December 7, 2012

Featured: Shutter Magazine

I have always been someone who was interested in Why.

Between going to law school and being a philosophy major before that, studying the Why behind an idea or policy was something that we were just taught over and over again.

But honestly, I think it started even way before then back to when I was little. Because I was that kid who would sit around pondering life and figuring out my mission statement while the other kids were figuring out A-A-B-B-up-down-up-down on Super Mario World.

What can I say…I was a weird kid, Internet.

But I think maybe those are the kinds of things that happen when you grow up not having a lot. You start to think a lot about where you’re going, so that where you are in the mean time can make more sense. That this is just one chapter in the story, and the rest is still unwritten (thanks for that Natasha Bedingfield).

Or y’know….maybe I was just weird. :)

But either way, over time I’ve become a huge fan of Why and the idea that, “If you have a strong enough Why, you can endure any How.”

And from that, I’ve learned that starting with Why you want to do something becomes absolutely paramount to whether you’ll actually be able to do it or not. And whether you do it in a way that fits with a purpose you can be proud of. Because it’s that Why that carries you through the tough times.

I know this is super heavy material for a Friday, but I recently got the chance to write an article for Shutter Magazine all about this idea of Starting with Why and I would love to share it with you guys today. It came together in a way that I’m really proud, and if you have a few spare minutes today that you don’t know what to do with….I would be honored to have you read it!

You can find the whole article by clicking HERE.

  1. Tiffany Farley

    OOH can’t wait to check it out! :)

  2. Rici

    Congrats you 2! Very cool. I´d love to get this magazine in Germany ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Jessica Frey

    So encouraging Mary!! And thanks for the laugh….a bear doing yoga. Made my day ;)

  4. Abby Grace

    AWESOME article! Such a good reminder of things I may have let fall to the wayside.

  5. Mary Bourque

    Can’t wait to read it…since crying on your couch, I’ve been crafting my "why" blog post in an effort to get back to being more personal with my clients and visitors. It’s almost ready…That talked has really sparked a LOT of thinking for me.

  6. Athena

    I feel like I Should email you instead of commenting because there is just so much that I could say right now – about how I needed this right now. About how I’m desperately trying to pull myself out of a pity party and finally make some bold, brave, and SMART decisions (for myself and for my business. About how I need more direction and less worry. Or how you’re exactly right – I need a WHY. A strong one. A true one. I need to figure it out and hold onto it for dear life. (Okay, fine. that’s not what you said to me literally, but it’s what this article said, and your post about the middle the other day. And what you always seem to "say" to me when I read your blog.) And now here I am, taking up space on your comment board to tell you how awful I feel about doubting myself but how, at the same time, I can’t seem to shake off that doubt. And I need to figure out how before I give up. Because I’m close.

    So thank you – for always keeping both feet still on the ledge, and helping me to rethink that jump….


  7. Kristin


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