February 2, 2018

Featured: Brit+Co, Profoto, Business Insider & MSN

In the last couple weeks, we have gotten some “chance of a lifetime” type features… the kind of features that the “starting our business in our old apartment, printing business cards on our Epson printer, buying Hershey’s chocolates for our giant oversized champagne glass at a bridal show” us (ahhh we all start somewhere!) wouldn’t have even dared DREAM of….

First up: Brit +Co

A producer at Shopify & the Oprah Winfrey Network, a VP at Fundera, the CEO & Founder at BossyGrl and Blurb, a Senior Partner at Uber, a VP at Poshmark and…me.

Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever been SO happy to be the underachiever of the group! I am totally freaking out, SO incredibly excited & beyond HONORED to be featured on Brit + Co today along with these INCREDIBLE women for the article “9 Successful Women Share Advice they Would Tell Their Younger Selves” Ahhhh!!! You can check it out HERE!!

Next up: Business Insider & MSN

We woke up one morning a few weeks ago to the crazy news that the LARGEST business news site on the web with 11 million visitors, Business Insider had featured us!!! We were SO excited & honored to be interviewed for this article on wedding guest trends we wish would go away! (AND as a Full House fan, the fact that they used Aunt Becky & Uncle Jesse is just the icing on the (wedding) cake!!) And then a few days later, we got the news that MSN (with its 10 million viewers) had picked it up too!!  

And finally: Profoto USA’s Top Nine

We were SO excited to find out that one of our photos was one of Profoto USA’s Top 9 of all of 2017!! Just look at this incredible line up of images!!

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