May 15, 2014

Featured: Rangefinder Video of the Week

Happy Thursday friends!!

We are moving pretty slow this morning, recovering from an amazing but exhausting two days of our Walk Through a Wedding workshop! Last night after the workshop officially ended, we wound up going out for hibachi with the remaining attendees. We talked about big dreams & big steps, and laughed until our stomaches hurt at failed attempts to catch broccoli and other sake adventures. And I think that’s what I love most about these workshops: people come into our living rooms often times as strangers, and by the end it just feels like we’ve been lucky enough to make some of the most amazing new friends! I am SO so so so excited for what’s next for each & every one of them! And for us! Being around them, just gets us that much more excited & inspired to do BIG things with our business too. And to never stop pushing forward!

Speaking of Walk Through, we were SO incredibly excited when the amazing Jacqueline Tobin of Rangefinder reached out to feature our latest Profoto Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M video that was just released as their video of the week!! That’s INCREDIBLE! And we just continue to be blown away by the response we’ve gotten from these videos and the people who are going above & beyond and out of their way to share them each time a new one comes out! We seriously didn’t expect that, and we are just so SO grateful for all of it! If you haven’t watched the videos yet, you can find them- along with our newest one: The Guys Getting Ready- HERE!! They are super quick to watch & catch up on, and they just break down what we would do in a series of tricky situations on the wedding day in three minutes or less. And if you watch them & find them helpful, we would LOVE for you to share them with some of your fellow photographer friends as well in case it might help one of them! Because we all get better when we help each other!

Have a wonderful day you guys! I’m off to go get a LOT of coffee! :)

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