February 7, 2012

Featured: The Knot Magazine

The first time I met Caitlin, I was a hot, hot mess.

She had driven up from New York to meet with us at our new home/studio, which we had just moved into. And when I say just moved into, I mean just moved into. Put it this way, there were still wires hanging from the ceiling. The walls were all unpainted. There was drywall dust on everything. In short, it put the humble in humble abode. O-kayyyyy

But our theory was that we could keep meeting with clients right in our home, just as we always had, and just explain to them that this way they would see the before and then after the wedding (i.e. once they had hired us!) they could come back to see the after. :) Cause I’m way smooth like that. And I’m all about making it work.

And so, we tried to work it. Except…..ohhh for the except. Except that on that particular day, when Caitlin was driving up from New York, a string of events so unlikely, so uncommonly unheard of singularly that their existence in conjunction with one another was beyond the realm of fathomable….that string of events, occurred.

There was no traffic on the I-95.

Friends, if you are not from the East Coast, let me be the first to tell you that not a day has passed since the DAWN OF MAN back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but that there’s been traffic on the I-95. It’s like a universal law of science. The earth is round. The sun is the center of the solar system. There will be traffic on the I-95.

A pipe burst.

Like I said, we had just moved into our brand new home and had just spent every spare penny we could find putting in brand new shiny, pex plumbing. The kind that’s not supposed to burst. Ever. A polar bear himself could ride an ice burg down these pipes and they wouldn’t bat an eye. But on that particular morning, as I turned on the shower I heard Justin’s voice come shouting up from the basement. Something about the Titanic and Noah’s Ark and You jump, I jump. Apparently, our shiny pex plumbing was just fine, but the outtake drain-the one owned by the City- had a huge hole in it and water was just dumping into the basement and… all over every worldly possession we owned. So here we are unshowered, my hair in a bun, running up and down the stairs with buckets of water like jack and jill and a hill when….

The doorbell rang.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t even know we had a doorbell at that point. And when it rang, I’m pretty sure I felt my eyes bug out of my head like Jim Carrey’s in the Mask and a BAY-OOOOOOGA sound came out of my mouth. So together, disheveled, sweaty, covered in dirty basement water we went upstairs to meet Caitlin, who was running about 40 minutes early due to the whole no traffic on the I-95/the core of the earth had stopped moving thing, when we discovered….

The internet had DIED.

Somewhere, somehow, some transformer or something had blown and the entire Eastern seaboard (okay, okay or just our neighborhood) was without internet. And we typically run our meetings in a very casual laid-back, as it comes up we’ll pull it up on the blog sort of way. No stuffy slideshows for you to have to look at here. Except. Ahhh except. Except now we were sitting on our couch with this brand new potential client, in our unpainted meeting room, damp, dirty, with drywall dust everywhere, and nothing to show her but a few sample books, saying things like just imagine a couple standing together with really pretty light and water behind them….we have that picture I swear. And here’s the really crazy part….

She booked us anyway.

Hot, hot mess and all. She booked us anyway. The truly most unlikely of circumstances here….is that despite all of that, Caitlin decided to go out on a limb and take a chance. on. us. Because she saw something that was there, despite everything that wasn’t. And isn’t that the real miracle of this story. That our clients, all of our clients everywhere yours and mine, they take a chance on us. They put their faith in us. And in doing so, they allow us to live the dream.

Caitlin, thank you for being that kind of client for us. The kind that we are truly, truly honored to call a friend.

** With all that said, we are SO excited that Caitlin & Maher have just been featured in a four page spread in the most recent issue of The Knot. We couldn’t be happier for them because what I know… is that they deserve every square inch.

  1. mariana herrera mosli

    Loved reading this & luuuurv clients like Caitlin & Maher! :)

  2. Deborah Zoe

    I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for being real! Because that’s kinda exactly how I felt when you came to our house!! Glad to know that don’t have to have put together houses all the time:) And for saying that’s ok!! Seriously needed to hear that! Congrats on the features too:)

  3. Sandra Fazzino

    Now THAT is an inspiring story and beautiful photographs ta boot!

  4. Jil

    knowing you guys, im not surprised by this outcome in the slightest! also … i love the white border around the magazine shots with the "&" – clean and elegant

  5. Athena P


  6. Samantha Harkins

    LOVE this story! Congrats!

  7. Stephanie Stewart

    Now that is quite a story! I was all "Noooo!" and "OMG" and "Seriously???" as I was reading…and I’m not at all surprised by the outcome! And it’s because you both are just amazing people and it’s sensed and felt in everything you do/say/photograph. Congrats on the feature!!!

  8. Lauren

    While I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time…this story makes me laugh. out. loud. Sometimes the worst moments make for the best stories.

  9. Carissa

    This is one one of the best stories ever!! I might have laughed at your misfortune while reading, but only because I knew it was going to have a good outcome ;) Huge congrats on the feature!!!

  10. Becky

    Wow this is exactly what I needed to hear. It’s really awesome to know that people don’t need, or even want, a perfect performance, but can appreciate real life and all the crazy problems that come with it. And I completely agree with Lauren, it’s hilarious looking back.

  11. Caitlin

    Justin and Mary,
    I knew from the minute we met and your calm composure I couldnt have met a better match!! Going through that meant you could do anything, and to
    A bride that is Huge!!!! Your hard work, dedication , love and passion is admirable .. I couldnt have picked a better team! When i say i love you guys i mean it!!!
    My family, friends and stamford hospital still talks about your amazing work!!!! We love you!!!

  12. Caitlin

    Plain and simple! I loved you guys from the minute we met, and love you even more now!! You guys are by far the best out there!!!! Couldnr have found a better match!!!

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