February 4, 2011

Featured: Martha Stewart, SMP & Lovely Little Details

We stood in Williams Sonoma together and he shook his head.

I don’t know. I mean, does it really matter? Do we really need our soap to match our walls. Cause y’know….it’s SOAP. You wash your hands with it. That’s it. Who cares what color it is?

Undeterred, I persisted. Because it didn’t just match. It matched perfectly. Like it was the soap that was born to rest on our bathroom sink. Like of all the soaps out there in all the soap gin joints of the world, it had to walk into ours. I was born to love this soap. It had me at hello. And….I continued… it says it smells like a seaside meadow. A SEASIDE MEADOW! And let’s be honest… who doesn’t love that.

He shrugged his shoulders, admitting defeat. Well, get it if you want it. But I still don’t see why it matters.

That’s because Mr. Marantz, what you still have to learn is…..life is in the details. And it’s the small things in this life, like finding the perfect shade of soap, that make this ride so worth the while. :)

And speaking of details, we have some folks to thank! :) First up, a HUGE thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings and Style Me Pretty for featuring our work in their joint DIY Wedding Guide. We took these shots with Sarah True & Chase Rivers while we were down in Nashville for SMP and it’s so cool to see them as part of this guide! I can’t wait to check out the whole thing.

And also a big thank you to Jacin Page of Lovely Little Details for featuring Kristin & Bill on her gorgeous blog this week! If you haven’t checked out Lovely Little Details yet, you should definitely do so now!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. Caitlin

    CONGRATS – how fantastic!

  2. Brooke

    Ha! Those first few sentences CRACKED me up. Guys just don’t get it sometimes right? And other times they totally do and make our hearts melt. :) Congrats on being featured!

  3. nicole haley

    Congratulations! From one firm believer in the little things to another. :D

  4. Life with Kaishon

    I bet that soap smells positively divine : )

  5. Little Miss

    Congrats! How fun.

  6. Little Miss

    Congrats! How fun.

  7. Roxie


  8. jacin {lovely little details}

    happy to feature, can’t wait to work together again!

  9. Kristin H.

    love it! And totally with you on the soap :)

  10. Lydia

    Congratulations guys! And matching soap, c’mon, it’s a must! ;-)

  11. Michelle

    Ummmmm….YES the soap HAS to match! People notice those things, Justin! :)

    Congrats on the feature!!!!

  12. Chase Rivers

    This is awesome!

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