May 8, 2013

Featured: Brides

Happy Wednesday friends!

Today is a day full of good things! First up, we were incredibly honored to find out that Brides Magazine picked up Kristin & Chad’s Greenwich wedding as one of their featured real weddings. Kristin & Chad had an incredible day filled with centerpieces of peaches, mint & the prettiest flowers you ever did see. They also made sure to give lots of honor to Chad’s Kentucky heritage, so there was sweet tea, biscuits, and drink stirrers with Kentucky Derby references. It’s still one of our all-time favorites! You can see the full feature by going HERE.

Also, like I mentioned last week, I love May because it’s my birthday month and also just because everything really starts to come alive in May. The flowers are blooming, the trees are (finally!) green…and it’s just an awesome time to be alive. And to sit on front porches. And soak in fresh starts. So leading up to my birthday, we thought it would be fun to give one of my favorite things away each week until the big day! This week we’re going to kick it off with a no-brainer: Starbucks of course! You don’t have to have been around the blog long to know my love of the green mermaid! :) But this time it’s for something a little different than my usual grande non-fat latte. You see, Starbucks just came out with these lemon cake pops. And I had one (ok, ok…TWO!) the other day…and they pretty much rocked my world!

So here’s the deal! Just leave us a note in the comment box below & we’re going to pick one lucky winner on Friday to win a $25 gift card to Starbucks….or approximately 12 and a half lemon cake pops! I’m just sayin. And…GO!!

  1. Dana Laymon

    congrats on the feature!

  2. Tori Watson

    birthday months are the best! and so are cake pops. ;)

    yay for may!

  3. New England Wedding Videogrpaher

    Am I the first to comment?? Those pops look delish!

  4. New England Wedding Videogrpaher

    Am I the first to comment? Those pops look delish!

  5. Katie S

    gotta love starbucks, they are doing happy hour for 1/2 off fraps between 2-4 every day until may 12! another reason sbux rocks! thanks guys!

  6. Rebekah Hoyt

    YUM! Lemon cake pops! Happy Birthday Month Mary!! :)

  7. Maureen Pacheco

    OMG! Why have I not seen these yet? Lemon pop cakes? Yea! I have to try these ASAP!

  8. Emilia Jane

    Congratulations on the beautiful feature!! (and I’m also totally obsessed with the new cake pops! just tried them in NYC for the first time)

  9. Andy and Rachel McCloud

    Happy birthday month Mary:)

    I haven’t had the lemon cake pops but they look so good I would probably eat all 12;)

  10. Brandilynn Aines

    I cannot wait to meet you two one day and do one of your workshops:) ahhh you guys are just awesome!!!!!!!!

  11. Brandilynn Aines

    I cannot wait to meet you two one day and do one of your workshops:) ahhh you guys are just awesome!!!!!!!!

  12. Tiffany Farley I want one! Ok four. I want four. :)

  13. kellen

    happy birthday month! love your stuff…those cake pops make me hungry!

  14. Jenny Lee

    Lemon cake pops..ummm…yummy! Happy Birthday Mary!

  15. rich

    congratulations!! well deserved!!

  16. Naomi Elle


  17. Laura

    Congrats on the feature! And I’m more of a salted caramel cake pop girl, but I’ll take your word for it and try a lemon one…. or twelve and a half lemon ones….

  18. Jennifer Cashin

    Coffee and cake! My two favorite things :)

  19. nauheim

    love your work… 2 are such an inspiration to me personally!

  20. Emily Crall

    LOVE cake pops. I’m totally too lazy to make them myself, but I will never be too lazy to eat them!

  21. Stef

    Lemon cake pops?! That just made my day!

  22. Kendra Phillabaum

    Happy Birthday Month, Mary!! Those lemon cake pops look so delicious!!!

  23. Nikki Santerre

    YAY for birthday months! Yummmm, I’m definitely going to have to make a trip to Starbucks for one of those soon! :)

  24. Christine G.

    Happy BIRTHDAY!!! I love May birthdays because I too have one. Kinda bias : )

  25. ashley barnett

    LEMON CAKE POPS?! I DIE! Lemon is my favorite cake/dessert flavor. Give me a lemon bar and a lemon pound cake and I’m a happy happy gal.

  26. Erica

    Mazel Tov! Happy Birthday Month!

  27. malika luthra

    May birthdays are the best! ;) And I have got to try these new lemon cake pops!

  28. Stephanie Stewart

    Happy Birthday Month, Mary!! xo

  29. Lindsey LaRue

    Congrats on your Brides feature! That just makes birthday month even sweeter, huh? :)

  30. Jennie

    Happy Birthday! Mmmm…sugar….

  31. Amanda B

    Happy almost Birthday!! I love Starbucks, too! It is frappaccino happy hour this week, 1/2 off! It is awesome!

  32. Lelia Marie

    I think I need to start embracing this whole birthday month thing! I never think about my birthday anymore until it is here and then I’m normally working so nothing happens. A month full of cake pops would work for me :-)

  33. Elizabeth Neuffer

    Happy almost birthday. I love Starbucks cake pops and now that I know they have a lemon cake pop, I’m not sure I will be able to resist. I might be stopping by the next Starbucks I find.

  34. Becca Pettingell

    Happy Birthday! Those Lemon Cake pops look gooood!

  35. Joanna

    Happy cake pops and candles Mary!

  36. Becky

    Yum! Cake pops! Happy Birthday :)

  37. Melanie Atkinson

    Happy birthday, Mary!

  38. Melanie Atkinson

    Happy birthday, Mary!

  39. Allison Keck

    Did you say cake?!?! I have a love/hate relationship with cake, but a cake pop must be less calories then an actual piece of cake lol!!! Happy soon to be birthday :)

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