December 18, 2012

Featured: Rock the Shot

Good morning friends!

Today we are SO excited to be featured over on Rock the Shot!

Rock the Shot is an amazing photography source, forum & community that features some of the best in the industry. So when they wrote and asked little ole us :) to do an interview, I had to do about a triple take in my inbox before I believed it was true. In the interview, just some of the things we talk about are our best advice for pricing, choosing your teachers wisely, and why us wedding photographers have it so much harder than DaVinci! :) If you want to find out why, as well as see the whole article, feel free to click HERE!!

Also, the schedule for Day 2 of The Big Next is now up! Day 1 starts shortly at 12pm EST and you can join us by clicking HERE!!

Wednesday December 19th
11:00 Intros & Announcements. The importance of being specific/focused.
11:15 What is your REAL (specific, focused) BIG Next (audience, participation)
11:30 Starting with Why.
-Our why’s: Work & Teaching
-What is the Why behind your BIG Next
12:00 What Worked, What Didn’t- what are the hurdles keeping you back? (audience participation)
12:30 Mentoring w/ Kori
1:30 Break
2:00 Mentoring w/ Abby- 2 years in, ready to create a luxury brand
-Starting with Why. “Why do you want to be luxury in the first place?”
-Showing what you want to shoot/shooting what you want to show
-What is it you really want? What is luxury? Define, narrow, focus
-Follow a path v. forge a trail
-What experience are you creating
-Storytelling marketing-website review
3:00 BREAK
3:15 Mentoring w/ Ashley & Jen- 2nd round of mentoring, ready to start leading
-A before & after of their brand
-What has happened since the first mentoring session
-What’s the Why- what do you bring to the education table?
-What’s the Why for associates?
-Waiting on permission
-Validation marketing- website/workshop review
4:30 Two types of BIG Dreams
-Ones that can be created by the force of your own sheer will- next action plan
-Ones you have no control over: preparation & plus one-ing your opportunities
4:45 Breaking it down into the smallest, actionable steps and the 2 minute step
-Attendees present their next action plans
5:30 Giveaways + Q&A
5:50 Attendees do their first action step+ pop some bubbly!!!
6:00 end of The Big Next…hugs & goodbyes

Happy Tuesday!

  1. Kristin

    Loving The Big Next already!

  2. Sandra Fazzino

    To Justin & Mary and all of the in-studio participants and guests – Thank you for streaming live and for all the valuable insight. You’re doing a wonderful job. It’s been great to tune in while I edit. What an amazing group. Wishing everyone a prosperous 2013. xo

  3. Nilka Gissell

    Guys, congrats! Great interview! I think I loved you more now that I know you are Nikon all the way!! LOL

  4. Sophie

    Read this article earlier in the week. Loved it to pieces. You guys are the best!!!

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