February 14, 2011

Featured: Skip Cohen’s Photo Network

From the very first week we started our business, I know we heard his name. We were still in that “don’t have a clue what we’re doing or who anybody is” stage, but still somehow we knew… this guy must be important. This guy must change things. I think it was in the way people said his name, with an almost quiet reverence and respect, that made us take notice. It was different from how they talked about everyone else. It was deeper. It was the kind of regard that can only be earned over time and born out of something real. And it made us take notice.

And we’ve been taking notice ever since.

I’ve been following along with Skip on Twitter for a while now and reading his posts on his Photo Network. And to me, he is just the real deal. So I decided that this was the year that I was going to let action trump fear, and finally send him a note to see if we could grab coffee while we’re all in Vegas. And in a move that only Skip would think of, he not only agreed to that coffee he asked if he could feature our promo video on the Valentine’s Day edition of Photo Network too.

uhhhhh….YEA!! :)

See. The real deal.

And I just hope the quiet reverence & respect I feel when I say that can be heard through the Internet too.

Skip, we can’t thank you enough for everything and for being who you are. This world needs more people like you.

  1. Nat

    How awesome! Congrats!! Just think, all us even newbier photogs look at you two that way!! :)

  2. Kare

    ahhhh, isn’t that fab!

  3. Julia

    Awesome feature!! And the video, it still makes me cry, every time! :) Happy Valentine’s Day J&M!!

  4. Barbara Yasuhara

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the post and on Valentine’s Day too, how appropriate! Congrats to you BOTH!

  5. Betsy Jo

    Congratulations!! So well deserved, guys!

  6. Brooke

    Skip really is awesome, I definitely have to agree! Great video, congrats on being featured. :)

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