April 3, 2011

Featured: Photo Shelter

While we were out in Las Vegas this year for WPPI, we had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Allen Murabayashi & Grover Sanschagrin (the brains behind Photo Shelter) to talk about this industry of ours. And even more importantly, how to make a life and a living out of it. Right there among the plastic trays and the super-sized drinks of the MGM Grand food court, we spilled our story to them. These guys have a way of getting you to do do that. :) Everything from match.com to those early days of struggling to the first real “A-Ha” moments in our business. At the end of the day, it was only an hour we spent together before we all had to run off to the next thing. But somehow in the space of that hour…we covered a lifetime. Allen & Grover are going to be writing a series of articles from their conversations with photographers out in Vegas, and the first one is up. You can check it out HERE.

In this article, it starts to get in to how we filter our clients. We’re going to be doing a full Pancake Session on that very soon. So if you have questions about filtering & finding your ideal clients just leave them in the comment box below!

  1. Kristin Guynn

    Stupid question alert! How did y’all find out what kind of clients you wanted? Call me a newbie, but I still don’t know. This, I admit, may be because I’m just now coming onto my style..barely.

  2. Jenny

    Thank you for providing this link. I would have missed the article otherwise and it is a great read. I look forward to hear how you filter your clients.

  3. Echo

    What do you tell the clients that don’t pick 9 or 10’s when you reply back to them?

  4. sharon elizabeth photography

    i love feeling like i already know what he’s going to talk about!!! =) yay for STL tour Charlotte!

  5. Catie Ronquillo

    How do you get your ideal clients to find you if you don’t have any yet (or only have 1, in my case and she was a total IDEAL client)? I know that I need a few more clients to get the momentum going… I feel right now like I’m at the bottom of the hill a la The Little Train that Could…. I’m "I-think-I-can-ing" but it’s still a struggle. I don’t believe in dumping money into advertising that won’t get a return…who are the best sources of referrals. I’m friends with wedding coordinators (but most of them are still new to the industry and building their businesses like me)…and in my market the more established planners already have their "peeps". Any suggestions? Love y’all!!

  6. Lori Calhoun

    Love this guys! Seriously.

  7. jackie g. photog

    for those of you below, you must see J&M at your local STL stop….they explain how they can tell, often, from just the initial email, whether they will be a good fit with the inquiring bride/couple…when you hear it all laid out, it makes perfect sense! :)

  8. Christa

    Can’t wait for that pancake session! :)

  9. aaron tokarz

    ok, seriously… how many new clients actually put something other than a 9 or 10? do you really get people that take the time to contact you after seeing the quality of your work that actually put a 4 or 5? we had a similar question on our contact page for a while and we never got anyone to answer anything but a 10, so we got rid of it. just wondering…

  10. aaron tokarz

    forgot my email and website… included now…

  11. Linda kuo

    Hi guys! Mary at the NY PUG last month you mentioned "that if you had to do it all over again" you’d start by shooting as much as possible at an affordable rate. I’m in-between a rock and hard place with this one. Wondering on whether to take this route vs being selective, going for strong brand identity and focusing on clients I want

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