired and refreshed – so great to meet you! (from the girl who has that unhealthy obsession with J.Crew). – Betsy

  9. Joan

    LOVED the six hour seminar last night. So inspiring!! Loved the boots …. Amen.

  10. Nicole B

    You guys are amazing!! and I <3 J2!! WTG on the feature and general awesome-sauce that you guys bring! oxox

  11. Kristin

    Yay for your feature! (It looks really nice!) And an extra congrats to Julia!

  12. Shannon Rosan

    Congrats Justin…Mary! And WAY TO GO Julia!!

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