April 30, 2015

Featured: Sprouting Photographer Podcast

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Following WPPI, we were SO excited to get an email from Bryan Caporicci, the driving force behind the Sprouting Photographer podcast to be on his show! Sprouting Photographer is a pretty new show & yet it has shot right to the top of the rankings as one of the very top podcasts out there & last year it WON the best of 2014 on iTunes. SO amazing! So to say we were honored to be invited is a wee bit of an understatement! :)

When it came time to do the show, we were a little bit nervous but Bryan put us right at ease. He is such a great interviewer, asking the tough questions & always moving the conversation to a deeper, more important level while still making time for awesome movie quote references. Which as you guys know, is right up my alley! In this podcast we talked about some TOUGH topics, including dealing with copy cats, going against the trends, and not being afraid to be first & be different. We also opened up a lot more about where our Why comes from, and what drives us on those days when things gets tough.

If you have a spare half hour, we would LOVE for you to give it a listen! You can find the full recording by going HERE!

Happy Thursday!

  1. tiffany bolk

    Okay… so, I had my “Why”, but you’re right, it’s time to dig deeper. With gardening season here, it feels like an appropriate time to not only clear out the weeds in my garden plots but also in my head! I always like to discover the tiny sprouts of new growth hiding beneath the barriers of old, overgrown, unbeneficial weeds.

  2. Oscar Urizar

    First of all…I love your new website! It’s so classy. Thank you for posting this episode, it was very informative and helpful for all us photographers working on our brand and our “why”! Thank you!

  3. Lindsay Powell

    Love this. I have been doing this for 6 years but still find myself redefining my brand, my sense of purpose.. so good.

  4. Lakesha

    Hi Brian, Am glad you want to start Sherlock Holmes. Sam below is not a fan of SH, she thinks him too smug, but I’m in love with his larger than life persona. I hope you enjoy your Sherlock Holmes jo83#ey&nu2r0;

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