August 25, 2016

Featured on the Brand New Tonic Blog!!


You might not know it from reading these posts, but I am a girl who loves pretty much all country music, some very questionable 80s bands (Air Supply anyone, anyone??), speaks fluent song lyric & can quote pretty much every word to Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” In the voice of Andy Dwyer from Parks & Rec no less. You’re welcome.

If you want to get deep & real with me real fast on these & many other super important worldly topics (like my guilty pleasure drink of choice, what this has to do with Sean Connery, and the dessert that changed my life) then you need to join me over on the brand spankin NEW Tonic blog today!!! These guys just launched their brand new website & blog about an hour ago (and they are both SO beautiful…these two are so CRAZY talented!! we are over here poppin’ champagne right along with them!! ) And I am beyond HONORED to have the very first “Behind the Bar” vanity fair-esque feature with them!! But be warned, we also get honest about some serious stuff REAL fast too!! :) Come on over!

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